Chapter 204 – Fostering

An old woman that was standing beside Huan Li An said sarcastically, “Except for being guilty, what else can we call your actions as? Old Ancestor, have you heard of an adopted daughter of their family? Someone called Huan Meng Yue. The upbringing done by this Zhang Clan led her to become an adulterous woman who seduced the prince and even caused the death of another man. In the end she was executed by the royal family and countless people had also witnessed her execution, what a disgrace!”

Huan Li An was shaking with anger as he pointed at Madam Huan, “How did Bei Ming marry a useless person like you! If Bei Ming was still around, I would have gotten him to divorce an shameful wife like you.”

Tears of injustice began to flow from Madam Huan, Huan Xing Han stood up and said, “Do not bully my mama.”

After a moment of pondering, he added, “My Sis told me that Sister Meng Yue had broken off ties with our Huan Family early on; she chose to throw us away. We also cannot be bothered about her!”

If Huan Qing Yan heard his words, she would be exceptionally proud.

The Old Ancestor, Huan Li An, was glaring angrily.

Huan Dong Hai, that thief-like rat, was standing nearby and lightly coughed; he planned to smoothen things and said, “Old Ancestor, please be appeased, think of your age and take care of your body. As for Bei Ming’s wife, she did not intend for Little Xing Han to be lost; we are all a family, there’s nothing that prevents us from settling things amicably…”

The others in the hall all began to speak, trying to calm the Old Ancestor down.

Huan Li An used the arm hold of a chair nearby and wobbly sat down, “Dong Hai… Our Huan Clan had gotten worse with each generation. After a long wait, we finally produce a genius like Bei Ming, yet he’s gone just like that. With Little Xing Han being so young, this old man is truly worried.”

Huan Dong Hai immediately said, “Old Ancestor, Bei Ming’s line is the main branch, it has not been easy for their branch to achieve their current position; in addition, they have the potential to allow our Huan Clan a chance to prosper greatly. Us, people from the side branch, would definitely do our best to support them.”

Huan Li An replied, “Indeed, the only thing that Bei Ming lacked was the amount of descendants, with only a young son, it will be years before he grows up; if something happens to him in between…”

Madam Huan had stopped crying and was listening intently.

Little Xing Han had no good feelings for anyone currently in this place; he stretched his little hands and adopted a protective posture in front of his mama, watching alertly at everyone present.

The ancestral hall was currently very quiet, everyone was pricking up their ears to listen to the conversation.

Finally, Huan Dong Hai cleared his throat and said, “Old Ancestor, I have a suggestion. Why not we appoint someone to be the guardian of Bei Ming’s assets. Since Xing Han is still too young, we can choose a few capable young ones from the other branches of the clan and appoint them as foster children under Bei Ming’s name. With that, they could assist Bei Ming to develop his assets and ensure that our Huan Clan’s Aged Soup continues to be passed down.”

Madam Huan nearly fainted at those words, they were trying to openly steal from their family!

She had expected the summons today to be accompanied with bad news.

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Yet, if she refused to come, the Old Ancestor would go to her instead and it would give the others the chance to add another crime of being unfilial to the elders. In addition, Qing Yan was also at home to help her…

When she thought of Qing Yan, Madam Huan quickly said, “Old Ancestor, although Xing Han is young, but our Qing Yan has grown up, she will be sixteen next year. Our Qing Yan is also an Egg Star Talent and would help the Huan Family in the future…”

Huan Li An cut into her words and said, “About Qing Yan, she is just a girl. After observing filial piety for her deceased father for three years, she will be marrying someone else; how is she related to the Huan Family by then? Since ancient times, it was always the men who inherited the family, what’s more, the Aged Soup of our Huan Clan had always been passed down to men and not women!”

Madam Huan meekly replied, “Bei Ming had already taught her everything when he was alive; Bei Ming had always treated her like a son…”

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