Chapter 57: The Empress Who is Showing Skin


Mo Qi Qi gives them a mysterious smile, “Wait a minute, bengong will go and change.  Bengong will be back!”  She immediately goes to her chamber.

After a moment, Mo Qi Qi who has changed her dress, walks back to them.

The concubines are all tongue-tied.

Mo Qi Qi is wearing a yellow Indian dancing attire.  A light, thin veil is draping from her head, while golden tassels are hanging in front of her forehead, making her look exotic.   She is wearing a strapless blouse with a deep V opening, showing ample chest.  Her navel is exposed, decorated with crystal stones, making the sight even more delectable.  Her skirt that are inlaid with crystals reaches her ankle, while she steps on the floor barefooted, looking glamorous and attractive.

Mo Qi Qi is grateful for the previous owner’s perfect body.  If she was born in the modern time and wears sexy outfits, men would throw themselves onto her feet.  It was unfortunate that the previous owner was born in the ancient times; she had to wear thick palace’s dresses everyday, covering her perfect body.

The concubines are a little worried when they see Mo Qi Qi’s outfit, “Your Ladyship, your dress is a little inappropriate.  Our Hua Chen Kingdom puts the most importance on women’s conducts.  This dress is too revealing, if the emperor see this, he will be angry!”

“Right!  If we dress like this, not only we will not attract the emperor, we will also get punished!”

The concubines are a little worried.

Mo Qi Qi quickly comforts them, “Aiya!  You think too much!  Be honest, doesn’t this dress looks pretty?  Bengong personally designed this and ordered people to make this!”

The concubines speak at the same time, “Pretty!  It highlights the beauty of a woman even more!”

Mo Qi Qi laughs, “Then, this is enough.  Men always says that a woman speaks the complete opposite of what she feels; honestly, they are just the same!  They preach about minding what we wear where in fact they get attracted to women who expose their skin!   Our emperor is such a depressing person.  He looks so upright, but he is probably even worse than other men outside!  We are his consorts, what is so inappropriate about dressing like this in front of him?”

Hearing that, the concubines nod, “What Your Ladyship said isn’t wrong.”

Mo Qi Qi nods at them in satisfaction, “Since all of you agreed with bengong, watch and learn the dance moves properly.  This dance is called the ‘Indian Dance’, it is very beautiful.”

Mo Qi Qi gets into position, teaching the concubines all the moves.  Her movement is brisk and light, like a swallow.  It is as though she is completely pliant and boneless, like a cloud.

Every move she makes mesmerizes the concubines who are watching her.

Jun Qian Che is discussing some matter with Chu Ling Xiao in the imperial study.  A servant comes in and reports to him about the empress inviting all the concubines to Feng Yang Palace.  The sounds of merry laughter can be heard from time to time.

Jun Qian Che does not think much of it.  He knows that Mo Qi Qi likes playing around lately, he is too lazy to bother with her.

Though he does not know what Mo Qi Qi is currently playing with, he is not curious to know about it.

However, Chu Ling Xiao is a really curious and nosy person.  He is always attracted to new and refreshing things, so once they finished their discussion, he brings Mo Qi Qi up, “Your Majesty, aren’t you going to Feng Yang Palace to look at the empress?  Aren’t you worried that she is jealous and does this to your concubines?” He motions a blade going under his neck.

Jun Qian Che dismissively says, “Mo Qi Qi does not have that much guts.”

Chu Ling Xiao can see that Jun Qian Che really does not have the interest to go to her palace, but he is really curious.  He keeps persuading him, “Your Majesty, the Grand Empress Dowager will return to the palace in two days.  Her Ladyship went to Fo Shan to pray for the kingdom and the imperial clan, there will be a banquet to welcome her home.  The officials and their noble daughters will be participating in the banquet, I wonder how the preparation is going on?  Aren’t you worried that the empress will commit any mistakes?  Where will you put your face if anything happens?”

(TN:  The Grand Empress Dowager is a level higher than Empress Dowager.  She is Jun Qian Che’s grandma.)

