Chapter 126: Yang Han Appears

A rank five spirit refining realm outer court disciple ranked among the top twenty, was killed in one move.

A beautiful instant kill.
Not even a second had passed for all to be concluded.
It was so fast that others were unable to accept it. Qin Tian’s speed was far beyond what they could take, their eyes were not even able to follow.
The crowd of disciples stood up. The look of disdain a second ago turned into a passionate gaze. Screams of passion erupted, reverberating in the sky as if it was the rumbling of thunder.
The venue trembled uncontrollably, leading to Qin Tian feeling anxious about whether it would crumble from the screams of the crowd.
Instant killing a rank five spirit refining realm cultivator, just how deep is his strength? Their hearts boiled when they recalled the instant kill as if it was them that did that. The fight had stirred them up, making them crazy.
Not many that gambles are sane.

Sane people would become gamblers. Seeing many disciples gathering at the betting window, a pair of eyes glowed in a VIP room. “Let him win the next round.”

“Understood.” Behind, a man frowned. Although he did not actually understand the meaning behind, he did not dare to ask.

“Rank five spirit refining realm with a strength reaching rank eight spirit refining realm, such an abnormal disciple, why didn’t the Violent Sky faction take him in? Sun Huan, investigate.”
The VIP room regained its silence. There was only a pair of evil eyes staring at Qin Tian, and a strange smile left hanging.

After the betting finished, a new opponent appeared. Again, it was a rank five spirit refining realm cultivator.
“Another rank five spirit refining cultivator?!” Qin Tian was taken aback. He then gave his surroundings a glance and somewhat understood the reason.
The thoughts of gamblers were simple, easy to guess.
If Qin Tian won again, the next round’s bets would multiply by folds. At that time, a powerful opponent would be assigned to defeat him, allowing them to earn much more.
The judge reminded, “After winning this round, leave. You won’t win against them.”
After the old cultivator spoke, he left.
His meaning was obvious. The ‘them’ refers to Violent Sky faction, causing Qin Tian to feel shocked. To think that they had also infiltrated into the war of power. Seems like Violent Sky faction will poke into every nook and corner.
Qin Tian could not make out why Long Xiaotian would allow the Violent Sky faction to exist, or is it that it is under his control?
Thinking until there, he thought about Cang Tianji’s words and contemplated. There was definitely someone behind the faction for it to be able to expand so quickly, and there aren’t many that could do that. Other than the eight pillar of Tianji sect, only Long Xiaotian was capable.

Long Xiaotian wants to transform Tianji sect into the Violent Sky sect.” Qin Tian pondered. Seeing his opponent entering, he stopped.

Anyways, no matter whether it was the Tianji sect’s patriarch or the BOSS behind Violent Sky faction, Long Xiaotian was to be killed.

“Ah……” The opponent howled and dashed towards him full of killing intent. He slashed his sword, producing a sword wave.

Qin Tian was unmoving like a mountain and the ancient fierce god waved it’s scythe. The man retreated. At the same time, Qin Tian moved. Kicking his leg down, his body shot out like an arrow, producing a piercing sound in the air.


His fist covered his Qigong punched forward, striking the chest of the opponent. He flew and landed heavily on the ground, losing the ability to fight.

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The sea of disciples started to scream, cheering for Qin Tian. The faces of each and every one of them were joyful.

The third match ended with a victory.
The third victory of Qin Tian made their hearts boil. The betting window became chaotic.

In the VIP room, the evil smile revealed a trace of devilishness. “ Let Luo Sheng go. Didn’t he want to kill Qin Tian? Give him a chance.”


Not long after, there was a series hasty knocking. The evil smile disappeared, replaced with a dense killing intent. “Come in.”

In a sudden, the room turned chilly.

Yang Han pushed open the door and entered. Feeling the chilliness, he shivered. “Supervisor, I would need your help for something”

A cold light flashed across his eyes. He looked at Yang Han and smiled, “So it is brother Yang Han, do take a seat.”

Yang Han’s standing in the Violent Sky faction wasn’t low. The main reason was that he was soon to be the son in law of Sun Pillar master Nanguan Lie. The Sun Pillar is one of the eight great powers of Tianji sect, extremely powerful. As the son in law of Nanguan Lie, he is to become the master of the Sun Pillar in the future.

Naturally, supervisor Wang Xie would need to give some face, and this was also Violent Sky young master Liu Shuanghan’s order.

“Supervisor, I come with only one motive I hope that the supervisor can take action to kill Qin Tian.” Yang Han got straight to the point.

Knowing that Qin Tian appeared at the outer court war of power, his eyes turned bloodshot and killing intent exploded out. If he had the strength, he would have rushed into the stage and have Qin Tian killed.

The Yang clan was practically exterminated. The huge grudge, if not dealt with, he would not be a man.

When he returned to the Tianji sect, he immediately put his strength to good use and let Nanguan Yan have a great time. After constant pressure, she finally agreed.

Like that, Nanguan Lie’s only daughter became his fiancee. His standing in the Violent Sky faction rose, and it placed great importance on him.

Yang Han knows that his potential is considered average. Even if he wanted to break through quickly, it would be impossible. The only way out for him was to cage Nanguan Yan deeply in his hands. When he got Nanguan Lie’s inheritance and has full authority over the Sun pillar, killing Qin Tian would be overly simple.

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However, he did not expect Qin Tian to appear in the Tianji sect so quickly.
Qin Tian’s appearance ignited his anger. Under it, he went to look for Liu Shuanghan.
Wang Xie sneered. Want him to take action? He is an outer court supervisor and represents the Violent Sky faction in the outer court. Having such great authority, when had it became others commanding him? He felt unhappy with Yang Han.

As an ascension realm cultivator, when had it become a rank five spirit refining realm cultivator giving him orders?

Yang Han smiled and took out a purple jade tile. “Violent Sky jade tile, Wang Xie, do you know what it means?”
Violent Sky jade tile, seeing it is equivalent to seeing the young master. How would Wang Xie not know about it?

Immediately, Wang Xie kneeled solemnly, “Your servant understands.”

Yang Han kept the jade tile and lifted Wang Xie up. “Do not kill him. Leave him half dead, for I want to kill him personally.”

His words were filled with boundless killing intent.

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