Chapter 132: Becoming an Inner Disciple

Chapter 132: Becoming an Inner Disciple

The pinnacle of the rebirth realm.

Such a person is an extremely powerful existence in the Tianji sect, Wutian faction’s power isn’t weak at all. Perhaps only Qin Tian dared to reject the Wutian young master directly.
The strength of the Violent Sky faction truly is great, Qin Tian had some fear towards it.
However, there was no use joining the Wutian faction to seek for protection just because of this. If the Violent Sky faction really wanted to kill him, there was no use hiding anywhere.
Moreover, Qin Tian was determined to take the Tianji sect over.
One must know that he held the patriarch ring. In the future, not only the Violent Sky faction, even the entire sect would be his. Only, he needed to kill Long Xiaotian first. Once he’s dead, nothing else would be a problem.
What Violent Sky faction, Wutian faction. At that time, wouldn’t they all be under his command? Those that did not listen would be slapped to death.
Qin Tian’s ambition was huge, extremely huge……
With the Wutian young master gone, Elder Yin, seemingly as if had a big gain, stood up with difficulty. He stared at Qin Tian full of killing intent. Still, he did not understand what Qin Tian was thinking, for rejecting that young master and not grabbing hold of such an opportunity, was there something wrong with his brain?
By entering the Wutian faction, he would be able to protect his life. Since he did not, he won’t be able to live much longer.

The elder narrowed his eyes and spoke, “Don’t think that because the Wutian faction is willing to stick its head out to help you, I can’t touch you. The Violent Sky faction is like the moon while the Wutian faction is like a star, not even our opponent. Once our young master breaks through to the Void Piercing realm, Wutian can wait for death.”
Both are at the pinnacle of the rebirth realm, but by comparing the strength of their cultivations, Violent Sky faction Liu Shuanghan is stronger. Although this was the case, he did not dare to start an all-out war.

Hence, the one that breaks through to the Void Piercing realm first is the victor.

A mountain cannot hold two tigers. Sooner or later, Liu Shuanghan and Wutian will have a war, if Long Xiaotian does not appear to stop it……
Qin Tian laughed and said, “Elder Yin, why not save your strength? You are already exhausted trying to withstand Wutian young master’s spiritual sense. Without any Qigong, what can you use to deal with me?”
Not only was Elder Yin, the six rank nine spirit refining realm guards were exhausted. Now, as long as Qin Tian show a few moves, none of them would be able to fight back.
Without Qigong, one would be vulnerable even with a profound cultivation base.
From the time Wutian young master appeared, Qin Tian kept taking note of Elder Yin’s aura with his law of aura. Currently, he was like a tiger without his teeth. Not to mention flying into rage, even standing up normally was just him pretending.

The elder’s face sank, not expecting him to be seen through. “How did you know?”
“How I find out isn’t important. What’s important is that I want to exchange for an inner court qualifications now. Would Elder Yin be kind enough to help?” Qin Tian smiled maliciously at Elder Yin. Suddenly, he moved and grabbed him by his neck. A black flame aura was released, revolving around the elder’s arm.
Qin Tian was amazed. The godly dark art was perfectly created for him. The darkness force integrated with his Dantian completely, allowing him to be able to release a frightening force immediately.

