Volume 1 Chapter 8: The Real Pervert is?

“Knight sister, don’t faint yet, I haven’t even started! I’ll allow you to relax first, we can play with these after that, how’s that?”

Noesha looked at Bella who looked as if she were going to faint from the fright and hurried to comfort her. It wouldn’t be any fun for her if Bella were to faint.

Of course, Bella wasn’t scared to the point of fainting, she was preparing her cards, but chose to observe first when she heard that Noesha was taking her to a different location. Noesha started to chant an incantation, it was one that Bella did not understand; as Bella spent large amounts of time with Mia and Angel, she was able to recognize bits and pieces of their incantations now, but Noesha’s had nothing in common with that of the other two lolis. This could only mean that Noesha did not come from the same place as them.

As Noesha continued her chant, a special magic formation appeared on the ground; not a typical hexagram, but a much more complicated dodecagram that looked like two overlapped hexagrams. The formation expanded to cover the ground below Bella and Noesha, and the two of them disappeared after a flash of pink light, it seemed that they had been successfully transported.


In another part of the underground labyrinth, Eleanor was currently cautiously traversing the path alone. Earlier she had felt her vision shake, and the people in her surroundings disappeared; if it weren’t for the fact that the blood-red cross that Bella had given for her was still around her neck, she would have thought everything that had happened earlier was a dream.

She hadn’t even found her knights yet, and she had already lost Bella and the others somehow; her current goal was to find Bella, even though there was the chance that they might be villains, but they had set off together as companions. She couldn’t leave them alone after that, as she wasn’t able to protect her own knights, she could at least try and save her companions.

As Eleanor continued to advance, she saw a familiar figure in the distance. As she got closer to the figure, she saw a fatigued young man sitting on the ground; the clothes on his body were ripped in many places and his fairly handsome face was battered and bruised, it looked as if he had been in quite a few scuffles. Eleanor hesitated as she saw the familiar brown hair before confronting the person, the young man was her second brother Sidney, the one who led the force of guards from the duchy as well as Eleanor’s knights to their deaths.

“Brother… where is my knight squadron?”

“Uh… Miss… little sister Eleanor. Your knights were taken by zombies while protecting me… I’m sorry…”

“What, they’re still alive? Where are they? Take me to them!”

“I know the location, follow me.”

In her rush to rescue her knights, Eleanor didn’t even think before following Sidney forwards; if she were to calm down, she would definitely realize that this Sidney wasn’t the one that she had known all these years. Her brother Sidney had always been a brute, there was no way that he would feel remorse, neither would he ever apologize to anyone.

As he saw that Eleanor had started to follow him, a wicked smile crept onto Sidney’s face. Eleanor who was following behind naturally was unable to see this; if Bella were here, she would remark that this smile looked exactly like the one that Duke Adris had as he looked at the two defenseless girls.


Bella was brought to a well-lit room by Noesha, the decorations in this room looked like that of otaku from her previous world; the room was decorated with DVDs and light novels while manga and anime figurines of various sizes covered every surface.

On the clothing rack beside the desk were several cosplay outfits; according to Bella’s memory, these were based on anime characters popular in her original world. On the desk was a large desktop, the screen was still connected to the surveillance cameras, except that most of the smaller screens were now black.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was still bound, Bella would have thought that her transmigration journey was all just a dream; but Noesha’s ever-present voice reminded her the reality of the situation. Bella looked at some of the mangas beside the desktop, she was surprised to see that these were yuri-oriented doujinshi that one would be able to buy at anime conventions. She hadn’t noticed that this had such NEET properties.

“Why are you so silent, knight sister? This is the first time I’ve ever invited someone to my room. Alright, stop looking around; do you think the room is better looking than the owner? You’ll be able to see both every day from now on.”

As Noesha was talking, she procured a thin whip out of nowhere, and with a wicked smile, walked towards Bella, whom she had thrown on the bed. Bella had her eyes tightly closed, perhaps due to fright, and didn’t react to the approaching loli.

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“Hmph, let’s see you continue to be stubborn after this… ow… it hurts… you… are…”

Noesha was cut off by a swift strike to her neck, she was only able to turn back and get a glance at her assailant before falling on the bed beside Bella.

Behind her stood a black haired beauty, it wasn’t anyone other than Bella’s main body. On the bed was only her substitute Felia; it seemed that Bella used the moment when Noesha turned around to get her whip to leave Felia’s body, and Noesha being too excited, had failed to notice this.

