Chapter 82: Unwavering faith

Unwavering faith


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“This is my last ace. If you do not want to die, then please leave immediately, Desu.”

Standing ahead of the giant golem, Meru gave us the last warning.
I didn’t see something this huge coming, to be honest.
The golem didn’t waver and remained standing in its place behind Meru.
That means that it won’t move without Meru’s orders.
I analyzed the situation while looking at Meru and the golem.
Suddenly, Lina pointed at the golem as if she realized something and raised her voice.

“That’s a normal golem! Usually, a normal golem is the weakest among its kind but just like every type of golems, it could enhance its body by putting on extra layers of the unique stone or crystal from which he is made. It takes time for the stones or crystals to be adapted to its body, but once that’s done, the golem becomes able to defeat stronger monsters. The one we’re facing now is an extreme case of enhancement.”

Line explained to me with a voice exuding her amazement.
Well, he is huge indeed. Just the width of its legs is longer than my height.
I’ve never met something this immense.
Nevertheless, a golem that could strengthen its body by appending more stones to it, huh.
Only by looking at its size I can tell how powerful he became.
Facing the giant normal golem, I started feeling tired from imagining the time and labor I’d need to defeat it.
Frankly speaking, I’m not very sure if I can really defeat it without using magic. That’s why I’d like to avoid fighting if possible.
I asked Meru in hope to find some way to avoid meaningless troubles.

“By the way, your master is Metron, right? What did he order you? Let me tell you this, but we’re not here to cause any damage to the place. I just need use the teleportation circle ahead of this hall.”

Maybe she would let me pass if Metron ordered her only to protect this place.
Carrying that faint hope in my heart, I waited for Meru to answer.

“Master ordered me to exterminate everyone who comes to this island and to not let anyone approach this place. Desu. that’s why I can not let you get near the teleportation circle, Desu.”

Unveiling a satisfied expression, Meru continued.

“At that time, master told me to take care of this place until he comes back. I felt glad to have master relying on me as it was the first time I felt that I was needed.”

She was making a proud expression.
I could notice how happy and carefree she seemed while talking about her master. I guess it’s not possible in the end. My faint hope was nothing but a waste of time.
I felt slightly dejected by having my anticipation deceived.

But anyway, could it be that…

A certain thought ran through my mind together with the feeling of disappointment.

That Metron… he probably forgot about Meru.

Only allowed on

He wouldn’t have sent Sara to destroy this place if he didn’t forget about Meru.
He should have at least told her about it.

Poor girl…

An Ai waiting for her master who will never come back.
As I sympathized with Meru who was still smiling in satisfaction, Lina whispered into my ear.

“What are you going to do, Kamiya Yato? We can’t fight against that golem before taking Saya and Karen-dono somewhere safe.”

Lina suggested while fixing her sight on the normal golem.
She was right. At this rate, it looks like fighting him is the only way for us to pass. In that case, we’re going to have to take Saya and Karen somewhere else.
I guess I have no choice.

“Saya, Karen. Leave this hall with Lina.”
“Eh? Why?”
“I’m probably going to end up fighting against that giant chunk of rocks. So you need to get away from this place before that happens.”
“And what about you, Yato-kun?”
“I will take care of him. That’s the only possible way for me to reach the magic teleportation circle, after all.”
“Are you going to be okay alone?”

Saya asked with an uneasy expression.
An enormous giant golem against one person.
Anyone who’d willingly take on such a fight would be undeniably reckless.
Even Saya who was supposed to know about my skills realized the absurdity of the situation.
Besides, I can’t use magic.

It’s only natural for her to feel uneasy.
I made a gentle smile and turned to answer Saya.

“Relax. I’m not that weak to lose against some pile of stones.”

Apparently, my answer wasn’t convincing. Saya didn’t change her expression of worry.
I hesitated for a second when I saw that expression, but Meru didn’t give me the time to contemplate and made a move.

“I was created for the sole sake of serving my master and I shall obey his orders no matter what happens, Desu!”

The moment she said those words, the normal golem that was standing behind her started moving while making loud noises.
This is bad, I need to do something about it quickly.
I lost my composure for an instant, but then immediately ordered Saya and Karen to escape.

“Get away from here now! All of you!!”

Saya didn’t shift even though the golem started moving.
When I was about to try persuading her to leave, Karen came and Grabbed her by her shoulder.

“Let’s go, Saya-chan.”
“Karen-chan, we can’t…”
“Don’t worry. There’s no way he would lose to a normal stone golem.”

With a composed manner and a serious expression, Karen looked at me after adding “am I right?”
As expected from my beloved little sister. She knows what’s she’s doing.
I revealed a faint smile as a response to what she said.

“I’m counting on you two to protect them.”

Responding to my request, Lina and Rouga left the room together with Karen who pulled Saya by her hand.
Saya kept looking in my direction the entire time on her way out of the hall. I waved my hand and saw her off.
Just when I thought that I can concentrate on the golem, Lina stopped running in the middle of the way and shouted to me.

“Golems have their core buried under their chest! If you destroy the core, the golem will die! Aim for the chest!!”

“I got it!”

This time, after confirming that they left the hall, I turned back to face Meru who waited sincerely until then.

“Are you not leaving too? Desu.”
“Too bad. I have some unfinished business to do behind that door so I can’t leave.”

Slowly closing her eyes, Meru uttered “I, see… desu.” with a voice indicating her disappointment.

“Well then, I am going to have to exterminate you… Desu.”
“Try doing it.”

The golem started moving once again while causing loud noises. I took a fighting posture with my fists tightly clenched.
Currently, I’m about to challenge a giant golem without using magic.
All of this for the sole sake of meeting that annoying kid.
With that single wish deep down my heart, I prepared for the fight against the normal golem.



“Meru, you’ve been here for a very long time, right?”
“Yes, it has been a few centuries now. Desu”
“Aren’t you curious about the outside world?”
“Yes, I am a bit curious, however, I do have a lookup function that allows me to get all the information I need about the outside world. Desu.”
“Hmm, tell me something you know.”
“I know many seasonal anime series. I also know that 80% of people I see as friends do not consider me as their friend——”
“So you’re basically using the internet.”

TL note: so the bonus title “inclination” is referring to the inclination of the type of information she got from surfing the internet.

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