Volume 1 Chapter 9: The Determination of the Rose Knight

“Why did you leave alone last night brother? We should have waited for Hayley and her Church knights to arrive the next morning!”

“I have my reasons, you don’t need to know. Don’t you want to save your knights? Just keep up with me.”

Eleanor asked Sidney many questions on their way, but he would always evade the question or shy away from anything important. He must have been scared senseless, Eleanor decided that she would find ask him again after they found her knights.

The two of them finally the end of the path, not far from a large door; the door was open and Eleanor could see many human figures inside.

“This…what is this…”

Eleanor’s face blushed as she looked inside the room. Every single member of her personal knight squadron was inside, fully human and not zombified. The thing that she noticed was that they were all bare of any clothing and had been tied up perversely with red rope. Each of the beautiful knights had their mouths gagged with a red ball, a black collar around their necks. They were tied in the exact same position as Roland and Annie were previously, except that these knights had all been blindfolded. The familiar technique was evidently the work of the same ‘gentleman’ that Bella had encountered just yesterday.

Apart from the female knights in the room, there were no monsters. The walls were covered with various torture instruments, while the ground was scattered with other instruments that Eleanor couldn’t identify. But her female instincts told her that these were definitely not anything pleasant.

As there were no wounds on the knights, Eleanor assumed that the one who brought them here had not yet been given time to humiliate them. It seemed that she arrived before anything too bad had happened, Eleanor quickened her pace towards her knights.

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Right as she entered the room, a dark green mist sprayed out from an opening in the wall. Eleanor was caught unaware and received the full brunt of the mist. The mist was the same that Adris had used on Roland and Annie previously, Eleanor’s armour was visibly corroding away.

“You are not my brother! Who are you!? Damn it…”

“Didn’t expect you to be still able to stand, little girl, you’re much stronger than your knights, it only took a few seconds last night to subdue all of them with my smoke. Of course, I’m not your stupid brother, I’m just using his body. Remember this, I’m your owner. Come out my servants!”

When Eleanor turned around, she saw the obscene smile on Sidney’s face, as well as a few dozen zombies that had appeared out of nowhere; the zombies were holding the same red rope and other stuff that had been put on Eleanor’s subordinates.

“What are you doing to them? Let them go you bastard!”

“You’ll know soon enough, stop being stubborn. Servants, get her.” Although Sidney was somewhat worried about the fact that Eleanor was still able to stand, he still let his subordinates attack. For the purpose of catching today’s bigger prey, he had left all the female knights untouched and he was finding it harder to contain himself with Eleanor right in front of him.

“Get away from me!”

Eleanor suddenly swung her sword and several waves of 《Jian Qi》 and cut down all the zombies charged towards her. She was, after all, a holy knight in everything but name; even though she wasn’t able to react in time when she was hit by the toxic mist, but she was able to respond rapidly, activating her protective skill before the mist finished corroding her armour.

“Didn’t expect you to put up such a fight little girl, this makes catching you all the more interesting for me.”
“When did you get over there, you…what are you doing? Get your dirty hands off of her you bastard!”

After Eleanor defeated the zombies, she realized that Sidney must have taken that moment to enter the room. Currently, he was standing beside the knight closest to the entrance, holding her chin in his hand, looking at her voraciously. The knight had her hands tied behind her and around a wooden post, completely unable to do anything about Sidney’s provocative actions.

“Heheh, I expected you to not give in so easily. Right now, you may leave, but you don’t need me to explain what’ll happen to them right? You know what you need to do so that they don’t suffer right?”

“Let them go, I’ll replace them.”

“Very smart, but I need a show of your honesty; throw me your weapon!”

“Here, let them go!”

Eleanor helplessly threw her sword at the ground in front of Sidney, who then picked it up and threw it into a strange pool. The sword corroded away at a visible rate.

“I’ll let them go only if you’re willing to become my plaything. Come, take off everything, then put your hands behind your back and turn them towards me! If you don’t follow my instructions, you know the consequences.”

The bound knights did not have their ears blocked and they were able to hear the voice of their captain. Each and every one of them was shaking their head furiously, trying to signal their captain to leave them.
“You better keep your word. Come!”

Eleanor could only oblige, her armour was already in a state where it was barely covered anything and was easy to take off, her clothes were then quickly disposed of by the mist. In a few seconds, Eleanor was left with not a single scrap of fabric.