“This girl, so young yet she has such perverted tastes, luckily this bro… sister was prepared, or this time… no, it would be bad to leave without teaching her a lesson. It seems that I have to teach you the correct techniques for driving, little Noesha…”

Bella had originally planned to leave but changed her idea after she saw a coil of the red rope as well as other ‘equipment’ below Noesha’s desk. She picked them up in her hands and walked towards Noesha with an evil smirk on her face.

As Noesha wasn’t human, it didn’t take long for her to recover from her unconsciousness. When she woke up, she immediately felt a cool breeze on her body, she discovered that she had been stripped bare naked and was bound by her own special rope in a strange posture on the bed. This technique was much more complicated than the one that she had used on Bella, she could tell from a glance that it came from the hands of a ‘master’, she had seen this technique in many of her books but hadn’t been able to learn it herself.

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Noesha wanted to talk but discovered that her mouth had been blocked by a red ball, and her neck had been bound with a red collar that had a bell attached at the center, and a finely crafted metal chain was attached to the collar. On her head was a pair of white cat ears from one of her cosplay sets. She struggled to look to her side to see the knight sister still sleeping on the bed, then who was it that ambushed her?

“My cute little kitten, you’ve awoken! Did you sleep well? Er… this was an accident, don’t misunderstand.”

Bella was going to tease Noesha after she woke up, but saw the loli looking red-faced at
her hand and Bella finally remembered what she held in her hands; she hurriedly threw away the blue-white striped panties in her hand.

When Bella was stripping her, she discovered Noesha wearing the signature panties of a loli, and her interest picked it up in her hands to study; she forgot about Noesha and this led to this awkward situation.

“Er, do we know each other?”

Bella saw that she calmed down in such a short time after such an event and thought that Noesha might have known her; but why did she attack Bella? Then she saw Felia’s body on the bed and remembered that she had been using a substitute and Noesha probably had been unable to recognize her.

Noesha was angry, it was really her! Ten thousand years and Bella didn’t recognize her anymore; it seemed to be an after-effect of that battle. So that was why Noesha only saw Angel and Mia, Noessa had originally thought that she had already…it seemed that Noesha was careless if she were gone, Angel and Mia would definitely not be so calm; also, those two would definitely be on a rampage. It seemed that Mia no longer remembered what happened before, and Mia and Angel are probably in the same situation. Oh well, it’s not such a bad idea to let their relations start anew. Noesha calmed down after thinking it through.

Noesha’s response wasn’t expected by Bella; this loli had given off such a strong ‘S’ air earlier, and changed to that of an ‘M’ so fast; had she been scared senseless by Bella’s ‘gentlemanliness’?

“Is there something wrong? Don’t worry, sister isn’t a bad person.”

Bella reached to take off Noesha’s gag, but her hand passed right through the loli, Noesha’s body became a transparent shadow if it weren’t for the chain still attached to the ground, she would have thought that Noesha disappeared out of thin air.

Time and space magic? This girl sure had a lot of tricks; Bella thought that she had controlled her by sealing her mouth, she didn’t expect Noesha to have this ability. If she knew previously she would have enjoyed herself more while tying Noesha up. It was fortunate that Noesha had made the rope herself and it was infused with time and space magic if it were normal rope, the loli would have long escaped.

Looking at Noesha’s provocative face, Bella decided that she wouldn’t let Noesha off so easily; if she did, then it would be hard to tell who would end up in her bondage next time. She had to let Noesha submit completely, but she was unable to touch this otaku loli… right… otaku…

Noesha was looking triumphantly at Bella who couldn’t do anything to her, but then Bella’s face
suddenly shifted from anger to a wide smile, had she been angered to point of craziness? The next moment Noesha was unable to maintain her triumphant face, Bella went to the place where she kept all her treasured doujins and figurines and lit a candle that she took out from below the desk.

“Little Noesha, if you keep hiding from me I won’t be able to control my own hands if my hands slip…”

Seeing the candle in Bella’s hand making dangerously close passes to her treasured figurines, Noesha finally lowered her proud head; these figurines and the rest of her collection had taken her many years to collect if they were destroyed, Noesha would die from heartache.

Noesha did what Bella said, this girl seemed to consider her collection more important than her chastity? Bella sat at Noesha’s computer chair and navigated her desktop while the loli sat well-behaved on Bella’s lap, still tied up. Bella was scared that after she let the loli go, she would play more tricks on her, and Bella didn’t have the ability to catch her again.

