Chapter 45: Jade Rabbit Support

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character couldn’t help but take a glimpse at those big moon rabbits, her deep v-neck, and the small glittering diamond necklace around her neck which created a vivid contrast with her snow white skin. The top half of her chest was tender and even the hairs were partially visible.

“Gūdōng!” Su Ke swallowed a mouthful of saliva and his mind was stupefied. Though this mission contained some difficulty, it appeared that it wasn’t that unaccomplishable. Pushing the mission regarding Zheng Mo, which required skills in basketball, to a side, it was to be assumed that by completing around 20 missions, he would be able to open the system’s ‘Help’ section, so he cannot back down now.

“Sister Meiling, let’s go up!” Su Ke saw that Lin Xiaobai was constantly giving him eye signals, and he knew what she was anxious about, so he directed Zhang Meiling while squeezing out a smile.

“Go! Let’s talk about love with this big sister!” Zhang Meiling nodded her head in agreement with Su Ke’s suggestion.

“Uh!” Su Ke’s face turned pale.

“Ha ha, let’s go!” Zhang Meiling waved her hand and slapped Su Ke’s arm. She then turned her head and rushed towards Lin Xiaobai, and greeted her before heading toward the stairs.

Su Ke looked at Zhang Meiling twisting her seductive body as she took the lead to head up the stairs. He quickly followed behind her, while making not to forget to point at the bag of things below the reception desk, causing Lin Xiaobai to feel somewhat embarrassed as she nodded her head.

A 30-year-old woman, although she no longer had her past youthfulness, had a mature sex appeal. She was steady and graceful because of her age, but also very charming and enchanting. She was like a blooming peony emitting its fragrance, but never losing its elegance. She had euphemism, yet magnanimousness, causing its fragrance not to disperse for a long time.

Though Su Ke didn’t know Zhang Meiling’s actual age, as he watched the way she twisted her body, the pair of high heels ascended the stairs with light steps. Her pure white cropped pants fully covered her bottom that continuously swayed from left to right, her underwear that was faintly discernible from her walking, and her scent that was emitted from her body pervaded the air and had yet to disperse.

An insuppressible growing small flame emerged from the bottom of his heart. The pīpā sound rang out, and Su Ke followed behind Zhang Meiling up the stairs without stopping, and very quickly, they were about to reach the third floor. Su Ke let out a heavy sigh, with bulging veins appearing all around his tightly clenched fist.

Su Ke gritted his teeth and stomped his foot. At any rate, success or failure would come down to this one move.

Lowering his head and looking down, Su Ke stared at Zhang Meiling’s pair of high-heeled sandals. When she lifted her leg and was just about to put it down to take a step, Su Ke leaned his body forward and his shoulder accidentally bumped into Zhang Meiling’s arm. Though little force was used, in this unexpected situation, the mature young lady was caught unprepared.

Zhang Meiling slipped and one of her feet stepped on air, causing her body to momentarily bend. Su Ke was waiting for this chance.

“Sister Meiling!” Su Ke twisted his body to grab Zhang Meiling’s arm to prevent her from falling down the stairs. However, due to the pressurizing circumstances, when he took a step forward and pulled Zhang Meiling into his arms, either Su Ke put in too much strength, or the inertia of Zhang Meiling’s body wasn’t small, so it wasn’t like Zhang Meiling’s seductive body was pulled into his arms, but directly collided with him.

“Pēng!!” The sound of two bodies colliding sounded out. Su Ke simply didn’t have the time to enjoy the experience of having body contact with her, because they banged straight away into the wall of the staircase.

“Pēng!” Another sound of colliding rang out. Su Ke’s shoulder first collided with the wall, then followed by his head due to the inertia.

“Su Ke, Su Ke!” Zhang Meiling had seen Su Ke’s head directly hit the wall. Though the walls were fixed with soft wallpapers of superior quality, she was still frightened, especially when Su Ke looked half conscious as she shook his head several times.