“Attack, my minions! All you dumb little girls are the same, always caring more about friends than themselves. All of you can be my playthings, but I think that I’ll play with you first!”

Sidney laughed, his once decently handsome face was distorted and one could no longer see any resemblance to a human in it. From behind him came another wave of zombies that pounced towards Eleanor’s position

“Goodbye, my sisters! I will be there to greet you all in heaven.” Eleanor whispered gently, she had known that this would happen from the start, but she did this to lure Sidney closer. A few years ago she had learned one of the Church’s forbidden skills; 《Self-Destruction》, it was a skill that assassins of old would use when all else failed; the skill had a high requirement for the cultivation level of the user as well.

When she gets brought to Sidney in bondage, she would be able to drag him down with her. What made this skill so powerful was that as soon as one started it, nothing could stop it, not even the death of the user. This skill was also known by the sinister name of ‘corpse bomb’.

Eleanor closed her eyes, in her final moments of life, her memories flashed before him; finally stopping on her time with Bella’s group. Those people were quite something if it was possible Eleanor would have liked to spend more time with them.

Right as she thought about it, Eleanor felt someone grab her from behind. She was about to initiate 《Self-Destruction》 but the person who had grabbed her used a hand and tickled her, stopping her from activating successfully.

Damn! This was…Eleanor was about to scream but a pair of hands covered her mouth and Eleanor discovered that the porcelain hand belonged to a girl, not a zombie. As she calmed down she also realized she could also feel the softness of the person who embraced her from behind, evidently, they weren’t the hands of a zombie.

“Don’t do such stupid things, boss! You still haven’t paid our wage yet! If you leave us now, we would have worked this hard for nothing. At least pay our wages!”

After hearing Bella’s familiar voice, Eleanor was moved to tears. She held back her tears and looked back; she discovered Bella half nude behind her, only clad in her black underwear of a sort that she had never seen before, but looked really stylish and pretty. Not far from Bella was a loli with pink twintails in a strange black dress; her beautiful red irises looked playfully at Eleanor and Bella.
“Bella, what happened? Where’s your armour, who is this little sister? She doesn’t seem to be Mia or Angel?”

“Ehh, don’t talk about it boss, I got robbed by a little bandit on the way here. Now I don’t have a single penny, I finally subdued that bandit but turns out she’s also penniless. So, boss, you’re going to have to pay extra this time!”

“You got robbed? That’s… I don’t have any money either right now, can I…”

“Don’t you still have yourself? You can pay with your… oh, and don’t try something so dangerous again, if that old gentleman noticed that you were trying to self-destruct, you would be in a lot more trouble.”

Bella almost exposed her true intentions, luckily she changed topics fast enough, or she might have left a bad impression on Eleanor. Beside her, Noesha looked at her with a face of worship, this was the teacher that she had been looking for! It was the first time that seen someone able to be perverted to such an elegant sister.

Eleanor was busy talking with Bella, she didn’t notice that Bella’s hands had been taking constant advantage of her unclothed body. Although she felt a little strange at Bella’s hands moving around and caressing her body, as they were both females; Eleanor didn’t say anything.

“But, What else can I…wait, what happened to that bastard, Sidney!? My sisters are still in his hands.”

“No Problem, he has your substitute in his hands right now, he’s probably really excited!”

Only now did Eleanor realize that the three of them were in a strange space, not far from them Sidney and his zombies had bound someone that looked exactly like her and were currently smugly feeling her up. Between the three girls and Sidney was what seemed to be a transparent crystal wall, Sidney’s side couldn’t see in while Eleanor’s side could clearly see everything that happened on the other.

“Sister, it was one of my few blow-up… you’re going to have to find me something better~!”

“If you follow me, do you still need to be afraid of not having any beautiful sisters to play with you? We’ll have lots later, there are two when we get back! Oh yeah, did you find Dolores yet, bring her in.”

Eleanor didn’t understand the gentlemanly conversation between Bella and Noesha, and would not until much later, but at that time she had already boarded the wrong ship for too long.

She could only see Noesha nod her head furiously, then run to the side and gestured with her hands in front of her chest; where a clear ball of energy appeared, ripples of energy moved through the ball as Noesha started a chant. A few seconds later, a familiar figure came out of nowhere, appearing in front of Eleanor. When she saw the signature purple hair, she immediately realized that it was Dolores.