If Bella were male, this loli’s chastity wouldn’t have been safe, was the power of figurines so big? As Noesha gave up her resistance, Bella got her wish and carried the loli in her embrace, the feel of a loli was unique, very different from the feel of Annie and Roland.

Using Noesha’s body, Bella found a place to get rid of the dark desires that she had built up being around Mia and Angel. If it weren’t the right time and place, she didn’t want to let Noesha go so fast. This loli was pretty dangerous, if they weren’t in her collection room, Bella wouldn’t have been able to subdue her.

“Noesha, are these the books that you read? Did you read those over there yet?”

“Bella-sensei, I’ve only seen these; I haven’t had time to see those over there yet. Why?”

“Don’t call me sensei! I’m not that much older than you, be a good girl and call me nee-san.”

“No, Angel and Mia already call you nee-san, I want to be different from them.”

“If you don’t call me nee-san, I won’t teach you, It’s your choice!”

“Sens- Bella-nee, there, are you satisfied now? Hmpf, meanie sister, bullying your own little sister.”

Bella looked a little fortunately at the books that Noesha had already read, they were just some normal yuri doujins, with some ‘yuri training’ scattered in. As for the books that Noesha hadn’t read, they included doujinshis with normal orientation as well as some more heavy tastes that included tentacles and even philosophical ones. Bella couldn’t imagine what would have happened if Noesha had read these first.

Noesha couldn’t explain her origins very well herself, or it might be that she didn’t want to talk about it. Her power was over time and space, having the ability to access any dimension. Ten thousand years ago, she entered a deep slumber in the underground palace for some unknown reason. She woke up fifteen hundred years ago and became a shut-in as she had nothing else to do.

Her collection had been brought back from Earth, but taking items from one dimension to another would expend large amounts of energy; Noesha had spent fifteen hundred years to amass her current collection, and that was the reason why she treasured her collection so. If Bella decided to destroy it, she would really cry herself to death.

As for the perverted rope and equipment, she made it in her boredom, she never had anyone to try them out on. A thousand years ago, she forgot some of this stuff outside the palace and some old bastard took them, making her furious. It wouldn’t be hard for her to have taken it back but she didn’t want her stuff to carry the scent of a male, so she decided against it.

At this moment, Bella finally realized that the old pervert Adris had gotten all of his stuff from Noesha, Noesha was the real source of pervertedness. It seemed that Bella would have to keep this loli at her side to properly educate, to stop her from walking the wrong path.

“LIttle Noesha, these books are the only ones that you should read, as for the others, I’ll destroy them for you.”

“Why? Sister Bella, these…”

Before Noesha had a chance to argue, Bella put the gag on her again; and Noesha could only watch as Bella burned the books that Noesha had not read yet, then proceeded to efficiently scan through her computer and deleted the non-yuri oriented ‘videos’.

“Sister Noesha, don’t blame me~ these things aren’t suitable for you, I’ll recommend you some stuff more suitable for you in the future. Alright, I’ll let you go later, come and smile for me.”

Bella was afraid that Noesha would immediately take revenge on her when Bella let her go, but it wasn’t very good to leave her tied up; it would be hard to explain to Mia and Angel, and it seemed that the three lolis knew each other and it was harder to get away with it as she had with Annie and Roland.

As Bella was distressed, she found a camcorder besides Noesha’s keyboard, she picked it up and discovered that it was still useable. After looking back at Noesha’s alluring body, Bella laughed evilly and pointed the camcorder towards the loli.

Even though it was a bit shameless, but with this, she would be able to blackmail this loli that could control space and time; not only because she was an excellent quality loli, but the power of space and time was a must have for the MCs of loads of light novels.

Therefore, even if she had to use some underhanded tactics, she decided that she had to bring Noesha to her side, and eventually make her submit willingly. Later, Bella would look back on this and think about how right she was to do so.

Noesha looked helplessly at Bella, after finding out her true identity, she had already decided that she definitely look for revenge. Her emotions towards Bella had dated back ten thousand years; not only this, but she couldn’t imagine how much trouble she would be in if those two were to find out that Bella’s true person had been harmed.

Because of this, Noesha could only cooperate with Bella and let her do what she wanted. After seeing how fast Noesha was subjugated, she thought that the girl’s S tendencies were only a font. Only later did she realize that this loli’s S levels were on par with Bella, and would only show her M side in front of a certain few, like Bella.

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