Chapter 30: An Ability Which Defies the Heavens

He was also inclined to believe that the matter regarding someone seducing the teacher… there was indeed such a matter! However, it was definitely not Student Ye Jian.

On Sunday afternoon, there was still some time before the night self-study session. One after another, teachers were called into the office as students went and left. During this time, Teacher Ke’s face was as pale as a white piece of paper.

If it were just the first batch of students, she could still accuse Ye Jian of colluding with them. However, now that there were more batches after the first… there was no way she could do so!

“On that day during math class, you could not answer one of the questions and spoke to Yu Jing…” Ye Jian pronounced her words clearly as she spoke of what happened on 16th May. The people whom she ran into and what they had said—she narrated accordingly, “Student Yu Jing comforted you and said that the question then was truly difficult, so it was normal to not be able to solve the question…” before going on, “The school also had this small donation drive which sold beautiful butterfly hair clips, and she had wanted to purchase one to wear it on her birthday.”

Ye Jian’s voice was soft and shallow as she described what her juniors from class 4 had talked about while on their way to the canteen. Listening to her, the two girls were taken aback with their eyes wide open… They were both stunned.

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My goodness, my goodness ah… She…she…she…how did she even remember it so clearly!

The girl called Yu Jing pointed at Ye Jian, then pointed to herself, before looking at her classmate and stumbled, “You…you…you…this is too scary already. I, I don’t even remember what I had said on that day. You, you, you…my goodness, how were you born, ah, to be able to remember all these?”

It was not only her. The next few boys already could not believe what they were hearing and were repeatedly shouting in disbelief.

They all looked at the little girl who could recount everything word for word at the things even they had forgotten, but all it took was for her to walk past them, and she could already remember what she had seen and heard from them!

A boy cupped his fist in his palm and spoke in admiration, “Student, you’ve got us good!! You even remembered that, my goodness!”

A full two hours and a total of sixteen students were called in. Principal Chen had been left bewildered since the beginning after he had left his chair and until now.

The shocked face that he had kept looking straight at Ye Jian, and he shortly cut the student that he last called in, “Enough, the lot of you may leave.”

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The few remaining boys almost fled out of the office. Goodness gracious, that girl inside…where did such a head come from? What a surprising day! Even though she was just the same as everyone else with just a head, why did it seem as if she had ten brains in total!

My goodness! That memory was absolutely sick!

Holding onto a cup of water, Ye Jian gently took a few sips before smiling at the principal, “Do I still have to continue? There were a total of seventeen students which I recounted for. And to avoid any suspicions, I did not call any students from my class.”

“No need. I believe you.” Principal Chen’s heart was pounding from the astonishment as he looked at Ye Jian with an expression as if he had found a national treasure.

Even though he placed a lot of effort to make himself look calm, his eyes had already betrayed him and exposed his current mood, “To think that I didn’t even know our school had such a powerful being. Student Ye Jian, had all these few years been deliberate?”

Teacher Ke’s face was as pale as ash as she sat stunned with her two eyes already dulled.

And Ye Zifan was glaring fiercely at Sun Dongqing who, just like Teacher Ke, was also stunned. Still, because he was a public official, he was able to remain calm, “For this matter, it seems like my niece is innocent. Principal Chen, I hope…”

“Uncle, no need to hurry. The good show has just begun.” Ye Jian batted an eye at her uncle who was in a hurry to leave and spoke indifferently, “Just who was the one who seduced the teacher? The truth has not yet been revealed.”

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