Chapter 81: You work hard only on useless things.


You work hard only on useless things.


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After Meru disappeared, we advanced to the inner part of the ruin.
According to her, there shouldn’t be any dangerous trap laid inside.
She wasn’t intending to say that, but she ended up slipping her tongue on the heat of the moment.
It was a truly useful information.

“Then why did she block the use of magic?”

Lina asked as we continued moving forward.
Her question was on point.
We weren’t allowed to use magic inside a place that doesn’t have dangerous traps. It was strange.
I couldn’ predict what Meru was trying to do.

“Maybe she’s preparing something else.”

Or maybe she just lied when she said that she ran out of traps to use.
Could it possibly be that all that she said was nothing but an act?
If that was the case, then I would have to consider many possibilities from now on.
As I was contemplating the situation while groaning all alone, Saya who was looking around the place muttered.

“I have a feeling that we would activate some sort of trap only by stepping on the floor.”

The floor and walls were built from stone.
They emitted an uncomfortable ambiance; as if something was about to emerge of them. Since this is a dungeon, it wouldn’t be weird for that much to happen.
Karen who listened to Saya’s nonchalant remark immediately reacted with a displeased expression.

“Saya-chan, you shouldn’t say stuff like tha—”



Before Karen was able to finish her words, a stone which Saya stepped on had abruptly caved in. Saya stiffened in her place after making a confused voice.
Silence overwhelmed the place while all of us remained gazing at the part of the ground she stepped at.
Don’t tell me…
As if responding to the premonition I had, a magic circle appeared in the dent under Saya’s foot.

“Eh, no, wait!?”

The magic circle started shining and gradually increasing its brightness.
Saya was still bewildered, unable to keep up with what was happening until Lina instructed her to move right away.

“Saya-dono! Hurry up and move from there! Immediately!”
“I can’t. I can’t move…”

Shaking her arms aimlessly, Saya tried to convey to us that she couldn’t move.
This is bad! So the story about running out of traps was a lie after all.
I blamed myself for believing Meru’s skilled performance.
Moreover, Saya has been raising too many flags recently. Perhaps, it’s due to her being a natural airhead.
She should stop doing that, honestly.
Such thoughts ran through my mind, though none of them were important in our current situation.


I swiftly moved near Saya and grabbed her hand.
When I used my teleportation skill to take her somewhere safe, I remembered that it not possible.

“Ah, I forgot…”

I can’t use magic here.
My impatience and fluster made me forget about it.
I stiffened in my place while still seizing Saya’s hand. Of course, the magic circle didn’t wait for me until I came up with a good idea; it continued to shine brighter, ready to function at any instant.


I don’t have the time to think about another way out.
I closely embraced Saya to protect her from what was about to happen
With my stats, it’s very unlikely for me to die just from a trap.
I used body enhancement and prepared myself for the shock.

Please endure it with me!

Disregarding my desperate attempt to protect Saya, The magic circle reached its utmost radiance and took its effect.

“Saya-dono!! Kamiya Yato!!”

Just like Lina, Karen and Rouga’s screams, the magic circle light disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Something fell from above us.


That something caused a big noise inside the ruin after it hit my head.
I was dumbfounded by the impact that didn’t have any damage on me.
Not only me, but even Lina and the others were all stupefied while gazing at the thing that fell down.

“What’s this?”
“A tray.”
“It made a terrific noise~!”

It was a traditional silver tray; the one that’s often used in comedy shows.
Eh? Why a tray?”
Unable to grasp the situation, I remained standing in my place, still holding Saya in my arms.
Saya also didn’t seem to have realized it and kept looking at the tray, in a daze.
Just why…
Suddenly, a text explaining the situation that made us freeze in our positions for a long while appeared.
The moment I read that text, everything became clear while at the same time…

“Haha, you were tricked!”

I felt a strong killing intent sprouting inside me.


