Volume 1 Chapter 3: Unbreakable Shackles

As Bella got on the carriage, she could hear the occasional wretched wailing mixed in with brutish grunts coming from behind. Annie and Roland sat to her sides, shaking, they were probably frightened by the terrible noises that traveled into their ears.

“Don’t be scared, it’s just Maltz teaching that old pervert a lesson for you.”

Bella held one of the two in each of her arms and was trying to comfort them. The two girls calmed down somewhat after hearing her voice, and quickly fell asleep; after all, they had been through quite a lot.

“I really don’t want to let you girls go… If I was still a male, I would definitely eat you two right up”

Bella quietly mumbled to herself as she looked the two alluring girls that had entered a deep slumber. Bella’s hands lightly caressed their smooth and silky backsides, not on purpose but more of an unconscious reflex.

As Bella was enjoying herself, the Trevikon county was in a state of emergency. Apparently, the early morning after, Stuart Sidney had returned with over a thousand of the county’s guards but had only seen a field decorated with the remains of zombies; and near a wall they found the remains of Roland and Annie’s clothes that had been torn to shreds, as well as Annie’s bow. They assumed that the two girls had met an unfortunate end at the hand of zombies.

Sidney was scared silly as he realized what he had done. When the dragon knight Randall Shawn returned from the front line and found out that his little sister had died, and that Stuart was the cause; it wouldn’t be a very pleasant experience for Sidney. If Shawn challenged him to a knight’s duel to the death, it would definitely be the end of Stuart Sidney.

“Mister Sidney, don’t rush to conclusions right now, we still haven’t found Miss Roland and Princess Annie’s bodies yet, they may still be alive. I will send out all the available soldiers of the duchy as soon as they are gathered.” Count Harold wiped the sweat from his forehead as he comforted Sidney, he would be unable to escape responsibility as well. He had tried to talk them out of venturing into the Anola Clark strip but Sidney had ignored his advice and Count Harold was unable to stop him.

Archbishop Stanley, who stood to the side, had his eyes shut as if this was none of his business. He had observed the scene as well, within the tattered clothing were also scraps of the girls’ underwear; if the girls were still alive after their clothes had been torn to that extent, it would be a miracle.

“I don’t care! Harold, you have to find them, ALIVE; or you can wait to sacrifice your life to the empire as one of its counts.” Flustered and exasperated, Sidney slammed the door on his way out as Count Harold looked helplessly at him.

“Brother Harold, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, it’s just… the two girls are probably as dead as can be. Even if you manage to find their bodies it won’t be any better for you than if you find nothing at all; the Stuart family will definitely use all they can to save their young master, and you, my friend, will be their scapegoat.”

“Please show me a path, oh archbishop, I have always had the Church in my heart and have prayed fervently my entire life. Just give me a chance, I even helped the holy knight that came last month when she came with your letter!”

“Go and rest for a while, I’ll head there again to look again.” As he looked at the prostrated count Harold decided that he would go again; he hadn’t expected that the female pirate that he had encountered at sea would also be here; she was probably fine, but Stanley was going to check anyways, slightly worried that she might have perished along with the two girls.


The Anola Clark strip, this land that had been barren for the past millennium finally welcomed some of its original prosperity. It had become a bustling hub for the undead, as well as various monsters that came in from around the continent to rebuild the territory. The abandoned city at its centre had been almost completely rebuilt in only a month.

The scale of Nolarke city had already exceeded that of the capitals of the human empire and was at least three times larger than the holy city of the Church of Light. Even though the city was brightly lit, there were no living humans to be seen; those that walked the city streets were different types of undead and the occasional large monster.

Originally at the centre of the city was the feudal lord’s estate, but Bella had a grand church built in its place, its height exceeded a hundred meters and took up almost 10% of the city’s land, much larger than the royal palaces of the five empires. The church lacked the emblem of the Church of Light, evidently, they did not worship the god of light.

Deep in the church was a hot spring, one that had been recently dug and currently, the ones who held power within the city was passing their time inside.

“Sister, are these two sisters dolls? They haven’t moved much for the past two days.”

“How did you reach this conclusion, Angel?”

“Hmph, you’ve slept with them at your sides for the past two days, what are they if they aren’t dolls?”

“It’s because the bed isn’t big enough… I’ve already asked Mercedes to hurry up and find a larger bed.”

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Bella was currently helping to wash Roland’s body, who was still bound. Annie was already cleaned and leaning on the side of the hot spring, she was also still bound but Bella had removed their blindfolds. The two of them were still somewhat shy, and their faces red.

Annie and Roland were unable to complain about Bella’s actions as Mia had said that she was unable to undo the bonds and it takes at least a month to find a way to break them, and the gags would also take half a month; according to Mia.

The two of them were embarrassed to death after hearing her words, Bella had originally wanted to send them back to the Octavian Empire(Knights), but the two fervently shook their heads; they would be unable to lift their heads for the rest of their lives if they let anyone see them in their current state.

Luckily the gags on them had an opening for food so they wouldn’t starve; but they would be embarrassed to death every time Bella feeds them food and water but even if they wanted to starve themselves to death they were unable to, their lives were held in Bella’s hands.

“Bella Sister, these two little sisters’ underwear is so peculiar! It’s my first time seeing underwear made with rope, it actually doesn’t look that bad. You designed it right? Can you make a set for me too, I want to try it as well!”