“Darkness force, you…how could you have known the godly dark art?” Stunned, Elder Yin glared at Qin Tian.
The godly dark art was bestowed upon Wang Xie when he broke into the ascension realm. On that day, Elder Yin was also there.
It is a unique book in the Tianji sect, no one else had it.
The darkness force Qin Tian released was definitely that of the godly dark art. Elder Yin was clear about its aura.
“Really knowledgeable ah.” Qin Tian did not expect Elder Yin to be able to see through that he cultivated in that ability and was slightly taken aback. However, no change occurred on his face, “Since you know about the godly dark art, shouldn’t you be clear about its strength? Want to test it out?”
The darkness force evolved from the godly dark art contained a powerful devouring might. It was as if a black hole, one that can devour all. The items devoured goes to a completely unknown place.
However, there was something one can be sure about. The things devoured shall never dream about coming out again.
That is the godly dark art, Hades darkness force’s terror.
Elder Yin shuddered. His Dantian was currently empty, unable to activate even a bit of Qigong. Even though he was a rank three ascension realm cultivator with the powerful ascension force, without Qigong, he is only a tiny snake to be oppressed by Qin Tian.
“Exchange…I’ll exchange……”
Elder Qin’s face turned purple in anger, but there was nothing he could do.
The darkness force is very strong. Qin Tian did not understand it well and this was his first time using. However, looking at the elder’s fearful expression, he knew that the art isn’t just so simple.
It was far more than being not simple.
Violent Sky faction has twelve supervisors, each cultivating in an extremely powerful ability. When the twelve of them attack together, a frightening power would be released. This was actually Violent Sky young master’s trump card for killing Wutian, only to have Qin Tian breaking it.
From another perspective, Qin Tian could be considered to have return Wutian young master a favor.
“At least you understand your situation.” Qin Tian took out his black plate. “100 000 merits. Take out more and you’ll see what happens.”
Elder Qin’s temperament was no more. As for the guards, they were trying their best to regain their Qigong. Their heads were lowered.
Needing to submits to a rank six spirit refining realm cultivator, the elder felt his rage grow. If looks could kill, Qin Tian would have died thousands of times.
Not long after, Elder Yin took out a jade plate, on it was carved two words ‘inner disciple’.
After receiving the jade plate, Qin Tian kept his darkness force, and sneered, “Today, Laozi will let you off. Next time if it were to happen again, it won’t end like this.”
After he spoke what he wanted to convey, he left the achievement hall.
Or else once the elder regained some Qigong, he would not be able to leave.
Having received the inner court qualifications and becoming an inner disciple, Qin Tian was overjoyed. He could now accept tasks regarding spatial worlds. He now needs to break through to the ascension realm as fast as possible and ‘repay’ Elder Yin.
He returned to his River gate courtyard, tidied up a bit and left for the inner court.
On the way, he thought of Yi Qianhan. After a moment of hesitation, he moved towards the Earth gate.
Lin Yan and his group are all his friends. Saying his farewell is a must.

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“Lin Yan, you’ve won quite an amount of merits in the war of power, shouldn’t you share some with us?”
A few Heaven gate disciples surrounded Lin Yan.
“It’s alright if you don’t too. Ice fairy, you’ll have to suffer some injustice and accompany us brothers for some fun.”

The few Heaven gate disciples knew Yang Han and Lin Yan had some grievances. They wanted to use this chance to bully and came today to find trouble.
Yu Qianhan trembled as killing intent rose.
“Qianhan, endure.” Lin Yan gashed his teeth as he said. He then stared at those men and asked in anger, “Did Yang Han send you?”
Upon hearing the words ‘Yang Han’, Yi Qianhan could no longer hold herself back. A sword appeared in her hand. She gave it a wave and pointed it at one of the Heaven gate disciples, “Go away!”
“Yo ho. Your temper isn’t small ah. Wait for Laozi to have you ride on your knees, then let’s see whether you will still have a temper.” A white robe disciple flung his sleeves and smiled lewdly.
“You’re going too far.”
Changfeng, Fang Kui, and Xue Dingshan readied themselves to attack.….
“Courting death.” The white robe disciple snorted, “Spirit gathering trashes dare to act arrogant in front of me.”
A figure condensed behind him as he revealed his spirit refining strength. At the same time, Lin Yan erupted.
However, he was only a rank two spirit refining cultivator, how could he be that disciple’s opponent, a rank six spirit refining realm cultivator?
The five of them worked together, only to be defeated in one move.

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“Haha……” The white robe disciple stepped on Lin Yan’s chest, “You useless piece of trash.”
“Brothers, help me bind Yi Qianhan up and let me do it first. Watch me, Laozi wants to see whether she would still be this ice cold when she is riding on her knees, haha……”
In the darkness of a street came a man. Killing intent surged……

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