Chapter 63.5: Intermission

[Ferdila’s Scene]

Ferdila: …

Ferdila: …….

Ferdila: ………

Ferdila’s Wife: Ferdila.

Ferdila: …huh?

Ferdila’s Wife: What’s wrong? You’ve been like this ever since you came back from the casino.

Ferdila: I…

Ferdila: I’m just frustrated.

Ferdila’s Wife: Oh…if it’s about our son, just let it go…that beast had it coming to him sooner or later anyway. If someone had to be blamed, it would be you for spoiling him.

Ferdila’s Wife: At least he didn’t die to some nobody…after spending a day brooding over it, I’ve finally come to terms with this.

Ferdila’s Wife: Just look at the daughter I raised, she’s at least several times more competent than your son.

Ferdila: Yes yes yes…no no no.

Ferdila’s Wife: Is it a yes or a no…

Ferdila: I’m not frustrated about that, something happened at the casino today.

Ferdila’s Wife: Did you lose money again? You aren’t some gambling expert so just forget about the money. As long as you have fun it’s alright.

Ferdila: Today…the Cold Wind Empress showed up.

Ferdila’s Wife: Huh? Who?

Ferdila’s Wife: In the eyes of Skill and the neighboring countries, she’s an existence akin to the Sword Soul, Sevile Kuine.

Ferdila’s Wife: ……

Ferdila’s Wife: So you gambled with her? How much did you lose?

Ferdila: 2…

Ferdila: …2.5 million

Ferdila’s Wife: …

Ferdila’s Wife: ……

Ferdila’s Wife: Come over and take off your pants.

Ferdila: ……

[End of Ferdila’s Scene]

[Mo Chuan’s Scene]

Alvin: Wine…

Alvin: Another bottle…

Mo Chuan: …

Mo Chuan: I bet his body is mostly made out of wine instead of water.

Mo Chuan: Kick—

Alvin: Guruguruguru-


Mo Chuan: Hey! Don’t roll onto the chest!

Mo Chuan: Don’t you know what’s in there? That’s the trophy we risked our lives to bring back, it’s the linchpin of Commander Breman’s negotiations!

Mo Chuan: Hmph…I bet if you saw that giant worm, you would’ve peeing in your pants.

Alvin: …

Alvin: Blergh—-

Mo Chuan: —hey no puking!

Mo Chuan: Damn it, where’s the medicine? I didn’t agree to cleaning up puke!

Alvin: Blergh…

Alvin: *scurrying*…rub rub rub.

Mo Chuan: Hey my leg fur isn’t your towel! Stop rubbing yourself on it!

Mo Chuan: Kick!!

Alvin: Owww—-


Roll roll roll….*smash*

Mo Chuan: …

Mo Chuan: …….

Mo Chuan: ………

Alvin: Oh—!

Alvin: …hmmm?

Alvin: —what’s going on?!

Alvin: What am I doing under the serving counter!? Why are all the plates smashed??

Alvin: Why….without all those plates how am I going to prepare for dinner tonight!!

Alvin: …Mo Chuan, did you do this?

Mo Chuan: …

Mo Chuan: If you don’t mind, you can wipe you mouth off with my fur.

[End of Mo Chuan’s Scene ]

[Lee Sole’shot’s Scene]

Lee Sole’shot: Yo.

Bailey: …

Bailey: Who are you again?

Lee Sole’shot: Don’t be so cold, didn’t I save you a few days ago?

Bailey: You’re the who shot an arrow through that person’s head?

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Lee Sole’shot: Of course, these things(arrows) aren’t just for show. I’m gonna be in charge of saving you again today.

Bailey: The one who saved me was Mister Seasonal Wolf. You don’t look like a seasonal wolf to me.

Lee Sole’shot: ……

Lee Sole’shot: So you’re into manbeasts huh, your tastes are pretty heavy….

Bailey: —Screw you! Kick—

Lee Sole’shot: Oww—-!!

Lee Sole’shot: ……

Bailey: ….??

Lee Sole’shot: Hehe…

Bailey: *spit* what’s with that disgusting smile on your face…

Lee Sole’shot: Oh me…it’s just been a long while since I was bullied by someone…

Lee Sole’shot: That kick between my legs…it made me remember those times again…

Bailey: ……

Lee Sole’shot: Those fellows—ah I want to say it! I really want to tell you all about what they did to me! But my wish ability is preventing me–

Lee Sole’shot: There’s this frenzy within me…I want to move…I want to take revenge…the unwillingness…

Lee Sole’shot: —I want to shoot my load!!!

Bailey: AHHHH—-

Naysis Ferne: Stab—!

Lee Sole’shot: —!!

