Chapter 24: Abashed?

“Alright, I understand that this will put Brother in a difficult position. Then how about this, you have Ye Jian come over to answer the phone, and I’ll speak to her for a bit.” Ye Zhifan’s face was pale as he suppressed the fiery anger within him. Stupid B*tch! How dare she halt his progress to rise to fame and power! She definitely cannot be spared.

Receiving the phone call from Ye Zhifan, Ye Jian was filled with resentment towards him, and she gripped the phone tightly.

At that time, if not for her own deputy mayor uncle, forcing her to quit school would not have been possible.

After answering with a “Hello?”, Ye Zhifan’s voice could be heard from the other side of the phone line.

A few years ago when she heard her uncle’s voice, it was filled entirely with an authoritative tone, but she was not sure whether he would do the same now and play that family card.

“Uncle, the first thing you tell me is to not make a fuss, and you scold me for not recognizing my position. Being accused by my aunt and chased out of the house is a matter that everyone in the village knows, yet you say that I’m the one who’s making all the fuss? Uncle, just like you know who cannot distinguish between right and wrong, I’m even more unwilling to return.”

“Uncle, please excuse me now. Auntie Qiu is still waiting for me to return to have dinner, so I’ll hang up now. Goodbye.”

For a place that did not qualify to be home, she definitely did not wish to return! No matter how close she was to it, her mind was set!

That night, Ye Jian did not return home immediately but stayed in Auntie Qiu’s house and slept in the same room with Auntie Qiu’s daughter, Li Wen, who was also Ye Jian’s classmate.

Since Old Man Gen had already spoken, then she would wait… She would wait for Ye Zhifan to personally send her to the place where she truly called home.

Sunday afternoon, Ye Jian and Li Wen returned to school. Even though they belonged to the same class, they belonged to different girl dormitories, and thus the two separated after entering the school.

Dragging the luggage all by herself, Ye Jian slowly ascended her dormitory stairs. Although it had been ten years since she had left her middle school, she could still remember where her dormitory and class were.

Before Ye Jian even entered her dormitory, she already heard the sound of girls giggling. The voice… Ye Jian narrowed her eyes, and after thinking for a moment, she recalled whom that voice belonged to.

Upon pushing the door open, Ye Jian was like a pause button, and the sound of the girls giggling immediately stopped as they all looked towards her.

“Aiyo hello, if it isn’t our classmate Ye Jian?” A girl wearing a red outer jacket stared right at her with a laughter that was especially ear piercing. “The number one from the bottom ah. You’re now very notorious in this school, you know? Same Ye surname, yet why is the difference so great?”

At the girl’s provocative behavior, Ye Jian leaned her luggage against the side of the door and turned to give He Jiamin a sneer, “True, both are surnamed Ye, but why’s the difference so great?”

The bright glistening eyes were staring back at He Jiamin as she replied. As for the meaning behind those words… Those who understood deep down knew what she was referring to.

There were two dormitories, and both were siding with Ye Ying.

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That was to be expected. Students with good grades are generally popular in school. For someone like Ye Jian who always took the position of first from the bottom last… the only friends she could make were those who were ranked among the bottom few…

But the coincidence here was that the student, who had always stood as second from the bottom, was also assigned to the same dormitory as her but had yet to come.

The Ye Ying, who was once restraining her expression as she received the worship of her classmates, immediately had her small face turned pale white. Her eyes that shone proudly just then turned dull in just a brief moment.

Being the one being referred to, how could she not understand the meaning behind those words?

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