Chapter 42: Hi! Your Yi Da!

Lin Xiaobai’s face was flushed red and she bashfully nodded her head, “Èn, it was that, Great Aunt!” There was a slight quiver in her voice.

“Uh! Great Aunt! So, what can I do? I can’t let her return first!” Instantly, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character awkwardly stood up and the two of them stared at each other with red faces.

“I can’t move now, I’m afraid that the slightest movement will cause more to flow out. Could you go out to the nearest supermarket and help me buy a pack of sanitary napkins?” After Lin Xiaobai had figured out who the great aunt really was, she was finally able to relax and her words smoothly flowed out again.

“Oh!” Su Ke naturally reacted and nodded his head. However, when he thought about going to the supermarket to find that thing, his heart rate immediately increased slightly, as if he had never seen the place where his family-owned small supermarket was located.

It was at this time, that Su Ke heard a beeping sound come from the flower pick up system’s space, announcing a new mission. He went in to check it, and on the LCD screen, there was an additional line.

“Mission: Help Lin Xiaobai buy sanitary napkins. Reward: Street basketball proficiency (Basic Level).”

“I’ll go!” Su Ke mumbled to himself. It seemed like he had to go to the supermarket, as finishing the mission would bring him one step closer to opening the system’s ‘Help’ Section.

Seeing that Su Ke nodded his head, Lin Xiaobai continued, “Buy me a pack of Whisper [note]Brand Name[/note], the kind for everyday use. It must be the type that is dry, soft, and of maxi fit!”

Looking at Lin Xiaobai’s peach-shaped face and her pair of watery eyes, with a hesitant yet anticipating expression, Su Ke suddenly felt the burden on his shoulders was several times heavier. After taking a deep breath, he said, “Sis Xiaobai, leave it to me! I assure you that I will do a good job!” After saying that, Su Ke turned around and left.

At this moment, it seemed like a cold and windy atmosphere surrounded Su Ke’s figure, just like a departing hero that had returned to his former seriousness. Seeing that Su Ke had walked out of the door, Lin Xiaobai somewhat relaxed. Afterward, she looked around the hall and noticed that other than her, not even the figure of a ghost could be seen.

“Ài, only little brother Su is reliable!” Lin Xiaobai sighed in her heart, then very carefully returned to her seat. The previous incident had really scared her. After waiting for half a day, during which, fortunately, nobody had come down to the hall, she finally saw Su Ke, her life-saving straw.

She could already feel how damp and sticky her bottom was, making her feel extremely uncomfortable. But, since she had given this job to Su Ke, she could only persevere.

After Su Ke walked out of the Cosmetic Club’s glass door, his previously firm attitude immediately collapsed. His heart beat faster and he exerted all of his effort in stabilizing his breathing as he looked at his surroundings.

Around 200 meters away from the Cosmetic Club, there was a shopping mall called Jing Ke Long. The mall wasn’t small at all. The first floor was the supermarket, and the second floor onwards was filled with a great variety of beautiful and dazzling goods. However, Su Ke’s current mission wasn’t for him to randomly stroll around.

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When Su Ke came before the doors of Jing Ke Long and saw the bustling crowd, he gritted his teeth and braced himself. The good thing was, he had already made a complete plan, so he took a big step and entered the mall. He picked up a shopping basket and ran straight to the food area.

What kind of melon seeds or potato chips? Just buy a big pile of them! It was a good thing that he still had quite an amount of money, so his heart wouldn’t feel very painful. First of all, he had to fill the shopping basket. While filling it up, his heart continued to feel worried. Though he had decided to proceed to the nearby area that had the sanitary products, after his detour, when he thought about it, he still felt extremely nervous.

“Pā!” Su Ke suddenly heard a sound, like something had fallen onto the ground. Looking in the direction of the sound, it was actually a small plastic chewing gum container. Without any hesitation, he lifted his head, wanting to inform the person that was right in front of him.

“Hi! Your Yi Da! (益达)![note]Brand name of gum, ni de yi da. Like saying “Your pack of Orbit?” Orbit is a brand name of a gum in America.[/note]

After saying that, Su Ke felt like the sentence seemed very familiar, but why it was so, he couldn’t remember.

Hearing Su Ke’s voice, the lady in front of him turned her body and began to frown as she sized up Su Ke. While she stared at him, she constantly shook her head. The corners of her mouth drooped like she was scorning him.

The girl before him seemed to be around 22 to 23 years old with a height of 1.7 meters. If you compared her with Su Ke, she wasn’t that much shorter.

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She wore a black t-shirt with the word ‘Dance (舞)’ artistically written on it. Her body was slim, with two twin peaks on her chest and a slender waistline. She was wearing camouflage-patterned hot pants that were partially covered by the bottom part of her t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing any stockings, so her healthy and beautiful long legs were exposed. Her legs had some flesh and were nicely taut. Her pair of nike forrest gump shoes had a blue base and a white logo. The way she dressed gave off a vibrant and youthful feeling, which was very pleasing to the eyes.

“Scoundrel!” That girl saw that Su Ke looked like a student, so she directly turned her head away from him in contempt.

“What?!” Su Ke cursed in his heart. Why am I so unlucky? I only said a little bit, but I was called a pervert. Do I look that obvious?

“Hey, your Yi Da, do you still want it?” Originally, Su Ke was extremely nervous, but when he heard what the lady had called him, he was irritated and his tone began to show signs of his current feelings.

“Āi! Little child, learn something! Here, is this your Yi Da? This is your Yi Da! This method of hitting on someone is so last year, it’s way too boring!” [note] So, it’s a pick-up line often used. Like saying, “sup, this yours?” and using that method begin a convo. [/note] The lady sneered with contemptuousness, embarrassing Su Ke.

Su Ke finally remembered that what he had said previously was the Yi Da chewing gum advertisement slogan from last year! He kindly reminded her that she had dropped something, but it was returned with contempt and he was misunderstood as a pervert. Su Ke’s expression turned slightly unnatural and he sighed as he pointed at the chewing gum that was now on the ground.

“Are you sure you didn’t make a blunder? Is this yours?”

The lady looked in the direction where Su Ke was pointing at and her expression changed slightly as she vaguely felt somewhat apologetic. However, she still softly snorted. She bent down and picked up the small plastic chewing gum container and left without saying a word of thanks. She just turned her head, showing the back of it, and her ponytail swayed with her every step.

“Qiè, so unlucky!” The more Su Ke thought about it, the angrier he felt. He looked at the lady’s sexy butt for a while until he was satisfied, and his mood slowly got better.

However, he still had to settle the problem at hand. Lin Xiao Bai was still in the Humble Fragrance Cosmetic Club, waiting for him to save her. If he was to delay any further, by the time he returned, her blood might have already flowed into a river.

Looking at the shopping basket that was already filled with potato chips and other things, he braced himself to return back to his mission. The nearer he was, the more nervous he got, and he felt like the surrounding customers were all looking at him, causing his back to feel slightly numb.

The more nervous he was, the more he dared to go near it. After walking to and fro several times around the sanitary products area, some of the salespeople began to take notice of Su Ke.

“D*mn it, they won’t treat me as a thief, right?” Su Ke felt very anxious and uncomfortable due to the several salespeople staring at him. He was looking around very sneakily and his steps were messed up; because of this, his actions looked very suspicious.

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