Chapter 27: Fight, Fight, Fight

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Tan Wei and Xie Sifeng, who were hurrying to the classroom, became stumped and stood blankly right outside the classroom door… They had heard everything word for word as the love letter was being read out loud.

“Zhang Bin! What nonsense are you spouting!” Xie Sifeng was the quicker one to react, and she rushed into the classroom before roaring at the boy who was reading the love letter atop a desk. “You keep your mouth shut! Ye Ying would never… would never write that to a teacher. Don’t go around accusing Ye Ying baselessly!”

Girls were very sensitive towards the thing called “love letter” and would always try to pass it ambiguously.

“I can’t be wrong! Who here doesn’t recognize Ye Ying’s handwriting?” Zhang Bin jumped from the desk and down to the floor. He was the tallest boy in the class who towered at about 1.7 meters and could frighten almost anyone with just his height. He stood directly in front of the girl whose height was about 1.5 meters before asking, “Why should I accuse her? These words by themselves can testify that they were hers!”

The boys laughed even harder this time around, “Ha ha ha, Xie Sifeng, do you not know even though you always follow the class monitor around? Ha ha ha, I’m sure you know. Come, tell us quickly just how many love letters our superior class monitor has sent to our teacher.”

“Rubbish! Shut your traps, all of you! What do I know? I don’t know anything!” Now that the subject was directed at her, she could not help but become anxious and want to argue with them. However, she was stopped by Tan Wei who pulled her hand.

“Don’t quarrel with them anymore. We should return to the dormitory quickly to inform Ying Ying!” Tan Wei’s face was pale. She did not attempt to even refute, evidently hinting like… she knew something.

The two quickly rushed back to the dormitory as if they were flying, but the dormitory was empty. Only after asking the next door dormitory did they know that Ye Jian was called away by a teacher, and that Ye Ying had brought He Jiamin to the town hospital.

In the principal’s office, the homeroom teacher of the eighth-grade second class, Teacher Ke, spoke severely, “Principal, such problematic student should not be allowed to stay in this school any longer! To not know shame at such an age, letting her stay in this school may become a bad influence on her classmates!”

“Deputy Mayor, I do know that you all would wish for her to be able to stay, but I’m sorry to say that I, Ke Yu, will definitely never accept a student who knows how to seduce her teacher.”

In the office were the principal, Teacher Ke, and naturally Sun Dongqing and her husband Ye Zifan. Of course… there was also the important person that could not be absent, Ye Jian.

In the face of her home teacher’s accusations, she who had been keeping a calm face from the moment she entered the office stood as straight as a pine at a side. Her face showed no panic but only a strange sense of calmness.

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The moment Sun Dongqing heard what Teacher Ke had to say, she quickly stood up and scolded Ye Jian, “What are you standing there being stunned for? Quickly admit your mistake in front of the principal! Just look at you; not studying well at your age and only wanting to find a boyfriend. You, you, you… you’ll one day really be the death of me and your uncle!”

This was all to force Ye Jian to admit to the allegations of her seducing her teacher.

“Principal Chen, my niece has been an orphan since young and lacks discipline. So if possible, Teacher Ke, she will be transferred away from your class. As for having her drop out from school, Principal, I hope you can close an eye to this. After all, she’s still young and in addition that, the country has made a nine-year education journey compulsory.”

“Although what she has done is greatly unacceptable, but for my sake, please let her finish her middle school years. I promise that she’ll receive the necessary punishment for her behavior so that she would not bring any more trouble to the school in the next three years.”

The Deputy Mayor’s standard of speech was manyfold better than Sun Dongqing’s, but their intentions were the same: to press the sin of seducing a teacher onto Ye Jian.

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