Chapter 203 – This Wife Is Guilty


In the center of the hall, kneeled two individuals.

Madam Huan and Little Xing Han.

Madam Huan displayed signs of fluster and guilt while Little Xing Han was displaying an expression of loss at the situation.

The mother son duo was kneeling towards the direction of the altar where the memorial tablets of the Huan Clan’s ancestors were placed. The one closest to them, was Huan Bei Ming’s tablet; it was a black wooden tablet that was freshly carved with the three words of his name on it…

The tablet was placed in the center of the altar, while the atmosphere within the hall was oppressive.

“Zhi Luo of the Zhang Clan! You were married to Bei Ming for twenty-one years, yet you only have a boy and did not arrange for him to marry a concubine. Now that he is dead, his line had become exceptionally thin, let me ask you, are you guilty of this charge?!” Huan Li An was unexpectedly sharp when he spoke the words.

His eyes were also sharp as he asked Madam Huan loudly.

Madam Huan stammered for a couple of times.

The hunchback elder once again asked with a loud voice, “Zhang Clan, are you guilty?”

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Tears began to fall from Madam Huan’s face before she said chokingly, “Yes, I am guilty! However, it was not because I did not allow my husband to marry a concubine, it was because my husband wanted to focus his attention on his career as a spirit chef and did not wish to marry another…”

There’s one more reason, the Huan Clan always had a trend of having a small number of descendants in each generation; it was to the point that only one male was borne to continue the family line for multiple generations even though concubines were married in, and the situation did not improve. Huan Bei Ming had chosen to accept the fate of his bloodline when he was alive instead of fighting it.

However, unsavory characters were now trying to use this reason to condemn her; despite her weak character, she could not help but to emphasize and defend herself with that addition sentence.

Her attempt immediately sparked a torrent of criticism from everyone!

“Brother Bei Ming spent his life focusing on being a spirit chef, this is something we agree. He spent all his days to research, but as his wife, you should have thought from his perspective! What do you mean by he does not wish to marry a concubine? If he does not want to, you can help him arrange one! On the days he is in the mood, you can suggest for him to spend a few nights with the concubine, would he reject then? Even if he doesn’t like the concubine, he would also do it for your sake, right?”

“It must be someone being greedy over Bei Ming’s huge assets, trying to swallow up everything herself. What greed, you are the last of your Zhang Clan, why be so greedy when you no longer have relatives to inherit your assets…”

“This old one had watched Bei Ming grow up since he was a child. He is a loyal person; although you did not bear him a child for many years, he had never turned his back at you. On the contrary, he even went to fight in the war between humans and demons so that he could earn merits for you to live better. Just from that loyalty of his towards you, you should have tried to prevent his bloodline from weakening to this state.”


Madam Huan had a hundred reasons to say. Seeing the surrounding people speaking ill of his mother, Huan Xing Han shouted, “Do not bully my mother! If all of you continue to bully my mother, I will go tell my sis!”

Huan Li An looked at Huan Xing Han dotingly, “Xing Han, you must have been scared badly when you were kidnapped by bad men last time, my poor child.”

Huan Xing Han shook his head; due to his kidnap, he was able to see the flying dragon and got to know Big Brother Young Master Ya, and he also was able to enjoy spirit dishes given by his sister. He was very excited and happy about everything that had happened instead.

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Huan Li An turned towards Madam Huan and scolded, “It’s all because of you, if you had taught your daughter well, she would not have been seen as a runaway concubine, causing you to lose Little Xing Han! Fortunately, the heavens pitied the Huan Family and helped us, else our bloodline would have ended and today would be the death anniversary of you!”

Madam Huan was thoroughly frightened. Her limbs were trembling, and she was struggling between whether to defend herself or not.

“Old Ancestor…. This wife is guilty…” she said with a tearful voice.

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