Chapter 25: I Dare You!

But He Jiamin was not an insider, so naturally, she did not.

Hearing so, she raised her somewhat pretty eyebrows provocatively and giggled contemptuously, “So you do know yourself well enough ah, but you aren’t even the slightest bit embarrassed about it.”

Turning back, she looked at Ye Ying’s unpleasant face and smiled, “Ying Ying, go back for a while. She’s now more pleasant to the eyes than before.”

Wasn’t it so? She even knew to admit that she was nothing compared to Ye Ying.

Oh, and that hair of hers was also tied up, unlike how it usually was… Now, just looking at that, He Jiamin’s eyes immediately sensed that something was not quite right.

Glaring at Ye Jian, her voice suddenly shot through the roof as she screamed, “Put that hair back down, now!”

And because of that scream, the two girls who were close with Ye Ying and would always giggle with her looked over. At first, they did not feel anything different, but gradually, the expressions on their faces changed.

Their eyes were able to immediately discern that the one in front was Ye Jian, but somehow, she did not felt like Ye Jian.

The Ye Jian in the past was definitely beautiful, but because of how she liked to keep her head low and her hair down, her appearance was like a puppet without a will. And like a puppet, she would follow the others’ instructions and was thus looked down upon.

Using Ye Ying’s words to describe her, she was like a pet raised by her. If she was ordered to head east, she would not dare to head west.

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But the Ye Jian now had her hair tied up, and her eyes were filled with vigor. The edge of her lips even hooked a slight smile as she stood with a natural poise. Even when silent and not smiling, it was as if a beam of light was shining down on her… like a flower blooming brightly. A beauty with an ice-like gaze; it was impossible to look away from her.

This, was not the Ye Jian they recognized! It was like as if she had been replaced!

A few of the girls slightly tightened their lips slowly. They did not like it, no… they hated it very much!

“Ye Jian, go and spread our beds for us.” He Jiamin suddenly pointed at her bed and ordered, “Quickly! I want to sleep!”

Once she spoke, the eyes of the other two girls glistened instantaneously and looked at Ye Jian as if they were watching a good show. So what if she’s beautiful? She’ll still be bullied anyway.

Ye Jian raised an eyebrow. Remaining calm and composed, she spoke coldly, “If you admit that you’re disabled, then of course I’d open my heart to help you out.”

“You!!” Being scolded for being a disabled, He Jiamin’s face flushed with anger, and she raised her hand to swing it down at Ye Jian’s face without much thought.

Ye Jian shot her hand up and fiercely halted the hand that was aimed at her. Glaring coldly at He Jiamin, Ye Jian uttered word for word, “You think you can still bully me like before? He Jiamin, I dare you to try.”

Ye Jian pushed away the hand without any care, and the He Jiamin who was not on her guard was pushed onto the floor.

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The three girls, including Ye Ying who was waiting for the show, all shrieked from shock after seeing He Jiamin pushed to the floor.

Ye Ying was the first to stand up for her and snapped accusingly, “Ye Jian, how dare you fight with others!”

Fight? That’s some serious accusation right there!

“Fight? Student Ye Ying, if you call that fight, then you’re very wrong. All I did was defend myself.” Ye Jian laughed softly but coldly as she looked into the eyes of the messenger of justice, Ye Ying, before turning to spread her own bed.

He Jiamin was not able to swallow the fact that she had just been embarrassed. Crawling up from the ground, she hurled herself at Ye Jian. “Ye Jian, how dare you hit me, how dare you hit me!”

Against Ye Jian who had worked in a security company, the outcome of the spoiled brat was obvious: with a shoulder throw, He Jiamin was met with the floor.

“I said before, do not mess with me.” Ye Jian dusted her palms and looked at He Jiamin whose face was pale after the throw. Looking up, she swept her gaze to the two other girls who were shivering from shoulder to shoulder. “Tan Wei, Xie Sifeng, if you two want to play any tricks behind my back, I don’t mind playing along.”

“It just so happens that recently, I have taken a liking to using violence to solve problems, and I have also liked playing with knives. If I accidentally hurt any of your faces, then don’t blame me for not giving any warnings beforehand.”

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