“Er…Bella sister, little Eleanor, what’s your situation? Also, this loli…?” Dolores’ dark purple armour didn’t have any signs of damage, currently she was looking at Bella and Eleanor embracing each other with eyes that seemed to see through everything.

“Nothing, you’ve misunderstood… Bella, let go, you’re holding me too tightly.”

“Why are you struggling Eleanor? We don’t have to be afraid of anything, we share a pure friendship, your struggles make it seem like something different!”

Bella denied Eleanor’s struggles, if she let her off now, it would be hard to do the same to her again in the future. Might as well familiarise her with now; she had already decided that Eleanor would definitely work for her from the moment that Bella embraced her.

Bella gave a simple explanation as to Noesha’s identity, saying that she picked the loli up on the way. Of course, Eleanor and Dolores didn’t believe this explanation but had to accept it as Noesha didn’t deny it. Noesha’s power would let her stand at the top echelons of the Coristel continent, you can’t just pick up a loli like this. She also caught Dolores up on what happened after.

“So what you’re saying is that old bastard wants to bully little Eleanor? I’ll flatten him, the two of you can wait here.”

“Sister Dolores, I want to settle this myself, even though you guys say that his body was taken over by something evil; but Sidney is a member of my family, I still…”

“Little Eleanor, you and Bella can’t leave like this. If you do it’s just delivering free enjoyment?! I won’t allow you two to give this kind of joy to men!”

After getting reminded by Dolores, Eleanor realized the condition that she and Bella were in. Bella at least still had some fabric, but Eleanor had absolutely nothing, it would be quite shameful to battle like this. But her equipment and clothes had already been destroyed by Sidney, and apparently, Bella was also in a similar state.

Bella could tell from the disappointment in Eleanor’s eyes that she had wanted to settle things herself. From Bella’s previous observations, along with the way that Sidney tied the girls; Bella could confirm that this guy was that old gentleman Adris. She had been unable to completely kill Adris during their previous fights, probably because his soul was hiding inside this resting ground. Last time his body was taken by Warden Maltz to the underground prison, but his evil spirit was probably still wandering the crypt.

The intel that the old pervert had given on Eleanor’s knights were probably on purpose, in order to lure Bella’s group in order to have revenge on the shame that they had dealt him. unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately; Eleanor had arrived before Bella and fell into the trap instead.

“Eleanor, are you still going to do something so dumb? If your brother was a person of virtue, he wouldn’t have been able to be controlled by this monster. This monster only expanded upon the darkness in himself; he’s lost.”

“If it’s like this, I want to end his sins myself. Bella, Dolores, can you help me! I’ll owe you two after this, I will do anything I can to repay you.”

“That’s not too big of a problem, I’m just afraid you might not like it. Little Dolores… take off your armour and clothes, and give them to Eleanor; you two have about the same body.”

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“Huh? Alright!” Dolores took off her armour without any hesitation. As a princess of the demon people, she was much more open to stuff like this than normal human girls; anyways, there were only girls around her, she didn’t lose anything.

Seeing how open Dolores was, Eleanor didn’t know where to look for a bit; Dolores’ body was only a little bit less explosive than her own, wait that’s not the important point!

“Little Eleanor. That thing… I don’t think mine will fit you, the armour is fine as we’re about the same build but this… I think you should use Bella’s.” Dolores measured Eleanor with her eyes and looked especially long at her chest.

“This…don’t hold me so tight please, Bella; Dolores…why did you get so close?”

“You haven’t worn our armour before, little Eleanor, we’ll help you the first time, in the future… we’re companions, what do you have to be scared off?”

Eleanor was unable to free herself from the Bella-Dolores alliance and had to watch them teach her a hands-on lesson on how to put on the dark-gold armour. After finishing putting on her armour, Eleanor’s blushed face remained red for quite a while. The three-person clothes changing play was too embarrassing; currently, she was wearing Dolore’s armour and Bella’s underwear. It wasn’t time to care for this, however; the problem of Sidney still needed to be solved first.

“That’s strange, Eleanor is a living person right? Why is there no warmth?” After feeling up the bound substitute for Eleanor, he felt as if something was off. After all, blow-up dolls were nothing like the real thing. As he was still thinking, a few blades of sword qi passed by, the zombies around him were cut up and his left hand was cut off before he could react.

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