Chapter 202 – He Lian Yuan

Little Feather accompanied her to rescue her brother last time and got injured in the process; therefore, he was unable to follow Huan Qing Yan when she returned. After his injuries were healed, he was reassigned to his previous position as a guard.

“What’s the matter, Lady Huan?”

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“Don’t lady me, your master isn’t formal with me too and calls me by my name, so you should also call me by my name too.”

“Elder Sister Qing Yan!” Little Feather was also not a stick-in-the-mud type.

“Good, where’s your master? Why didn’t I see him when dinner time has arrived?”

Little Feather replied, “The young master went out.”

“What happened?”

“It’s related to the Greater Demon that was still hiding in the capital. A large number of snakes appeared in the palace building where Princess Cang Xia stayed at. It was said that a serving girl of hers got her heart dug out and Princess Cang Xia had gone mad due to fear because of this, so the Lord Emperor sent a messenger to ask Young Master to go over.”


Princess Cang Xia had gone mad?

The same time when Huan Qing Yan secretly felt a small sense of happiness, she also felt something’s not right!

That Greater Demon dared to challenge the royal family, so how powerful has its cultivation become?

The royal family had teachers of state who were spirit masters at the level of Mystic Rank at minimum, yet the Greater Demon dared to sneak into the palace and cause trouble?

Based on the reincarnated girl’s memories, there were no news regarding the Greater Demon causing havoc within the palace; at most, it had appeared in the Ninth Prince Estate….

Huan Qing Yan tried to ask for more details, but Little Feather shook his head in return as that was all he knew. In fact, he was not supposed to tell Huan Qing Yan about this; he only revealed it because of their good relations…

“Oh right, Little Feather, what’s your name?”

Little Feather, ‘…’

After a moment, “…He Lian Yuan.”

Huan Qing Yan pulled him closer and said, “Little Yuan, since your master is not at home and I had made too much dishes, let me invite you over for dinner.”

Little Feather stood rooted on the ground, “This subordinate dare not do so.”

To eat the food meant for young master? No matter how daring he was, he would never do that.

The Feather Guard Army also has a military spirit chef that follows them; they were able to enjoy spirit dishes due to that. Of course, the dishes created did not possess a high amount of spirit energy, but just the fact of being able to consume some was already a great benefit. One of the reasons why many people vied for a position within the Ji Mo Clan’s Feather Guard Army was because of this benefit.

When Huan Qing Yan saw his stance, she also did not force him.

Just as she was about to return to the kitchen, a voice suddenly called out to her.

“Young Mistress!” It was Luo Qiao.

Luo Qiao was being led by a Feather Guard and just entered a side entrance leading to the main building; a flustered and nervous expression was displayed on her face.

Huan Qing Yan felt a pang of nervousness from her heart; Luo Qiao generally would never come visit her at this hour, did something happen?


Within the Huan Estate was an old ancestral hall, it was part of an old building that was over a hundred years old.

The old building was located at the backyard of the Huan Estate, the Huan Family of the past was not as rich as now, therefore the size of the old building was not large as well as partially damaged.

The Huan Family only raised in status due to Huan Bei Ming. When Huan Bei Ming made his mark in the empire, he moved the family to a new building and left the old building as it is, only coming back once a year to pay respects to the ancestors within the ancestral hall.

During this period, the ancestral hall was being guarded by an elder that was close to a hundred years of age; Huan Bei Ming referred to this elder as Grandpa Shu Zu, his real name was called Huan Li An.

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Huan Li An was currently an old person with blurred vision and bad ears. He was also the person with the highest seniority within the Huan Clan; in addition, like Huan Bei Ming, he belonged to the main branch of Huan Family and was the closest blood relative that Huan Bei Ming had.

Due to Huan Li An’s old age, when Huan Bei Ming died, no one informed him as they were worried that he would be unable to handle the shock of the news.

Now, the doors of the Huan Clan Ancestral Hall were wide open; Huan Li An stood in the head of the hall while in front of him, gathered a large number of people. There were all members of the Huan Clan… about a hundred and ten individuals.

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