Chapter 128: Thousand Evil Aura

Although the stage was filled with killing intent, the grandstand was in peace.

Wang Xie’s appearance bewildered the crowd, and screams of threat appeared at the next instant. At this moment, countless of merits were bet on Qin Tian. To them, Qin Tian shall always be the winner.
Lin Yan was startled. He had been around the outer court for many years and never saw someone that wore like Wang Xie. His kind couldn’t help but think about inner court disciples. If this was the case, then should he continue to help Qin Tian bet?
His heart was in a knot. After a while of contemplation. He decided to bet the 120 000 merits won by Qin Tian.
While he held onto Qin Tian’s black plate, his hands were shaking. 120 000 merits were enough to exchange for an inner court qualifications, he couldn’t help but become agitated. At the same time, he became anxious. It would be great if Qin Tian won, but if he lost, then even his life may not be kept.
In the war of power, injuries and death were common.
In the enclosed stage, battle intent rose and the killing intent was at its peak.
Wang Xie’s black blade danced along with the wind. His fists covered in blackish green flame aura contained the powerful ascension force. This was the power of an ascension realm.
After the words ‘Murderous Hell Flame’ was spoken, two flames surged vigorously and are continuously compressed. Qin Tian’s heart throbbed uncontrollably. Facing an ascension realm cultivator again, the urge to battle attacked his mind,
The Dao of killing. Among the 3000 great Dao was the Dao of killing.
In between his eyebrows deep within his mind, the battle intent erupted. From his Dantian, the azure dragon and the colossal elephant were spurred on by it, leading to a greater output of strength of the Emperor’s Purgatory. Every step he took seemed to hold three hundred thousand catties of force.

“Heng, an arrow at the end of its flight still wants to struggle?” Wang Xie snorted and his two fists came together. The two compressed flame aura merged with each other, creating an even stronger ascension force.
No matter how dense his Qigong was, a rank five spirit refining realm cultivator would not be able to withstand an attack by the ascension force.
“Die!” Wang Xie roared. The ascension force was like a bomb, bringing along a frightening might and rushing towards Qin Tian.
The speed was extremely fast.
“Ah!” With two wide angry eyes, Qin Tian screamed towards the heavens. The Dao of killing does not exist. When facing danger, kill to prevent getting killed……
The Dao of killing, the only way in Qin Tian’s heart.
The unparalleled purple flame aura flowed out and his accumulated Qigong value decreased rapidly. The might of an ability that consumed tens of thousands of Qigong value could be imagined.

In face against Wang Xie’s ascension force, Qin Tian moved. With a cry, he darted towards him.
In the Dao of killing, there are no room for escaping.
A huge explosion occurred in the enclosed stage, creating a thunder-like sound from the ninth heavens.
Hundred, thousand, ten thousand……
With every collision, Qin Tian became fiercer, just as his injuries.
He used all his strength to defend continuously. The green dragon cauldron, deviate soul bell, Blood Demon’s War Armor, and other defense-related tools, creating a powerful defense.
Wang Xie’s eyes were bloodshot. For him to be unable to kill Qin Tian after so Long was simply a humiliation. Raging, his ascension force strengthened. “Die for me……”

How strong was the ascension force?
With him going all out, could Qin Tian withstand it?
Wang Xie punched towards Qin Tian. Heavily, he landed on the glass cover, causing the whole stage to tremble as if it was going to break.
Qin Tian fell to the ground with blood flowing out of the edge of his mouth, his body was in immense pain. However, his gaze became sharper. Staring at Wang Xie, he sneered, “The ascension force is merely like that……”
At the next instant, the purple flame aura gathered in the air. In less than half a breath, the entire enclosed stage was covered in purple flame aura. From afar, it looks like half of a purple ball, very bewildering.
From the grandstand came a number of piercing cries.
For a rank five spirit refining realm cultivator to be able to produce such dense Qigong was truly beyond one’s imagination.

But still, this made their blood boil.
The dense purple flame aura made those in the enclosed stage unable to see far.
“Demon mode……”
A series of the crackling of bones sounded.
The baleful force was released. The baleful force exclusive to the Heavenly Demon and the baleful force and Wang Xie’s baleful force was completely different. One was formed naturally while the other was cultivated out.
From his spatial ring, he took out the thousand evil aura exploded out from the ninth heaven demon and consumed it.
The baleful aura inside him grew ten times.
The thousand evil aura was after all cultivated purely from the baleful force for tens of thousands of years. The baleful force contained inside was great.
Qin Tian’s aura changed completely.
Becoming an ancient demon with a baleful force far beyond Wang Xie.
Wang Xie, seeing Qin Tian’s transformation, was terrified. Never did he imagine that Qin Tian could change into a demon, what’s more one of the ten ancient great demon kings, the Heavenly Demon.
Feeling the pressure increased, the anger in his heart grew too. How could he feel pressure from such a small ant?
Once again, he released his ascension force.

Qin Tian’s eyes revealed a mysterious smile. His body was now filled with immense power. “Worthy to be called an ancient demon. The power contained in the thousand evil aura is really too great. It’s such a pity that it’s only a one-time use item.”

After being forced towards the corner, there was nothing holding him back anymore.
“Blood shadow arts, explode……”
Numerous blood shadows were formed among the purple flame aura.
At the same time, Qin Tian’s heavenly demon body rushed forward to welcome the coming of the ascension force.
The enclosed stage shook and the purple flame aura slowly sipped out into the open.
The stage was breaking apart.
“Little demon, now……”
The demon baby giggled. In a blink of an eye, Wang Xie suddenly ceased all movement.
“Explode for me!”
The numerous blood shadows immediately entered Wang Xie.

After less than half a second, Wang Xie kicked the ground and rushed into the air, wanting to break the glass to escape. Meanwhile, Qin Tian laughed, “Die for me!”  

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