Chapter 216 – Aphrodisiacal Properties

He instantly understood everything about his Young Master’s thoughts at this moment.

Any whereabouts regarding Lady Huan’s movements must be reported to him immediately. This would be the right way from now on.

Even though Mo Si had accompanied the Young Master since they were young, he might not be able to comeback from this mistake… Arhem, he thought too far.


Huan Qing Yan had just left the Ancestral Hall and was preparing to return to the Aged Consulate.

But she saw that Madam Huan’s state was not good.

After being separated from Huan Xing Han, Madam Huan seemed lost; therefore, Huan Qing Yan decided to spend a night with Madam Huan to accompany her instead.

She would just have to rise earlier tomorrow and reach the Aged Consulate in time to prepare for Ji Mo Ya’s breakfast.

So she accompanied Madam Huan towards the Huan Estate.

The mother and daughter spoke in length, mostly by Huan Qing Yan who was consoling Madam Huan, encouraging her to be strong for the sake of Little Xing Han.

Only then, did Huan Qing Yan returned to Tender Face Pavilion, and under the care of servants like Luo Qiao and Luo Zhu, she washed up and went to bed.

During this period of the day, if she were in the Aged Consulate, she would have entered the dimension and started practicing her techniques and cooking…

However, after witnessing how Huan Dong Hai died unexpectedly, she abstained from entering the dimension.

So, she decided to give herself a vacation and rest for today.

After laying down for a moment, Madam Huan’s voice came from outside her accommodations.

“Little Yan, are you asleep?”

“No mama, I haven’t.” Huan Qing Yan quickly climbed off bed.

Luo Qiao and the other servants were bringing Madam Huan into the building.

A depressed Madam Huan was being accompanied by a tall servant; in her hands was a food basket that seemed to hold some food.

When Madam Huan entered, Lou Qiao and the others left.

The serving girls thought the mother and daughter were planning to have some private conversation and decided to leave for them to talk.

“Its late, why is mama here?” Huan Qing Yan assumed her mother had remembered an important detail.

Madam Huan shook her head and open the food basket that the tall serving girl was holding, revealing a plate of exquisite looking pineapple pastry, “Nothing happened, I just remembered that I had made your favorite pineapple pastry a few days ago. I made this for you during my free time, I hope you can try them…”

Huan Qing Yan was feeling slightly difficult as she had just brushed her teeth and was preparing for bed.

  If she were to eat food now, she would need to brush again later.

“Mama, there is no need for you to personally come over. You could have asked the serving girls or maids to send it; place it here, I will eat it tomorrow.”

Madam Huan immediately became even more depressed, and tears were forming in her eyes, “Mama wasn’t able to help Little Yan much and had felt really ashamed. All I can do is to make these treats that you like to eat. Mama does not ask for much; all I ask is for Little Yan to try some of Mama’s cooking. To be able see you enjoy the treats and hear you telling me that it is nice, is all Mama wishes for.”

Huan Qing Yan was helpless at her words; she could only take a piece of pineapple pastry and eat it.

The moment it entered her mouth, a bell rang in her mind, “Ding! Host has ingested food without spirit energy, Pineapple Pastry. It possesses aphrodisiacal properties…”

The ancient bowl’s notification came.

Normally, the ancient bowl would not have given any notification when she ate food that does not contain spirit energy!

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But it happened this time?

Aphrodisiacal properties?

Why would her mother add aphrodisiacal drugs in the food she was eating?

Did the ancient bowl make a mistake?

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Very quickly, Huan Qing Yan felt her vision blurring; the image of Madam Huan and that tall serving girl in front of her began to overlap onto each other…

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