Chapter 127: Court Supervisor, Wang Xie

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Outer court supervisor, Wang Xie.

After being in close-door training for 3 years, he broke through to the ascension realm a month ago and was made The outer court supervisor by the Violent Sky young master. He was in charge of the Violent Sky outer court disciple’s daily needs. The faction has a total of 12 supervisors, all in the ascension realm, and their authority in the outer court was the highest.
When Yang Han took out the jade tile, Wang Xie was taken aback. With no hesitation, he kneeled, not daring to have the slightest disrespect. Wang Xie had witnessed the Violent Sky’s terrifying strength before, and rumors have it had already reached the worldly realm, grasp the worldly force.
[TLN: worldly is after ascension]

Screams erupted from the crowd once more.
The rank six spirit refining realm Luo Sheng had been instantly killed by Qin Tian.
They were thoroughly stirred up and shouted the name of Qin Tian as if this was the only way to release their excitement.
Qin Tian laughed suddenly as he calculated the amount of merits he had after 4 victories. “120 000 merits. Enough.”
Qin Tian is a greedy person, but he is more afraid of death. After winning four consecutive times, the next opponent would definitely be stronger. An ascension realm expert might even be attracted.
Although the strongest outer sect disciples were only rank eight spirit refining cultivators, there were no rules saying that inner court disciples cannot participate in the war of power. Qin Tian thought about what the judge said a while ago. If he carried on, troubles would definitely come.
120 000 merits were more than enough to exchange for an inner court qualifications.
Just as he was about to exit the stage, a black figure flashed across towards him, appearing in front of him. The figure was full of baleful aura, releasing a chilly aura. Startled, Qin Tian retreated, “Ascension realm?”
One of the twelve supervisors of Violent Sky faction, Wang Xie.
“What? Simply want to go after winning?” Wang Xie’s eyes glowed with a green light as he stared at Qin Tian. Each step he took forced Qin Tian deeper into the stage, sealing off his escape route. A dense killing intent was emitted……
The killing intent startled Qin Tian. Retreating a few more steps behind, his aura changed and his Qigong was activated. Cautiously, he asked, “May I know what senior wants?”
“Nothing much, just that watching you win made me unhappy. Let me take care of you next round.” Wang Xie smiled and the black aura beneath his feet spread out. The enclosed stage became covered in baleful aura.

Qin Tian frowned. “I am not planning to fight the next round.”
“O?” Wang Xie laughed lightly, “Since you are still in the enclosed stage, I can request for you to continue.”
“There seemed to be no such rule in the war of power right?” Qin Tian’s expression changed as he gathered his strength in his fists. The pressure on him multiplied. Qin Tian had experienced the might of the ascension force before, hence facing Wang Xie, he felt his heart being stirred up.
“I am the rule. If I say there is, it means there is! Your guts really isn’t small huh, killing some Violent Sky faction people. If I do not kill you, who would dare to join my faction in the future?”
“You are?” Qin Tian understood the other party’s purpose, but Wang Xie’s appearance was too sudden, completely different from what he had planned.
With just winning four rounds, a BOSS appeared.
If not for some external cause, a BOSS would definitely not appear so quickly. Thinking until there, his heart tightened, “Did Yang Han find out about me?”
Immediately, he became much more cautious. He and the Yang clan were blood enemies. The prosperous Yang clan was now left with Yang Han and Yang Lin, even their ancestor was dead. If Yang Zhan found out about him, he would definitely find someone to kill him.
Was the ascension realm expert in front of him sent by Yang Han?
If this was the case, then Yang Han’s power in Tianji sect is too great. Even an ascension realm cultivator could be ordered by him, the enemies in the future would surely be much stronger.
Qin Tian stared at the judge. The old cultivator sighed and laughed bitterly, shaking his head,

The meaning was obvious. There was nothing he could do.
The Violent Sky faction was too powerful. He was only a judge, who would listen to him?
Wang Xie sneered and waved his hand. The entrance closed. Now, the enclosed stage was left with the two of them only. He stared at Qin Tian and smiled, “I am someone who wants your life!”
Qin Tian was angered and his overwhelming Qigong rushed out. “Rank one berserk……”
A white light shot out of Qin Tian, hitting the enclosed stage and bouncing off it. Rays of white lines were formed, beautifying the place.
Wang Xie was startled and his eyebrow rose. “Divine ability?”
“To think that you’ve comprehended a divine ability. Such a pity that you’ve offended someone you shouldn’t have. Offending the Violent Sky faction means death!”
Wang Xie closed his eyes and a blackish green blade appeared, giving of a chilly feeling. The strong killing intent of his covered the entire stage.
There was no room for retreat.
There was no room left for forbearance.

Going beyond the limit means slaughter.
Qin Tian snorted and rose his speed to the limit. Under the rank one berserk, all his attributes increased by four times. His body flashed. As fast as lightning, he rushed out. The purple flame aura rose and an ancient fierce god wielding a scythe appeared. With an evil smile, it waved its scythe, causing a series of piercing sound to form.
“Rank five spirit refining realm yet already so arrogant, simply courting death.” Wang Xie spat his words out. His ascension force rushed out and he was suddenly surrounded by a mist-like blackish green flame aura.

The blackish green mist glowed with a green light. The powerful boundless baleful force strike towards the enemy.

The ascension force was too strong. Qin Tian was pushed back before he could even get close, landing heavily on the glass cover of the enclosed stage. Though startled, there was no fear inside him. Gassing his teeth, he shouted, “Let’s not care anymore.”
“Emperor’s Purgatory……”
“Bang!” The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture in his dantian moved and the boundless sea of purgatory covered his entire self. Under the effect of the rank one berserk, the sea fiercely surged and the purple flame aura became darker.
Wang Xie was taken aback, stunned. It was no wonder Qin Tian could instant kill the rank six spirit refining Luo Sheng. His proficiency in his abilities had reached such great heights!
The Emperor ‘s Purgatory placed a great pressure on his mind. His face changed and killing intent rose.
Such a heavenly defying disciple, if unable to be used by the Violent Sky faction, must be killed. He cannot be allowed to grow.
“Murderous Hell Flame.”
Wang Xie roared, and the blackish green mist gathered around his hands. Terrifying. The surging of the dense blackish green flame aura was too terrifying.
This was the only road Qin Tian could walk on.


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