Chapter 131: Wutian Young Master

Sinisterly, he spoke with a cold smile hung on his face, “Kid, by going against the Violent Sky faction, there is only death ahead.”

Without any qualms, he brought out the Violent Sky faction directly.
Qin Tian felt his heart tighten and cursed, “The Violent Sky faction is taking things too far.”
Ever since he stepped out of the war of power location, he was tailed after. When he entered the achievement hall, the elder secretly started to guess what Qin Tian wanted. No matter what he wanted goods to exchange for, there would be none available. However, he did not expect Qin Tian to want to exchange for the inner court qualifications.
“Become an inner court disciple?” The elder snorted, “In your dreams.”
More importance is placed on inner disciples than outer disciples.
It is simpler to kill an outer disciple than an inner disciple. In the war of power, Qin Tian gained much fame which led to a huge loss to the faction. If he wasn’t killed, the faction’s prestige would be damaged.
Moreover, Wang Xie, one of the twelve supervisors died in his hands, making them lose face. So how could he be allowed to live on?
Using his authority to make a disturbance on purpose was all just to force Qin Tian to a dead end.
With the truth illuminated, Qin Tian calmed down instead, though the anger inside him did not subside. He looked at the elder with his eyes narrowed, “Is it enough if I don’t exchange?”
“Don’t exchange?” The elder started to laugh out loud, “Even if you don’t want to exchange anymore, you must still hand over your black plate and accept the investigation.”
Although Qin Tian had not joined the sect for a long time, he knew no one got the authority to investigate another’s black plate. Investigating the channels of one’s merits was even more so. The elder kept provoking him and his rage was indeed stirred up. If this wasn’t the achievement hall, he would have killed the elder with no hesitation.
“Going too far.” The Qigong inside him activated in silence, prepared to be released.
To be able to become the outer court achievement hall elder, his cultivation would not be low. As a rank three ascension realm cultivator, the elder was confident that he could kill Qin Tian in one move. Seeing his angered face, the elder’s smiled became bigger, “So what if I force you? For provoking the Violent Sky faction, you should’ve been prepared to die.”
“Someone, search him.”
The six achievement hall guards are peak spirit refining cultivators. Along with the rank three ascension realm elder, Qin Tian’s chances of victory was zero.
Anxious, he frowned and pondered with great speed.

Today, his black plate could be snatched away, and he could be killed tomorrow. Enduring it is not a way, then the only way was to kill.
With him having just broken through the rank six spirit refining realm, his Qigong was recovered. Although he could not kill the elder, escaping from the hall was not impossible.
His Qigong rose as he moved.
Seeing what was happening, the elder laughed in his heart, “Youths are youths ah, unable to control their anger. Want to run? Haha, you will undoubtedly die if you run…..”
Once Qin Tian escaped and the elder casually put some charges on him, he would never be able to return to the sect. He could only hide and avoid the chase of the disciplinary hall.
If he doesn’t run, he would have to hand over his black plate and his 240 000 merits would have none remaining.
If he runs, the elder could just casually press some charges against him. At that time, he would not be able to defend himself and will face some extreme punishment.
Qin Tian had no choice but to admit that the elder’s venomous scheme truly is brilliant. No matter what his choice was, the loss would be terrifying.
Staring coldly at the elder, his killing intent arises, but no idea appeared in his mind. He had no power in the sect, even if he did escape from the achievement hall, what about in the future?
The motive of his coming was to kill Long Xiaotian.
By escaping now, the entire Tianji sect will treat him as their enemy, destroying all of his plans.
Vexed, just as he was about to take out his black plate, claps traveled up from the level below.

“Good, good, good. Elder Yin is indeed Elder Yin, truly marvelous.”
From below came a man, imposing yet graceful. Every step he made released a pressure that made others tremble in fear. The sharp eyes of his swept pass Qin Tian, making him feel as if his soul had been peered into.
Qin Tian felt naked in front of him.
Elder Yin’s face sank. “Wutian young master……”

The Wutian young master walked up slowly and glared at him, “Elder Yin, which bastard gave you the authority to investigate a disciple’s black plate?”
After the words were spoken, Elder Yin felt his body turn cold and his legs trembling.
Qin Tian could feel the immense pressure within his words which was only aimed at the elder. The shocking aura caused Qin Tian to sigh, “Such a profound cultivation.”
Cold sweat rolled down the elder’s face while the achievement hall guards’ couldn’t help but take a huge step back. They did not dare to place their sight on the young master’s eyes.
“Or was it you who gave it?” An eyebrow of his rose and a powerful aura surged out. Elder Yin fell to his knees suddenly, unable to move.
With purely his spiritual sense, the rank three ascension realm Elder Yin was forced to fall on his knees. The Wutian young master should have already reached the pinnacle of the rebirth realm.
“Wu…tian…young master……Violent Sky faction’s business…are you going to interfere? Violent Sky… young master..will not let you off easily……” Panting like a bull, though his rage had reached the sky, he did not dare to reveal it. However, he was, in his heart, cursing the eighteen generations of the Wutian young master.”
With a cold snort, his spiritual sense exploded out.
Elder Yin was immediately pressured face down on the ground. His face was pale and he wasn’t breathing properly like he was going to die at the next moment.
“Using the Violent Sky young master to pressure me?” Wutian young master’s face changed as killing intent was released.
Using the last bit of his strength, the elder breathes out, “Don’t dare, don’t dare……”
“Dog slave, I presume you won’t even dare.” The Wutian young master kept his spiritual sense and looked at Qin Tian, “Are you willing to join the Wutian faction?”

“If you want to face the Violent Sky faction, join us. Only by joining our faction would the Violent Sky young master not dare to do anything against you.”

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“What about it? Qin Tian, if not for me looking highly upon you, I won’t have appeared personally.”
The passionate gaze of the young master startled Qin Tian. When he thought about it, he understood why everything looked so coincidental.

Although Qin Tian did not know much about the Wutian faction, there was something he was clear about. It was like fire and water with the Violent Sky faction.
The situation among the two factions, Qin Tian did not want to be mixed into…not that he could even if he wanted to.
Since he provoked the Violent Sky faction, the Violent Sky young master would naturally go and deal with him.

By joining the Wutian faction, although there will be a short period of protection, a storm will definitely arise in the future.
And he may become a cannon folder.
From the bottom of his heart, Qin Tian did not want to join the Wutian faction. Even though the Wutian young master invited him personally, he did not want to. By joining, many annoying problems would occur too.

“If I say ‘no’, would you kill me?”
Qin Tian’s reply shocked the young master.
Never had he invited someone personally before. Not once did he imagine that his first invitation would be rejected. A strange smile appeared on his face as he asked, “Are you not afraid of the Violent Sky faction finding you trouble?”
“Afraid!” Qin Tian did not conceal, “However, on the slow journey of the Dao, one cannot seek shelter because of the fear in one’s heart, cease to struggle and you cease to live. The Violent Sky faction is only a powerhouse in Tianji sect. When one set one’s sight on the entire Tianyuan continent, what does this small faction amount to?”

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Every word and phrase of his stunned the young master. He never expected Qin Tian’s ambition to be so humongous.
However, he laughed in the end.
“In the future, find me if you have any problems. Remember, anything!”
After that, Wutian young master vanished.

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