Chapter 28: No Need to Hurry

Eighth-grade second class’s Teacher Ke was a forty-year-old female teacher. Although the way she dressed was strict, it was all just to display a teacherly appearance.

However, she had a son studying in a university in the capital who liked to spend money like water.

She, who had always spoiled her son, had sent all the money she had on her to her son, leaving her and her husband with a meager sum to live with and spend on the daily necessities.

Nobody had ever suspected her of receiving red envelopes in private, and not even Ye Jian in her previous life did.

Only during the period for mid-year assessments did she fully witness Sun Dongqing handing a red envelope to Teacher Ke who was doing house visits.

As time passed, Ye Jian gradually understood why Ye Ying back then was so rampant.

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It turned out that she had Teacher Ke supporting her from behind!

At this moment, Ye Jian who had kept silent, took a step forward and blocked Teacher Ke’s path.

Her dark pupils exposed a hint of humor as she looked at the teacher who was in a hurry to leave and spoke, “Teacher Ke, there’s no need to leave so soon. If this matter regarding me isn’t cleared, then I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave anytime soon.”

Being stopped by a student, there was no way for Teacher Ke to accept such a behavior and she scolded angrily, “Ye Jian, how dare you!”

“I don’t dare. All I wish is for you to stay a little while longer.” Ye Jian smiled as she finished before turning to lock the door of the principal’s office.

Once the door was locked, then the good show ought to begin.

In no panic and hurry, Ye Jian’s voice became tensed with seriousness, “Principal Chen, I know that you have military origins, stressing onto us deeply that integrity, honesty, and justice are values that a man should have. And here I stand, bearing them in mind and never to forget.”

As soon as she opened her mouth to speak, Principal Chen was surprised.

What a calm little girl. Facing such a serious matter, yet she did not look panicked at all.

“Yes, that is so. Those are the foundations making up a man. I am very pleased to hear and know that you always keep them in mind.” Although Principal Chen’s expression looked very grim, the way he looked at Ye Jian was entirely filled with encouragement. “Now, why don’t you tell me just what exactly happened.”

Every movement the little girl made and her eyes that were looking straight at him, on their own had a charm with a sense of trustworthiness and faithfulness.

Teacher Ke’s expression gradually turned dark, and she pouted to make her stand again, “Principal, no student would take the initiative to admit his or her mistake after making a mistake. Ye Jian…”

“Teacher Ke, even death row inmates are given an opportunity to speak before their sentence. This is your student and also a student of our school. Deputy Mayor, I’m sure even you do not wish for any misunderstandings in this matter.”

The serious-looking Principal Chen interrupted Teacher Ke’s words and switched his gaze onto Ye Zifan before speaking solemnly, “Students make mistakes, and the school will definitely ensure that they’re punished accordingly. However, we must definitely never wrong a student baselessly, especially for such a matter.”

“Thank you, sir, for giving me a chance to speak,” Ye Jian spoke timely and with manners. The corner of her eyes caught Ye Zifan discreetly pulling Sun Dongqing who had wanted to stand to speak. Her heart sneered slightly, but the words that came out from her mouth were clear and slow. “Firstly, I will definitely never admit to seducing the math teacher.”

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“As for when the math teacher received the confession, Teacher Ke, I handed in my paper together with Zhang Bin at two forty-five in the afternoon; walked down the school stairs at two fifty; headed to the field to find Ye Ying at two fifty-five; and fainted at some time around two fifty-eight.”

“However, the math teacher left the school with Zhang Bin at around three o’clock. Just from the time, Teacher Ke, there is no way for me to go and find the math teacher.”

Time, place, and witness… everything was listed clearly, making Principal Chen nod with approval. “Not too bad. Just from telling by the time, there’s truly no chance for you to do so. But student Ye Jian, what if it were before? What if it were done way before?”

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