Alf Dolores leaned lazily on a large rock stretching her limbs, exposing her explosive body; causing Bella’s heart to throb just looking at her, unconsciously applying more pressure in her hands. Roland wanted to complain but she had to let Bella continue with her nonsense as she couldn’t voice her complaints.

After coming to this world, Bella wasn’t satisfied with its clothing, especially its underwear that was designed similarly to thermals. So she decided to return to her previous life’s job of a fashion designer and made them new sets of clothing, with priority to underwear.

As Mia and Angel’s bodies were still rather undeveloped, the important role of model fell upon Dolores’ shoulders; this demon princess was rather open and wouldn’t mind trying on anything that Bella designed, she was definitely a model that designers would dream about. Many of the designs that Bella had been afraid to release due to their small amounts of coverage came to life on the explosive body of Dolores’.

“Dolores, what they’re wearing isn’t underwear; if you want to try it on I can try to get you a set. But you might end up like them?”

“I don’t think there is anything bad with that, not being able to move and having people take care of me; feels like being a pet, might not be bad to try it out. Is that ball gag part of the combo? Get me one of those too!”

Bella looked at Dolores, at a loss for words, this female demon was… turns out she had these interests; it seems that Bella needs to take a time to further discuss this topic with her.

After finishing washing the two girls, Bella gave the two of them a message to keep their joints from deteriorating. This was the most humiliating time for the two girls as they could watch helplessly while someone else played with their body. Fortunately for them, Bella was a girl, if a man did this to them they would definitely try to kill themselves.

“It’s not fair sister! Angel also wants a set; you can’t just make one for sister Dolores alone.”

“Angel…this…is for adults only, you’re still small.”

“Count me in! What do you mean only for adults, these two sisters are only fifteen or so.”

“Mia, you’ve come! Have you found a way out of these bonds?”

Bella shifted the topic as she looked at Mia who had just entered the conversation.” She actually was somewhat thankful towards Mia, she didn’t know if it was on purpose or she actually didn’t know how to rid Roland and Annie of their bonds. The benefits that Bella has gotten these two days were enough to let her laugh in her sleep; she had the time of her life the past two days.

Many genderbent males were unable to get used to their new bodies, mess around with their bodies and accidentally get themselves ‘bent’. Bella was rather fortunate to have Roland and Annie to help her familiarize with the female body so that she can get used to her own body.

“Still no breakthroughs yet, the sealing power is different from the three of ours, but it’s definitely also not that of this dimension’s gods; it seems to be a third force. There seems to be some hints of space and time laced in it; anyways, the two sisters seem to be faring pretty well, it shouldn’t be a problem to leave them like this for life right?”

Roland and Annie wanted to protest, but could only look at Bella with their frightened eyes. If she listened to this strange little girl, the two of them could actually be forced to spend the rest of their lives here; although Bella treated them well, it would be rather uncomfortable for them to stay like this forever.

“What? Do you guys think that I don’t treat you well? Or do you want me to return you to that old pervert?” As Bella looked at the two girls tremble; she noticed that she had been awakening some strange part of her ever since she had transmigrated to this world.
Roland and Annie looked with puppy eyes at Bella and stopped protesting.

“Just saying, if Mia can’t find a way to get you out of your bonds I will have to keep you by my side; don’t hate me, I won’t treat you badly. If you girls don’t talk I’ll take that as a yes.”

Roland and Annie were furious at the way Bella exploited the fact that they were unable to talk, they felt as if she had stamped over their dignity.
“Seems you guys still have some problems, should I put your blindfolds on and return you girls to where you came from?” As she looked at the girls who were scared witless, Bella kissed each of their cheeks while both girls were unable to retaliate.

It seemed that Bella had become addicted to bullying the two girls, in the depths of her heart something was awakening within her. She had labelled the two girls as ‘personal property’.

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“The main source of the sealing power is inside their collars, I feel that the owner of that power is still alive and quite likely to be hanging around the resting place.”

After hearing Mia’s words, Bella carefully looked at the black collars on the girls, there didn’t seem to be anything different about it except for a blank card at the centre of it that seemed to be for writing in.

Bella looked slyly at the cards as she borrowed a quill from Mia and wrote her own name on the cards.

“Sister, why are you writing your own name on it?”

“Nothing much Angel, it’s just for telling people’s stuff apart, I’m only leaving a mark!”

“Do you girls have any problem with this? I can also write on other places; Mia, I heard that you recently developed an ink that lasts for several months before being able to be washed off? Can you lend me some?”

Roland and Bella gave in to Bella’s threat and could only watch as Bella ‘claimed’ them as her personal property. If they knew that they would be treated like this by Bella, they might as well have killed themselves in front of that perverted zombie.

Right as Bella was about to continue to bully these two girls, a shadow appeared outside the hot spring. It seemed that there was something important, she would let the girls off this time.

“Mercedes, do you have something to report?”

“Excuse this servant for bothering you, my lady. I have something important to report to you all.”

“Speak, also, go and ask Maltz how the interrogation of that old pervert is going.”

“Your servant understands. Adrian has just reported that he has spotted an archbishop of the Church of Light, it seems to be an old man. Adrian asks if you want a whole body, or to make him disappear from the world.”

“An Archbishop? Call that stupid Adrian back, I have my plans.”

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