What Chu Ling Xiao says draw Jun Qian Che’s attention; his heart is not at ease with Mo Qi Qi handling things.

Seeing this, Chu Ling Xiao continues speaking, “Your Majesty, why don’t this official accompanies you to Feng Yang Palace?  Although this minister is not that familiar with the Grand Empress Dowager, at least I know a thing or two about what she likes; I can be of help.  You have been busy for so long, you should rest a little.”

Jun Qian Che feels uneasy thinking about Mo Qi Qi’s preparation for the Grand Empress Dowager’s return to the palace.  He puts down the brush in his hand before standing up, “Let go!”

He walks out of the imperial study.

Chu Ling Xiao smiles proudly before following him.  The current empress is really interesting.

Jun Qian Che and Chu Ling Xiao steps into Feng Yang Palace.

Who would have known that the moment they enter Feng Yang Palace, they would be greeted by the beautiful and revealing sight of Mo Qi Qi.  She is performing a dance that they haven’t seen before.

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Sitting on some cushions in the courtyard are the rest of the concubine, watching Mo Qi Qi in concentration.

White petals of flowers from a nearby tree are blown by wind, floating beautifully around the dancing person.

This is a sight one can only see in a painting; a beautiful view, a beautiful woman, a beautiful dance.  What an enchanting view.

Although Jun Qian Che has to admit that her dance is beautiful, he cannot bring himself to be happy when he sees her clothes.  Anger rises in his heart.

Chu Ling Xiao cannot stop himself from praising her, “Too beautiful.  I have been playing with flowers for so many years; I have never seen such a beautiful person performing such a beautiful dance!”

After saying that, he can feel a sharp penetrating glare falling on him.

Chu Ling Xiao turns to look at him in fear, only to find Jun Qian Che’s murderous, icy pair of eyes on him. He forces himself to laugh, “Your Majesty, this official is only praising the empress!”

“Leave now.” Jun Qian Che coldly says.

Chu Ling Xiao appears wronged and reluctant.  Such a wonderful dance is being performed by such a beautiful woman; not being able to watch it is worse than death for a casanova like him.

“Your Majesty, this official is merely enjoying the performance, this official has no other intention!”

“Will you believe it if zhen says that zhen will ask the Physician Department to bring over something that will make you blind?” Jun Qian Che’s voice is very solemn and earnest.

Chu Ling Xiao immediately covers his own eyes; although the beauty is very attractive, without a pair of eyes, he cannot even see her.  And so, he can only leave in a hurry.

Jun Qian Che walks to Mo Qi Qi with cold air surrounding him.

The concubines who are immersed in the dance did not even notice Jun Qian Che’s arrival until he is right in front of them.  They get up and greet him, “Greeting, Your Majesty!”

Jun Qian Che’s eyes are on Mo Qi Qi.

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His sudden arrival interrupts her performance.  She stops dancing and curtsies before him, “Chenqie greets Your Majesty.”

The rest of the concubines are ecstatic to meet him; one of them enthusiastically invites him over, “Your Majesty, the empress is teaching us a dance.  Do watch her performance with us!”

“Your Majesty, chenqie will make you some tea!”

“Your Majesty, you must be tired from reading memorials all day long.  Let chenqie massage you a little.”

Jun Qian Che does not have the patience to deal with them; he coldly orders, “All of you may retreat!”

The concubines are taken aback, “Your Majesty—–“

Mo Qi Qi speaks up on behalf of the concubines, “Your Majesty, it is not easy for Meimeis to see you.  Why don’t you let them stay and keeps you company?”

What Mo Qi Qi says makes the anger within Jun Qian Che multiplies, “Leave if you don’t want to die!”

Seeing him so upset, none of the concubines dares to stay.  All of them curtsy before walking away.

Jun Qian Che sweeps his eyes over the servants around the place.

They immediately retreat away.

Although Mo Qi Qi is only seen by the concubines and some maids and eunuchs, he still feels displeased.  He does not want her beauty to be seen by anyone, including women.

There are only him and her in the huge Feng Yang Palace, at the moment.

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