I finally understood Meru’s words after reading the text that was floating in the air and my shoulders started trembling.
I see… so that’s how it is.


Saya who noticed me trembling took a glance at my face, unsure of what to say.
Karen and Lina were also at loss for words and kept quiet while revealing a nervous expression.
Meru did indeed use all the dangerous traps. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any kind of traps in this ruin.
Metron, that annoying kid had probably poured more time and labor into making the traps inside this ruin than what he did outside.
The reason behind blocking our magic is probably because he wanted to try this trap.
He’s only putting his hard work on useless things.
I felt almost as if I heard his voice while reading the floating text.

“I won’t forgive him! Just wait!!”

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He got some nerves to make a fool of me.
I shall repay him back twice for this humiliation.
Restraining my anger towards Metron, I let a sinister grin reach my face.
Looking at me grinning on my own, Lina and Karen faced each other with a tired expression, almost as if they gave up.

“What are you doing? Let’s move.”
“That’s right.”

When I told them to resume walking, they answered me with a somehow nervous voice.

“I’m going too~!!”

Rouga was the only one among them to answer me with a lively voice. That’s the spirit, Rouga.
She’s the only one who always responds to my expectation.
Feeling satisfied with Rouga’s reply, I advanced further in the ruin.
I will surely knock him out with all the strength I have.


“So this is the final area.”

After walking further into the ruin, we reached a spacious hall.
The ceiling was so high that I had to raise my head to see its top and a giant, realistic stone statue was placed in the deepest part of the hall. The place had a befitting ambiance for a final area of the dungeon.
We went through various traps on our way to here.
All of them were too absurd. I honestly wish I could forget them.
A giant cardboard instead of a rock rolling towards us, or a laser beam that turned out to be a simple laser.
Just recalling them makes me feel irritated.
What made me snap every time was the messages he left in every trap. “Why are you seriously escaping?” or “You are already dead.”

Just wait until I find you. I will make you pay for all of this.

I will burst all this accumulated rage on him.
As I was doing my best to control my anger, Saya uttered while pointing at something.


I turned to see what she was pointing at.


I narrowed my eyes and gazed at that place for longer.
It was a magic circle shining ahead of the stone statue.
I immediately moved to take a closer look at it, but a hindrance stood in my way.

“I was waiting for you, desu.”

I stopped walking when Meru came in my sight all of a sudden.
So she came after all.
Well, she did tell me that she will be waiting for us here.

“You’ve put quite irritating traps in this ruin, didn’t you?”
“I know that they were nothing but meaningless attempts of resistance for you, Desu.”

Meru replied as she floated in the air.
If you have already given up then don’t try resisting in the first place.

“So? What are you intending to do now? It would be nice of you if you let us pass, you know.”

Meru shook her head, indicating refusal.

“No, I can’t let you pass. It is an order from my master, desu. So…”

Leaving a few moments of silence, she continued.

“…… here is my last effort, desu.”

At that instant, an earthquake shook the hall.

“W-What happened?”
“The ground is trembling~.”

Saya and the others lost their balance while being confused by the sudden earthquake.
What’s happening?
Enduring the trembling ground, I turned to look back at Meru and realized that the stone statue behind her started moving.
The statue that was embedded in the stone wall moved its crossed arms and pushed them against the wall to crawl out and stand on the ground.
It had the appearance of a stone golem, however, its size was far exceeding that of a normal golem.
Its height almost reached the high ceiling.
It was undeniably the largest monster I have ever met.


Gazing at the enormous golem that was standing in front of us like a tower, I thought to myself nonchalantly.
That’s a graceful statue to have come to life.


Did you call?

“By the way, Keren. Didn’t you call me Onii-chan earlier?”
“No, I didn’t.”
“Eh? No, I did hear–”
“I didn’t.”
“You saying–”
“I didn’t.”
“Why does Karen-dono refuse to admit that she called him that way.”
“She’s probably afraid of Yato-kun treating her like a little sister.”

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