“Are you ok? Do you need to go to the hospital to do a checkup?” Zhang Meiling struggled free from Su Ke’s arms, then looked at Su Ke with deep concern, and the joking expression from before had already completely disappeared. She slightly furrowed her eyebrows, while both her hands supported Su Ke’s shoulders as she looked into his eyes.

Su Ke’s mind was slightly fuzzy, but he recovered very quickly. Looking at Zhang Meiling’s worrying expression, he felt slightly guilty in his heart. For the sake of completing the mission, he had planned this act. Was he a bit too despicable and shameless? Su Ke’s eyes couldn’t help but give a quick glance at the deep v-neck which had exposed a big portion of her chest before he hurriedly shook his head.

“Sister Meiling!”

“Su Ke, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, it’s just that my head feels very dizzy!”

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“What should we do? It can’t be a cerebral concussion, right? I’ll drive you to the hospital to do a checkup and also do an x-ray, alright?”

“Uh! I don’t need one. The hospital’s radiology will give me radiation!”

“But you’re currently feeling very dizzy, what do I do?”

“Sister Meiling!”

“Yes! Say it!”

“Can I lean on you for a moment? I might feel better from it.


“Thank you!” After saying his thanks, Su Ke slowly slid into Zhang Meiling’s bosom. He furrowed his eyebrows, but his heart was already extremely happy. Also, because Zhang Meiling was wearing high heels, he didn’t need to expend effort to bend down. Hence, Su Ke easily leaned his head against her moon rabbit like twin peaks.

They were soft and very tender, but he could also catch a whiff of a milk scent. Su Ke closed his eyes as he leaned his cheeks against Zhang Meiling’s bosom. The full bosom turned into a perfect support for Su Ke’s head.

Also, part of his cheeks was in contact with the smooth skin that was exposed by the deep v-neck. It brought along a faint body temperature, and Su Ke slowly rubbed against it, causing him to sink even deeper into the cleavage.

On Zhang Meiling’s face, there were two rarely seen blush marks, and her two opened arms were clueless on where to put them. She felt a sense of numbness from her bosom, especially the part where Su Ke was rubbing against. Her breathing instantly quickened. Though previously, Su Ke did say that he wanted to lean on her for a moment to recover, she didn’t expect this fellow to dive into her twin peaks.

Su Ke could clearly hear the quickening and thumping sound of Zhang Meiling’s heartbeat. Though he was also very nervous deep down, he couldn’t bear to part with them. Even when the flower pickup system prompted him that the mission was completed, he still closed his eyes, enjoying the wonderful sensation.

“Cough cough, Su Ke, are you feeling better?” Zhang Meiling should already be more experienced in this situation, but when Su Ke leaned his cheeks against her bosom, her body had trembled somewhat. A numbing sensation caused her breasts to swell, especially when Su Ke was breathing against her body, making her suddenly very hot, so she lightly patted Su Ke’s shoulder and asked.

“Uh! Much better already!” When Su Ke heard Zhang Meiling ask him the question, he reluctantly lifted his head. He was very nervous, which caused his face to be slightly pale, and this caused Zhang Meiling to really believe that the collision wasn’t light.

“Are you really fine?” Seeing that Su Ke left her bosom, she was subconsciously disappointed, and that brought along a feeling of emptiness. However, what she was feeling the most was still worry.

“I’m alright! Su Ke was aware that too much is bad, as is too little, and his mission was already completed. He gave a faint smile and said, “Thank you, Sister Meiling!”

“What are you thanking for!? Just now, if it wasn’t for you, I would have fallen and been the one in misery. Do you still need to lean on me?”

“Uh!” Su Ke couldn’t help but shoot another glance at the two towering twin peaks as he reminisced about the previous feeling. Unconsciously, he swallowed a gulp of saliva, then hurriedly shook his head, “No need, no need!”

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