Lee Sole’shot: ……

Lee Sole’shot: You…

Naysis Ferne: Even though I stabbed your thigh, I made sure to avoid your artery, at least I think so.

Naysis Ferne: Let’s see how you shoot now.

Lee Sole’shot: I wasn’t…talking about that kind of shooting…

Lee Sole’shot: —collapse.

Naysis Ferne: Are you alright, Bailey?

Bailey: ……

[End of Lee Sole’shot’s Scene]

[Halfmoon Leak’age’s Scene]

Halfmoon Leak’age: ……

Carmen: ……

Halfmoon Leak’age: Look here lady…

Halfmoon Leak’age: How many streets does this make already? Shouldn’t you be sick of following me?

Carmen: There’s no end to “guarding against the future”.

Halfmoon  Leak’age: Huh?

Carmen: Your appearance, your aura, they reek of danger.

Carmen: The streets of Reitdarke’s Corridor aren’t too safe recently. As the servant of the royal family of Reitdarke, I have an obligation to look after you.

Halfmoon Leak’age: …exactly how do I look dangerous to you?

Carmen: I can see into your heart…there’s a wound in it.

Carmen: It’s a wound that could trigger the murderous desires within you.

Carmen: Even though you’ve already moved on, that wound is still within you.

Carmen: It’s still a potentially lethal hazard.

Halfmoon Leak’age: …

Halfmoon Leak’age: ……

Halfmoon Leak’age: How did you find out?

Carmen: Actually…I might just be able to help you.

Halfmoon leak’age: Huh?

Carmen: As long as you’re willing to reveal it, I might just be able to repair it.

Carmen: If I’m able to get rid of this danger, then there’s no longer a need to follow you.

Halfmoon Leak’age: …is that so?

Carmen: Mhm. That’s what I think.

Halfmoon Leak’age: ……

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Halfmoon Leak’age: Alright then.

Halfmoon Leak’age: —if I don’t get this Traveller’s Time fixed before returning…my friends are going to give me hell for it.

Carmen: —-hmm. It just so happens I can fix that as well. Seems like I won’t have to see you get beat up by your friends.

[End of Halfmoon Leak’age’s Scene]

[One’day High’s Scene]

One’day High: It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Master Three’floral Dawn. Even though this is the first time we’ve met, your fame and power precede you.

Three’floral Dawn: You’re too kind Young Man. With a countryman like you as our contact point, I’m sure our dealings will be a lot easier.

One’day High: Truthfully, Breman didn’t give me the details of your dealings yet, I’m just here to make your acquaintance.

One’day High: And…enquire about a certain matter.

Three’floral Dawn: If it’s a countryman’s question, I don’t mind answering it as long it doesn’t involve any trade secrets.

One’day High: Among your subordinates, did you use to have a man called “Nine Heavens”?

Three’floral Dawn: Nine Heavens?

Three’floral Dawn: I remember that name, however he has already left the financial circle in Numbers.

Three’floral Dawn: He earned enough money for his Sacred Rite so he left for Skills to be a fighter.

Three’floral Dawn: What about him? Are you guys acquaintances?

One’day High: …yes.

One’day High: Because of him, I was driven out of Numbers.

Three’floral Dawn: Was there such a matter?

One’day High: Honestly, it wasn’t some shady matter either. It’s just, my calculations were inferior to his. After being toppled by him, I wasn’t able to recover within the country.

Three’floral Dawn: If that’s the case, you used to be on the opposing side?

One’day High: I guess you could say that.

Three’floral Dawn: ……

Three’floral Dawn: However, you’re now a soldier under Breman. Plus after a year outside the financial circle, it’ll be hard for you to make a comeback, especially given all the changes that could happen in such a long time.

One’day High: I never wanted to return; I just want to collect an old debt.

Three’floral Dawn: Your eyes…you seem pretty dead set on this.

One’day High: That’s right. Half of my life has been ruined, in order to make up for that how could I possibly waver so easily.

Three’floral Dawn: However he’s no longer working in the financial circle; how are you going to take your revenge then?

One’day High: I just have to make him experience a failure of the same magnitude as mine.

Three’floral Dawn: Such anger…youngsters these days.

One’day High: I’ve brought up an unpleasant topic, I apologize for that. It’s just that meeting another countryman made me remember some matters regarding my hometown.

One’day High: Please forgive my rudeness.

Three’floral Dawn: How about putting this matter aside for now?

One’day High: …that…will be difficult.

Three’floral Dawn: —I’ll treat you to a round in the flower district.

One’day High: —let’s go!

[End of One’day High’s Scene]

[Di Qi Ju’s Scene]

Di Qi Ju: …

Di Qi Ju: ……

Di Qi Ju: ………

Di Qi Ju: The iron slag clogged up the toilet……

[End of Di Qi Ju’s Scene]



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