Chapter 44: Moon Rabbit like Snowy Peaks

“Yes, if I had known that you were ‘that’ Su Ke2Su KeMain Character, the one who had caught the thief, I wouldn’t have vented out on you!” These past few days, Zheng Mo felt very irritated and this was all because her great aunt had come to see her.

“Is there something I can help you with?” Su Ke could see that, though Zheng Mo, she was still smiling. Her emotional suffering was being exposed by the space between her eyebrows.

Also, for the sake of completing the missions issued by the system, he needed to inquire about her situation for a bit. After asking, he then heard Zheng Mo sigh, “So depressing! If it wasn’t because for that thing regarding the class’s basketball competition! Even if I told you, you wouldn’t be of help.”

“If you don’t say, how will you know that I’m not able to help? I’m the living Lei Feng! Now, what’s this about a basketball competition?” After saying that, Su Ke could no longer stand it, so he asked further, “Could we change locations?” Due to that incident, those that were picking up products nearby, had all quietly left one by one.

“Aren’t you in a hurry to leave? Didn’t you say that your sister is waiting for you to save her?” Zheng Mo asked while pointing at the Whisper in Su Ke’s hand.

Only now did Su Ke remember that if he didn’t return, there’s a high possibility that the Cosmetic Club would be flooded. His face flushed red and he was now aware that he shouldn’t wait any longer. “Lend me your phone,” he exclaimed.

“Why?” Zheng Mo asked.

“I’ll help you with your troubles! Isn’t it just a basketball game?”

“You say it as if it’s nothing! Āi, what’s your number? I’ll call you!” While saying so, Zheng Mo took out her small and refined black phone from her hotpants’ pocket, then looked at Su Ke.

“Uh! I don’t have a phone. Just tell me your phone number, I’ll remember it!” Su Ke scratched his head as he thought about really considering buying a phone; it would be much more convenient to communicate at certain times.

After getting Zheng Mo’s phone number, he left the sanitary products area. As he walked out, a number of people squeezed in. Apparently, due to him standing there, many people felt awkward about entering.

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Carrying the shopping basket that had the packet of Whisper buried at the bottom, Su Ke breathed out deeply in relief. Then, he fearlessly took large strides and headed toward the cashier.

“D*mn it!” Su Ke was gasping for air after rushing out of the supermarket entrance like he was escaping for his life, and in his hands, there was a large plastic bag. Just now, the cashier frowned and looked at him with a weird gaze, which nearly caused him to directly urinate there, embarrassing himself. It was like he was really a scoundrel.

Lin Xiaobai constantly looked at the time. Ten minutes had passed and there was no sign of Su Ke. As she sat, she was feeling very restless, but she didn’t dare move. The damp feeling on her bottom seemed to be spreading.

She clenched both her hands, but she used too much force, so her knuckles turned slightly white. Like this, Lin Xiaobai stared at the glass door, and her line of sight never shifted away.

“Hū!” Su Ke’s figure finally appeared and Lin Xiaobai left out a breath of relief. She watched as Su Ke carried a big bag of stuff and walked toward her.

“Little brother Su, you finally came back. Sister has been impatiently waiting for you to return!” Lin Xiaobai slowly stood up, and very carefully, like in slow motion, walked toward Su Ke while extending out her hands to him.

“Sister Xiaobai, I have done my best. The supermarket is very crowded!” Su Ke would never say that he was nervous and had tarried in the supermarket for half a day. While saying so, he placed the shopping bag on the reception desk and began to fish out the packet of Whisper.

“Oh! Xiao Zhengtai, let me see how you did.” It was at this time the club’s door was being pushed open and the familiar sounds of laughter came in from behind Su Ke.

(TL Note: Xiao Zhengtai [小正太]:Cute little brother)

Su Ke turned around and looked. The lady before him looked like she was about 30 and had a young lady’s well-developed body. Her skin was well taken care of, delicate and glossy. When she smiled, her eyes became a crescent shape, which was very attractive. Her forefinger aimed at Su Ke, then poked him a few times.

He had seen this woman before; it was during the hugging incident. She was one of the customers from the 3rd-floor VIP service area, but he still didn’t know her name. Somewhat awkwardly, he managed to squeeze out a smile, then froze on the spot at a loss.

“Ha ha! Have you taken a fancy to our Xiaobai? I have to say though, nowadays, sending snacks isn’t popular anymore. You should send a bouquet of flowers! Come here and let big sister hug you, and later, big sister will teach you a few different methods. Big sister will play the matchmaker for the two of you!” The lady jokingly said. While saying so, she also opened her arms, making a hugging pose.

When she opened her arms, the pair of fat rabbits on her chest became more eye-catching. The v-neck collared T-shirt caused her deep cleavage to narrow into a straight line. Seeing that, Su Ke became hard-pressed, and he was simply at a loss for words.

“Big sister Meiling, what are you saying!? You’re making fun of me again!” Lin Xiaobai’s face flushed red and she hurriedly stuffed the bag of things below the reception desk, worrying that others might see what’s inside.

“Nowadays, love between an older woman and a younger man has become a trend! Xiaobai, you don’t have to feel embarrassed!” Zhang Meiling teased. She then stood beside Su Ke and said, “Xiaobai, if you don’t support the love between an older woman and a younger man, big sister will take the chance to make a move, oh!”

“Xiao Zhengtai, do you like big sister? Do you like mature women like her?” After saying as much, she raised her eyebrows and gave Su Ke a coquettish glance.

As the lady came near him, Su Ke could smell a blazing scent and his scalp turned numb. When this scent entered his nostrils, it would seem like it causes people to act on impulse.

At this time, when Su Ke looked at Zhang Meiling who was very close by, it seemed like if he was to straighten his body and slightly lean forward, his body would be able to touch her large breasts. Su Ke’s heartbeat quickened and he unconsciously took a step back.

“Oh, Xiao Zhengtai is shy again!” Zhang Meiling thrust her chest forward and Su Ke’s face became redder. The more she happily laughed, the more the pair of big white rabbits would bounce along with the shaking of her body. Seeing this, Su Ke felt dizzy.

“Big sister Meiling!” Su Ke gave a bitter smile.

Looking at Su Ke, that had an expression of wanting to cry but couldn’t, Zhang Meiling laughed with a hand over her cherry mouth, while her body shook with her laugh. “Gē gē, big sister just loves to see your shy looks. You’re so pure like always, Zhengtai!”

Looking at Zhang Meiling taking liberties with Su Ke, Lin Xiaobai felt extremely gloomy. Originally, she wanted to go to the restroom. If she was to fish out the Whisper from the bag now, who knew what Zhang Meiling’s reaction would be. She could only stubbornly force herself to stand aside.

“D*mn it!” When Su Yu saw the mission given by the flower pickup system, he was immediately struck dumb.

“Mission: Stick your cheeks against Zhang Meiling’s twin peaks for a minute. Reward: Street basketball proficiency (Intermediate Level).” This mission was simply instigating him to commit a crime!

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Zhang Meiling saw that Su Ke’s cute cheeks had become totally red, and his eyes were drifting around. Who knows what he was thinking about? She then patted his shoulder and asked, “Hey, Xiao Zhengtai, what beautiful things are you thinking about?”

“Uh! Nothing! Nothing!” Su Ke came back to reality and hurriedly denied it. There was a moment of awkwardness because of that. Should he really tell her the truth? That he wanted to lay on her moon rabbit-like snowy peaks and rest for a moment? A minute tops?

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