Chapter 29: Grace Me With Your Ears

“That would be even more impossible,” Ye Jian laughed. Her healthy five facial features were naturally beautiful and enhanced with just a smile, like a pearl made out of sand. “I can list down all the places where I’ve been every day right here right now. Since the start of the school to a month later now, I can tell you clearly where I’ve been each and every day and what I did.”

Oh, that feather in her cap was really too much ah!

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Sun Dongqing could no longer contain herself and gave a cold sneer before rushing forward all of a sudden and running her mouth sharply, “This damned lass, your mouth must’ve become hard!” A palm hurtled towards Ye Jian. That was her habit —her habit which revealed itself when she was unhappy.

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Principal Chen was of military origin. Seeing this, he reacted swiftly. He slammed his palm mercilessly on the office desk, and ordered sternly, “Stop at once! You…” After the sound of the chair being dragged across the floor had been heard, he halted his speech and rose before walking away from his desk.

“Aunt, are you really going to make me confess to something I did not do?” Both of Ye Jian’s hands grabbed onto the back of a chair which she easily dragged in front of her to block against Sun Dongqing’s slap. She smiled and said, “Although a very powerful move, but in front of the principal, you still dare to do such a thing?”

Principal Chen, who walked away from his desk, had gestured to Ye Jian, indicating her to come over to his side before he spoke solemnly to Ye Zifan. “So this so-called good teaching that you have for her at home is something like this? Then I shall thank you for such an enlightenment.”

For not restraining his wife, he was indeed at fault by default.

But to think that this had resulted in Ye Jian to become even more defiant.

Something could not be done this time around, so a new plan would now have to be plotted.

Ye Zifan read Ye Jian’s face quiety before apologizing to Principal Chen with a smile, “For Principal to have seen such a scene, I apologize. This family member’s temper has always been like that —very explosive. Dongqing, please take a seat first, and let us finish listening to what our niece has to say.”

“There’s no need for anymore explanations. Instead of listening to me, it’s better to have some witnesses come forward.” Ye Jian ignored Ye Zifan’s warning gaze and smiled slightly. “Now, I may need to trouble Principal Chen a little.”

Interesting. Principal Chen was asked to casually state a date and have her tell him the things that had happened on that day. Now, that piqued his interest.

It was normal for someone to be able to vaguely remember what had happened in the week and remember what had happened in the past three days clearly.

But for someone to remember everything that happened within the month, what had been said, and what had been done… that was truly remarkable.

An extraordinary memory by itself could not clearly describe such an ability.

After being embarrassed by her own student, Teacher Ke simply sat down and sneered, “For someone who had never passed and who ranked last in class, don’t you think you’re boasting too shamelessly in front of the principal? Let’s just see how you’ll be able to live up to it!”

“Student Ye Jian, are you sure about this?” Putting away interest which he had on the girl who stood by him, the principal gave her a serious smile.

Ye Jian nodded briefly before giving a grin. “What I’ve said is true and is in no way false. Principal, please.” She even cupped her fist in her other hand, making Principal Chen laugh on the spot.

“Interesting. Then I shall pick a date,” the principal spoke after laughing. His face gradually returned back to being serious and he warned, “Student Ye Jian, if this is all a lie, then I’m afraid you might be put in a difficult position. You have to think carefully first.”

However, Principal Chen had actually wholeheartedly believed in her.

Seeing such a girl who still remained calm with an expression like the clear water of a river when faced against accusations and criticisms was enough to make him believe in her and in the fact that she was wronged.

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