Chapter 130: Rage

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for killing Wang Xie, experience +500 000, Qigong value +110 000, survival value +10000……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for level upping, current rank is rank six spirit refining realm……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for gaining the ‘godly dark arts’. Accept and learn?”

“Accept.” Qin Tian agreed with no hesitation. His brain would pretty much be short circuit if he chose not to learn the immortal grade ability.
With Wang Xie dead, Qin Tian was overjoyed.
Other than him reaching rank six spirit refining realm, he had also gained an immortal grade ability ‘godly dark arts’. The might of the devouring darkness power was too shocking as if it was the darkness energy of Hades emerged from hell.
If not for the fear in Wang Xie’s heart and had much of his ascension force inside his body to defend against the blood shadows, the godly dark arts would be able to show its true strength. Qin Tian would not have survived.
Godly darkness art, an immortal grade ability. Cultivators can draw Hades’s darkness force from hell, extremely powerful.
With Wang Xie cultivating the godly darkness art, he was able to break through to the ascension realm before the age of hundred. If not for the darkness force, he would never be able to do so.
However, after breaking through for just a few months and becoming a supervisor after great difficulties, he was killed by Qin Tian. Truly a tragic end.
After killing Wang Xie, the purple flame aura dissipated. Qin Tian stood proudly above. His majestic aura and profound look made numerous female disciples scream, shouting his name……
“Qin Tian! ! !”
In the VIP room, Yang Han gashed his teeth. Anger rushed through his mind. His body trembled and his eyes were bloodshot. As he stared at Qin Tian, he felt his heart burnt. The feeling made him agitated, “Wang Xie, you too are a trash.”
“Wait for it……your days are numbered.” A dark light flashed across his eyes as he released his killing intent, disappearing from the room……

“F**k me, Brother Qin Tian is too powerful.”
“The enclosed stage was almost broken by him. This seems to be the first time right?”
“Strong, too strong. Who is the man wearing black?”

Chang Feng and Fang Kui started to converse enthusiastically. Their gaze towards Qin Tian became passionate.
Lin Yan stood in a daze, trembling in agitation. In less than a year, he had dumped them so far behind, becoming powerful beyond measure. As he thought about his own cultivation, his heart turned calm suddenly and his eyes were firm. Gazing towards the sky, he made a decision.
The tense frown of Yi Qianhan finally loosened after seeing that Qin Tian was still alive. Unknowingly, she chuckled. Seemingly as if the ice had melted, it caused the people around to be stunned.
The judge entered the stage. He spared a glance at Wang Xie and sighed. “You’ve stirred up trouble.”
Naturally, Qin Tian knew that he had provoked the Violent Sky faction. His life in the sect would no longer be easy. However, a plan was long formed. He would exchange for the inner court qualifications immediately, get a task and find a secluded area and level up in silence. He would then return after reaching the ascension realm. At that time, even if the Violent Sky faction wants to touch him, it wouldn’t be so easy.
Ascension realm disciples are placed with great importance.
Even the eight pillars would curry favor with him at that time. All he needed to do was join one of them and the Violent Sky faction would not be able to touch him easily.

After saying his thoughts, the old cultivator lets out another long sigh and left the stage.
Qin Tian laughed.
The Violent Sky faction was able to become so arrogant, control the registration of new disciples and the war of power because the hearts of others are fearful. On the journey of the Dao, if one’s heart contains fear, how could one become accomplished in the boundless Dao?
He walks the Dao of killing. Without killing, there is no Dao.
Whether it is the Violent Sky faction or Long Xiaotian, to him, they were just stumbling blocks to his Dao of killing.


After the war of power ended, Qin Tian and Lin Yan’s group had a few words before parting.

Holding onto 240 000 merit points, he felt his spirits rise, yet heavy too.

At dusk, Qin Tian hurriedly entered the achievement hall and went towards the third level.

The outer court achievement hall’s third level is the huge exchange venue for those with more than 50000 merits.
Just as he stepped inside, an old man welcomed him full of smiles. He bowed and asked respectfully, “Sir, what would you like to exchange for?”

The respectful voice of his felt wonderful, making Qin Tian feel comfortable. The life of a rich man truly is great ah.

Qin Tian walked around. The old man followed with a smile still maintained, not anxious or impatient. Those who could enter the third level all would have had their identity checked. He was not worried that Qin Tian did not have enough merits.

“May I ask where can I exchange for the inner court qualifications?” After walking around, he did not find it and asked.
The old man was taken aback. Using merits to exchange for the inner court qualification was a huge transaction. His smile became much more amiable as if he was looking at his father, “Sir, do wait a moment. The exchange for the inner court qualification needs to be done personally by the achievement hall’s elder.”

Qin Tian nodded and replied, “O, then may I trouble you to invite the elder out.”

“Of course.” The old cultivator bowed again and left, entering a small room by the side.

Qin Tian sat down and waited patiently.

After a period of time, the door opened and a mouse eyed skinny old cultivator walked out, laughing. When he reached Qin Tian, he gave him a glance and asked coldly, “Is it you that wanted to exchange for the inner court qualification?” His voice was filled with disdain, seemingly as if looking down on him.

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Qi Tian stood up. “Yes.”

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“Hehe, do you have enough merits?” The old cultivator sneered and sized up Qin Tian with his mouse-like eyes. The disdain on his face became bigger.

Qin Tian was baffled. His merits had already been checked before he entered the third level. The elder should have known, yet why ask the obvious?

Though angered, he did not reveal it and replied with a smile, “Reporting to elder, my merits are enough to exchange for the inner court qualification.”

“O? Then that is good.” With his thumb inside his nostrils, he continued, “Say, where did you get your merits?”

“E?” Qin Tian was in a daze. He stared at the elder, not understanding what he meant.

“What? You can’t understand my words? Tell me where your merits came from?” The elder roared as he glared at Qin Tian.

“There seemed to be no need for you to know right?” Qin Tian’s expression changed. If someone goes a mile for him, he would return with ten miles. The forceful pressure of the elder made him unhappy, his tone became harder.

“You little River gate disciple dare to speak like this to me, it seems like you’ve already lived too long.” Suddenly, he started to shout, “I am suspecting that the merits you gained are from dubious channels. Please hand me your black plate and accept investigation.”

“F**k.” Qin Tian cursed in rage.
“You dare to curse me?” The elder snorted. “Someone, catch him. To dare to curse the achievement hall’s elder, kid, you seems like you’ve turned stup*d.”

Six people from below rushed up and surrounded Qin Tian. The strength of each and everyone of theirs was huge.

Flames of anger rose……

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