Chapter 43: Hey! Your Whisper!

While dawdling towards the sanitary products area, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s legs had already turned to jelly. Maybe Lin Xiaobai was already weeping, but he failed to shed a single tear due to the long wait that felt like years.

“D*mn it, let’s stake it all!” Su Ke felt like his bladder had somewhat tightened and he already had an urge to rush to the toilet, but if this continued, even if he had peed his pants, he would still not be able to complete his mission.

Taking a deep breath, like he was inhaling a large amount of courage, he clenched his fist and rushed into the sanitary products area while keeping his head down. Currently, he didn’t have any other choice, so he just had to think that nobody else existed!

When he walked in, a sweet scent filled his nostrils. The surroundings were filled with a variety of sanitary napkins in all kinds of packaging, versions, and colors. Su Ke was instantly dumbfounded. After thinking very hard for about half a day, he finally recalled what Lin Xiaobai had asked him to buy.

“Oh, yeah! Whisper, and it must be dry and soft, and of maxi fit!” Su Ke muttered. His eyes constantly scanned the products, but to Su Ke, it was no different to fishing a needle from the sea. There were just too many brands here and all of them were split into many different types. There was day use, night use, and mixed. There were also types that were longer, thinner, and with additional napkins. Su Ke was instantly turned silly.

Su Ke was aware that he had attracted the others’ attention. After all, a guy had suddenly appeared in the area that sold female products. Uh, a young man here was really very eye-catching. He felt like he became the topic and attention of many fingers and muttering. His legs turned to jelly while his heartbeat increased, so was his breathing as he was like a hungry wolf whose eyes had turned red due to anxiety.

“Sophie, Anerle, ABC, Carefree, Space7!” While mumbling to himself, Su Ke continued to walk. Every time he came across another brand, he would look at its name. If it wasn’t the one he was looking for, he would shift his gaze to the next one.

“Whisper! D*mn it, I finally found you!” Su Ke felt like his efforts finally paid off. Right before him was the dazzlingly, bright colored, land of Whisper. However, since he has just found this land, his mission was partially completed.
After rapidly scanning around, when Su Ke reached out his hand to grab the packet of sanitary napkins, his palms were already covered with sweat. This was his first time experiencing how painful it was to buy something like he was being sentenced

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He sighed with relief as he looked at the packet of sanitary napkins that contained the words that Lin Xiaobai had requested.

“I’ve finally found you!” Su Ke was itching to leave immediately, as he didn’t want to continue staying for a second more. He turned around, preparing to leave.

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“Pēng!” A muffled sound rang out and Su Ke felt like his chest was hit by something, it was extremely soft and there was even a fragrance. As it was too unexpected, the packet of sanitary napkins fell from his hand.

“It’s you!”

“It’s you!”

Su Ke and the lady in front of him exclaimed out at the same time.

The lady in front of Su Ke was pointing at him, and she was covering her chest with her other hand. Her expression was complicated, it had a bit of shock, puzzlement, and contempt.

“Little scoundrel!” The lady that was wearing the T-shirt with the word ‘Dance’ snorted and gave Su Ke a contempt look.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you?! Is it because I provoked you by reminding you that you had dropped something?” Su Ke frowned as he felt really gloomy. This lady was really a ghost that wouldn’t leave him alone. Wherever he went, he would meet her again.

“Humph!” The lady didn’t expect Su Ke would be so direct. When she recalled that she previously misunderstood him, her expression softened.

“Hey, your Whisper!”

The lady said that as she pointed at the sanitary napkin that Su Ke had dropped. There was slight ridicule in her tone. Originally, when a guy lingered here, it would already attract other people’s attention. However, due to her saying that sentence, even more gazes were now focused on Su Ke.

Su Ke now had the urge to vomit blood. Looking at the surrounding women’s gazes, Su Ke’s face turned red hot and the corner of his mouth unconsciously twitched.

“That isn’t mine!” With all of his effort, Su Ke squeezed out a smile, but it was even uglier then crying. He rushed to explain, “That’s my big sister’s Whisper, okay?”

Facing the lady, this was the first time he’s looked closely and clearly at the lady’s facial features. A melon seed shaped face, double eyelids with big eyes, high nose bridge, and thin lips, she looked somewhat like a female actress by the name of Jing Tian. At this time, when the lady saw the gloomy expression on Su Ke’s face, there was slight joy in her eyes.

“Heh heh, ok, I know it’s your sister’s Whisper. Even if you still want to, you won’t be able to enjoy this treatment!” When the lady saw Su Ke’s vexed expression, her mood became much better. She gave a faint smile and her clear eyes were emotionally moving.

“You still call me a scoundrel!” While bending down to pick up the packet of Whisper, Su Ke unhappily spoke.

“Sorry, I’m in a bad mood today. Who tells you to place yourself before my gun muzzle, and also, why did you even say such an old and cheesy line? Won’t it be better if you just say that I dropped something? Also, look at where you are? It would be even weirder if I didn’t call you a scoundrel!” The lady smiled brightly.

“You think I wanted to come!? My sister is anxiously waiting to use it, so I must hurry and return. You can continue to pick yours!” Su Ke didn’t want to be entangled with her here, so after saying that, he wanted to leave.

The lady did indeed want to buy sanitary napkins, but when Su Ke said it, her expression turned unnatural. Her cheeks turned slightly red and she responded with a small nod.

However, when their shoulders passed by each other, the lady suddenly exclaimed, “Hey! Why do I have the feeling that you look very familiar!?”

Su Ke could only stop his steps once again. He turned his body and helplessly said, “Big sister, that line of yours is also way too old-fashioned!”

“D*mn! Who wants to hit on you!? I definitely felt that you looked very familiar like I have met you somewhere before!” While saying that, the lady frowned as she pondered. Her eyes then suddenly shined in realization, “Are you the one that caught the thief? Your name is Su Ke, isn’t it?”

Su Ke was surprised, he didn’t expect to be recognized by her. It looked like that video has already become very hot. He was somewhat delighted in his heart, but he still acted nonchalantly, “Èn! I’m Su Ke!”

“It’s you indeed! Okay, let’s be friends! I’m Zheng Mo, I’m from the Langfang Teachers University, specifically the Music Academy!” Zheng Mo spoke, while extending a hand out.

Su Ke reached out and shook Zheng Mo’s hand. He could clearly feel her faint body temperature from her delicate and slender fingers. “Hi, I’m Su Ke, I’m from 17 High School. It’s nice to meet you!”

It was at this time, Su Ke heard a beep from his flower pick-up system’s space. Going in to check the LCD screen, another line of a mission appeared.

“Mission: Help Zheng Mo resolve the trouble that’s weighing on her mind. Reward: Skill proficiency in high school calculation.”

“D*mn, another mission. Including this mission, I’ll have 19 now. Other than the mission to get Wei Lan’s first kiss, there’s only 18, so I should very quickly be able to open up the system’s ‘Help’ section!” Thinking about so far, Su Ke’s eyes shined as he smiled.

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