Chapter 56: Excitement


The camp’s training ground are full of people watching the fight.  They finally understand what ‘an expert meeting his equal’ means.  The fight is too intense; too exciting.

When Han Yi Xiao reaches the field, one of the soldiers who saw him wanted to announce his arrival, but he stops that soldier and simply watches the fight in silence.

After a lot of strikes later, Chi Cheng starts to feel worn out.  Bai Jiu, on the other hand is getting even faster, her moves are unpredictable.

Han Yi Xiao secretly order one of his people to bring two horses over.  Seeing the horses, Bai Jiu immediately exclaims, “Since the Deputy General is from the cavalry camp, you must be really good at horse-back riding.  Why don’t we compare our horse-riding abilities?”  She flies over and settles herself on top of one of the horses.

Chi Cheng is not willing to be outdone.  He flies and sits on the other horse and the battle continues.

However, Bai Jiu’s martial arts moves are really weird, Chi Cheng has never seen this before.  After a couple of strikes later, Bai Jiu pushes Chi Cheng off his horse.

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One must know that for a cavalry soldier, being pushed out of his horse is the biggest humiliation they can get.

Chi Cheng’s face turns ugly.  Remembering the bold words he uttered just now, Chi Cheng feels like he does not have the face to face the crowd.

Bai Jiu laughs as she asks Chi Cheng, “Deputy General, do you still want to duel with me?”’

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Chi Cheng sighs, “General Bai, you have won.  I have lost.  I will honor our deal and leave the camp.”  He turns around to leave.  By addressing her as General Bai, he has acknowledged her ability as a general.

Seeing that, Bai Jiu laughs roguishly, “Please wait, Deputy General Chi.”

Chi Cheng stops, not turning around to face her.  He coldly asks her, “Is there anything else, General Bai?”

Bai Jiu raises her eyebrows, “Deputy Chi, shouldn’t you be following my order as I am your General?”

Chi Cheng turns around in displeasure, “Aren’t I honouring our promise, what else do you want?”

Bai Jiu laughs crudely, “Nothing!  I just don’t want to let Deputy go!  I don’t want the cavalry team to lose such a good soldier, that’s why I want to sincerely invite the Deputy to stay.”

Chi Cheng freezes as he looks at Bai Jiu, not understanding why so.

Bai Jiu continues speaking, “Actually, I should be thanking the Deputy.  I know a lot of people are unhappy with me, they think I am not worthy of this position.  They probably changed their mind after watching our duel.”  She looks at the crowd before asking, “Any of you still unhappy?  Come on out and duel with this general.  If any of you managed to beat me, I will leave this camp!”

The crowd look at each other before shaking their heads.  They know they are not Bai Jiu’s opponents, “The general is mighty.”

Bai Jiu laughs while looking at Chi Cheng, “See, Deputy Chi?  They are finally accepting me because of you.  I should be thanking you!  You have been in the cavalry for so long; even though I might be able to beat you in martial arts, I am still not as good as you in other things.  I will still need a lot of your teachings in the future!  I hope you can stay and help me manage the cavalry camp so that our camp can be even more formidable.  I hope you can forgive me; I am young and therefore reckless.  If I offend you somewhere, do forgive me.  Do not keep it at heart.”

These sugary words from Bai Jiu are really useful against Chi Cheng.  One must know that soldiers are usually straightforward.  Getting their hearts is not hard; you must beat them first, show them your abilities, make them respect you.  Once you get their respect, soften your hands a little and say some nice things that can soften their hearts.  If you do all that in the right order, they will pledge their loyalty to you through life and death.  Chi Cheng may seem temperamental from the outside, but he is actually very simple on the inside.  Appeasing him is very easy; just win over him and she will be 90% done.  The remaining 10% will be gained by utilizing his love for the camp.  Though he promised to leave if he lose, he didn’t think he would actually lose.  He underestimated his enemy.  Now that he has to leave, his heart will be filled with yearning and regret.  But, in order to honor his promise, he must live up to what he said he would.  It is during this time that she needs to give him face, so that he will stay.  If she does, he is 100% hers.

Sure enough, Chi Cheng becomes really touched when he hears that.  He kneels on the ground and pays her respect, “This subordinate will try his best to help General Bai, from now on!  Thank you for giving me this opportunity, General Bai!”

