Chapter 129: Wang Xie, Dead!

The might contained within the thousand evil aura was very great.

After being absorbed by the heavenly demon Qin Tian, the power of the blood shadows increased by folds.
Wang Xie’s frown became like a fried dough twist.
Never had he thought that Qin Tian could transform into a demon and even cultivated in such powerful demonic arts. From his understanding, the blood shadow art is an unparalleled ability of the demon race which was lost for ages. As for how Qin Tian could get, it was no longer important now.
With ten thousand blood shadows inside him, Wang Xie immediately gathered his ascension force to protect him. As long as he could guard it, he would have the chance of living on.
The blackish green flame aura in the surroundings was absorbed.

“Peng, Peng, Peng……”
Explosions rang continuously inside him.
Wang Xie’s face turned more pale with every explosion. Glaring at Qin Tian, the rage in his heart grew. However, he was in no position to cause any harm to Qin Tian. He needed to focus all of his concentration on covering his insides, not daring to be distracted.
The power of the blood shadows’ explosions was too huge.
Hundreds of exploding blood shadows had already caused his internal organs to be in immense pain. If not for his ascension force, he would be a goner.
For the result of hundreds of blood shadows to be like this, what would happen with the remaining nine thousand? A thought appeared in his mind – would it be possible for him to endure until the end?
As the enclosed stage was covered in purple flame aura, no one outside could see what was occurring.
Seeing the agony Wang Xie was experiencing, Qin Tian revealed a cold smile, “Isn’t it uncomfortable and painful?”
“Rest assured, very soon, it will no longer be painful.”
When he is down, want his life. Killing a beaten dog was something Qin Tian’s good at.
Wang Xie’s face turned green. Just as he wanted to roar, the explosion continued, making his body trembled in pain.

“Carry on with your arrogance ah. F**k you, Laozi hate you d*gsh*t cultivators that don’t put others in your eyes. Why not see how I kill you?” Suddenly, Qin Tian leaped and the purple flame aura behind him condensed into many purple sword lights. They surrounded Wang Xie, emitted a boundless majestic feeling.
“Immortal rank ability?”
“How could it be? You’ve only joined the Tianji not too long ago, how could you have the qualifications to acquire it?”
Wang Xie did not dare to believe the sight in front of him. Terror grew within him.

“Didn’t Yang Han tell you about it?” Qin Tian inquired while guessing whether he was under the instruction of Yang Han.
If this was the case, he would need to be even more careful in the future.
Even ascension realm cultivators follow his command. This shows what his position was in the Violent Sky faction.
Wang Xie’s facial muscles twitched, “Yang Han you son of a bit*h, to actually lie to me. Wait for it, when Laozi gets out, Laozi will definitely to let you off!”
It was indeed so!
Qin Tian frowned, stunned.
Yang Han’s authority was so huge?
Qin Tian snorted and the seven lore formation moved. Every sword light contained the power of the sea of purgatory, with each of them wielding a similar might. It was like a huge sword formation.
“Seven lore formation!”
“Break for me!”
The purple flame aura around his hand was set in motion, causing the seven lore formation to activate. From seven directions, they strike towards Wang Xie.
Before it came close, Wang Xie could already feel its ferociousness. Cursing loudly, a part of the ascension force used to defend against the blood shadows was removed, forming a blackish green screen that covered him.
Wang Xie had only been in the ascension realm for a short period of time. His control over his ascension force was not as proficient as Yang Zhan, thus although he was a rank one ascension realm cultivator, his ascension force was not dense.

By removing half of it, the blood shadows were able to deal more damage.
A dog forced into a dead end would jump the wall, what’s more, a high and mighty Wang Xie?
Wang Xie could no longer endure. Being forced to such an extent, the rage had already seeped into his heart. He glared at Qin Tian and his blackish green eyes emitted a cold radiance

The mantle was torn apart, revealing the true self.
His body was as thin as firewood (thin ones), like a human skeleton.

The bones could be seen clearly. His body glowed with a dark light, shrouded in a dark aura.
“Darkness force?!
Qin Tian’s heart tightened. Propelling out his Qigong madly, he controlled the seven lore formation to strike Wang Xie’s ascension force repeatedly.
At the same time, Qin Tian secretly checked his remaining Qigong.
His heart sank and he decided to take a gamble.
“Sky Piercing Lightning art.”
A hundred thousand Qigong value vanished. The purple flame aura rose and suddenly, thunder roared. Under Qin Tian’s command, the stage brightened.
Wang Xie grinned wickedly. His face darkened as he shouted, “Dark Revolution, devour everything, destroy……”
“Indeed the darkness force!”
Qin Tian was taken aback. With his eyes wide open, he released all of his remaining Qigong, “Laozi doesn’t believe such a great move cannot kill you. F**k yourself and die!”
A destructive might descended,
The huge power struck the enclosed stage continuously. A white light enveloped the glass cover, trying to prevent the fall of it, only to dim soon. An overwhelming power escaped out, forming huge wind gales that strike towards the grandstand mercilessly. The entire place was in grave danger……
The judge frowned.
He raised his hands and summoned two bunch of light which fixed the cracks immediately.
No one had imagined that the strength of the judge was so unfathomable.
With the stage fixed, the trembling stopped, causing many disciples to be relieved.

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However, to them, the fixing of the stage wasn’t important. What’s important was the result.

In the enclosed stage.
Qin Tian leaned against the glass cover panting like a cow. His face was pale and there was a trace of lingering fear in his heart, “The ascension force is just too powerful.”
The power of the devouring darkness force was just too great.
The demon mode ended and Qin Tin returned to his original form. If not for the Heavenly Dragon Form scripture protecting him, he would have been devoured by the darkness force. Staring at Wang Xie not far away, he let out a heavy breath and advanced full of killing intent.
At this point in time, Wang Xie was not well off either.
On the ground, the bones of the bony body of his twitched without an end. As the figure of Qin Tian grew bigger, his eyes wavered and were extremely fearful. Struggling hard, he tried to stand but to no avail. He had become a fish on a chopping board, completely vulnerable.
“You can’t kill me, can’t. The Violent Sky faction won’t let you off, Violent Sky young master will definitely kill you……”
“I am one of the twelve supervisors, you can’t kill me……”
He started to stutter as the figure of death moved closer.
“By not killing you, Laozi’s time spent today would be wasted.”
“By not killing you, how can I be worthy of myself?”

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The five cores in his dantian replenished his Qigong. After resting for awhile, with his Qigong having a bit recovered, a spear condensed on his hand. With a cold smile, he inserted it down……
Wang Xie, dead.
Big haul!
The system issued a series of prompts, putting a smile on Qin Tian’s face.

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