Chapter 26: Accusations

There were no news of those few girls, after graduating from middle school, so Ye Jian had no thoughts of going after them. Just a little scare was enough with no real action needed.

Ye Ying helped He Jiamin who was scared silly to a bed, and with her eyes glistening, she looked over to Ye Jian. In those eyes, a hint of laughter could be seen sweeping across her eyes.

So it has come! I wonder what the situation is at Mom’s side.

“Ye Jian, let’s see how long you can continue being so complacent!” Ye Ying sneered. Those eyes of hers not only contained a sense of pride, but also a layer of confidence.

Patting He Jiamin, Ye Ying lowered her head and spoke softly, “We’ll let that little villain be complacent for a while. But rest assured, it will soon be her turn to cry.”

Those words on their own revealed a sufficient amount of information which she was not afraid to let Ye Jian know.

Since returning to school, Ye Jian had long been mentally prepared already. And just the same, her heart had already planned how she was going to handle it.

But why wasn’t Ye Ying afraid? Ke, it’s all because she has her parents!

Slightly hooking the edge of her lips upwards, Ye Jian’s dark pupils looked into Ye Ying’s overconfident eyes before exposing an aura that was both cold and hostile. Revealing a grin, she spoke calmly and softly, “Alright then, we shall see who will have the last laugh.”

Both had the same amount of confidence, but the difference remained in their respective sources as Ye Jian’s confidence was based solely on herself.

Seducing the teacher? Such a huge matter, how could she let Sun Dongqing and her daughter run the play all by themselves?

In the face of Ye Jian’s shallow grin, Ye Ying who was discreetly at ease and satisfied could not help but blink a few times as her heart gradually landed into a state of panic.

She clenched her fists tightly and gritted her teeth.

There’s nothing to be afraid of, there’s nothing to panic for! She had her mother and her father… That damned lass Ye Jian had nothing! She didn’t have anything that could go against her, so what right did she have to go against her!

So long as Teacher Ke stands forward to testify, she herself would definitely be safe while the damned lass shall carry the sin and live her life as her slave in the future!

The thought surfaced in Ye Ying’s mind, and her withered arrogance was rekindled once again. Recovering her gaze in disdain, she lowered her head to comfort He Jiamin gently.

Tan Wei and Xie Sifeng did not dare to stay in the dormitory any longer and found an excuse to study in the classroom before hurrying off.

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In the classroom, there were already twenty or so students, and a dozen of the boys were gathered around discussing about something.

Sitting in the middle was a boy with a pointed nose and lots of pimples on his face. He held a physics book in his hand and pressed his voice down as he asked mysteriously, “…you guys, guess what I found today.”

The matter of a student writing a letter evoked the interest of these young boys, and they glared at the boy who was deliberately trying to pique their curiosity. “Damn you, is there even a need to guess? It’s definitely a love letter, a love letter ah.”

“Quickly, let us see the love letter that Student No. 3 Ye Ying wrote to teacher… Her score in the language assessment was very good, so inside it should have a lot of nice hearing words. Come, come, come, read it out for us to learn.”

A roar of laughter could be heard. The boy cleared his throat before reading out each sentence word for word from the letter written by Student No. 3 Ye Ying to her teacher, while all the male and female students in the classroom listened.

“Wawawa, this love letter’s giving me the goosebumps. What ‘you’re the blue sky and I’m the cloud,’ and what ‘you’re the mountains and I’m the tree.’”

“Is this really what Ye Ying wrote? Why does it sound like it’s copied from a Bosom Friend magazine ah.”

“Kao, brat, you dare to read Bosom Friend! Be careful not to get criticized!”

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