Bai Jiu immediately steps forward and helps him up, “Please get up, Deputy Chi.  From now on, we are all brothers.  No need for so many formalities.”

After this incident, the soldiers no longer have any qualms about Bai Jiu becoming their General.  In fact, they thought the emperor and the Great General did really good by giving her the control of the cavalry soldiers.

After that fanfare, Han Yi Xiao and Bai Jiu walk to the cavalry camp together.

Bai Jiu looks at Han Yi Xiao, looking a little guilty, “I did not think this would reach the Great General’s ears.  I was too reckless.”

Han Yi Xiao shakes his head, a touch of smile hanging at the corner of his lips, “I believe, that is a part of General’s plan.”

Bai Jiu is stunned for a moment before she laughs, “In the end, I got discovered by the Great General.  I am too inexperienced.”

“You did well.  You are so young and inexperienced and are already appointed as a General.  A lot of people are naturally unhappy with that.  What you did today has banished the cavalry’s worries.  Chi Cheng is held in high-esteem in the cavalry camp, the soldiers are all supportive of him.  With his martial arts ability, he is already qualified to be the cavalry camp’s General.  However, he is too reckless and emotional when making decisions.  In troubled times, one needs to be calm and level-headed when making decisions, that is why I haven’t promoted him.  Now that you’ve had him by your side, no other soldiers would dare to have other ideas.  Even if they do, Chi Cheng will help you settle that.  Your move is really impressive; I need to thank you for giving Chi Cheng a lesson.  Chi Cheng is a very good person, but he always underestimates his enemies.   I’ve told him that so many times, but he never changed.  Now that you have beaten him, you have basically given him a lesson.”

Hearing Han Yi Xiao praising her, Bai Jiu is really happy.  “Then, that means that you are not angry at this subordinate?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, why should I be angry?  Although we don’t have to speak with great reasonings every day, like those literary officials, we cannot simply depend on brute force.  We need to use intrigue as well.  The best kind of officials are those who can balance brains with strength.  From now on, the cavalry camp will be under your care.  The soldiers will be your brothers.  Their way of thinking is very simple; as long as you treat them earnestly, they will repay it with earnest loyalty.” Han Yi Xiao responsibly advices Bai Jiu.  He personally appointed her; he hopes he didn’t make a wrong decision.

Han Yi Xiao’s advice is very valuable.  Bai Jiu feels touched, “Thank you for your teaching, the Great General.  I will definitely do as you taught me to do.  The cavalry camp will unite as one, we will not disappoint you!”

Han Yi Xiao nods in satiafaction, “Heroes are born from youngsters, I believe in you.”

Bai Jiu is happy, like a little child.  “Great General, I have only arrived, so I am not very familiar with the surroundings.  Can you help me know this place better?”

Han Yi Xiao who originally planned to go back to his barrack agrees to her request, “Let’s go.”

Bai Jiu happily follows him.

In order to not to have awkward silence, Bai Jiu quickly finds another topic.

Feng Yang Palace is very lively today.  Mo Qi Qi wants to train the concubines and she needs to do that based on their existing physical conditions.

She tells them about yoga and dances, and the concubines are learning from her in great interest.  Learning and playing are now fused together.

Mo Qi Qi looks at the concubines who are playing really happily before asking them proudly, “Meimeis, all of you finally knows how to be a woman after learning so many body-shaping movements.  The moral of the story:  No woman can win over a man’s appreciation without doing anything!  No woman can contend against another without polishing themselves.  No man is willing to drill through your outer appearance to seek for your inner beauty!  You must fight to get what you want.  If you want to live the life you wanted, it will have to depend on your own effort!  Sure, we are not the emperor.  We do not know what the emperor wants.  But we must try and think from another person’s view.  If we are men, would we fall for jealous women who throw a fuss everyday?  No, right?  So, we must cut off that bad habit, we must change.  We must be pretty, inside and out.  Only then, will we become the perfect beauty.  Now, bengong wants to teach you a dance.  Bengong assures you that if the emperor sees this dance, he will become completely mesmerized!”

The concubines perk up upon hearing that, “What kind of dance?  Please teach us, Your Ladyship!”



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