Chapter 77: Now, I can’t permit such a banality to take place.

Now, I can’t permit such a banality to take place.



That girl was somewhat in a fluster.
Inside a somber room where discerning between right and down was difficult, that girl was watching the face of Kamiya Yato, who was still unharmed, in a reflection as she scowled.

“This is bad, Desu.”

The fact that the invaders were this competent wasn’t included in her predictions.
The girl couldn’t help but feel astonished by her miscalculation.
After all, the monster she sent in order to wipe them out ended up being the one that is quelled.

That monster was a precious creature which my master allocated to me for emergency use.
He even told me, “Only use this monster when the proper time comes.”

When the girl asked her master back about ‘the proper time’, he answered: “it is the time when many young girls show up. If you deploy it then, I’m sure someone would be delighted.”
The girl didn’t quite understand what her master was trying to explain, however she believed that that time had come and released the monster.
Although, the result was her ignominious defeat.

Was it because I used it incorrectly.

The girl contemplated for seconds before she gave up thinking about it.
It was a shame as it was a monster bestowed to her personally by her master.
For her to fruitlessly use it that way, the girl earnestly reflected on her hasty decision and decided to use it effectively next time.

“Next time I will do it better, Desu.”

The girl who ended her phrases in a strange way motivated herself.
Now, that she put an end to that matter, it was time for her to come up with a new plan.
With that in mind, the girl gazed at the image which reflected the figures of the invaders.
They were seemingly conversing and they didn’t show a sign of making any fishy move.
Inside the room in which the girl was standing, various images of every corner of the island were reflected, in a way that they surrounded her in every side. The girl was able to see through the tiniest details of the island.
She was an existence similar to the kernel of the island.
Not even a single spot was out of her observation.

“Next is this, Desu.”

Apparently, making an appropriate choice this time, the girl grinned.

It should be alright if I use this.
It’s a monster which master left for me while saying something like “this is what true banality would look like.”
Surely he meant that it would obviously assault them.

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With such thoughts in her head, the girl gazed at another reflection.

“This side will get this, Desu.”

She then made another choice as she remained fixing her eyes on the reflected image.
The girl couldn’t’ believe that another invader entered from the other side, but that didn’t matter. The mission she received from her master doesn’t change.
All she had to do was achieve that mission.

“I won’t let anyone approach, Desu.”

Uttering with a serious voice, the girl kept observing the invaders.
She had no intention of letting them make it to that place.
With that firm resolution filling her heart, the girl began considering further plans and measures.

All for the sake of following the order of her master.


From the moment we plunged inside the dense forest, we did nothing but walk and keep walking.
Contrary the appearance of the trees concealing the ground from above, the inside was surprisingly bright and clear.
The presence of insects and animals was absent and we couldn’t hear a single bird chirping. It was totally quiet.

“This is strange……”

I felt uncomfortable with the eccentric state of the forest.

“What’s the matter, Yato-kun?”
“It’s too quiet in here.”

Although the island was created in a mean to make it impossible to be detected, the complete lack of life inside it was unexplainable.
Is something about to happen?
I became warier of my surroundings, but still couldn’t sense any reaction.

“I agree with you, this is weird.”

Feeling the same as me, Lina carefully looked around her.

“M-Maybe it’s just your overthinking.”
“You’re just raising the flag of something actually happening by saying that.”

Just where did her high spirit go.
The faint-hearted Saya fearfully expressed her thoughts.
I can’t blame her after what she had undergone with that giant octopus.
On the other hand, Karen didn’t show a sign of faltering and helped Saya to compose herself.
Nothing less from my beloved little sister. She was as calm as a lake.
While I bitterly smiled as I was listening to their conversation, I suddenly felt a magic reaction coming from the front.

“Everyone stop!”

I ordered everyone to halt their steps immediately after sensing the irregularity, and carefully stared forward.

“Chief~ something is coming.”
“Got it.”

Receiving Rouga’s warning, I replied with my eyes still fixed frontward.
At that instant, a magic circle manifested within a few meters before us and summoned a monster after casting its light.

“H-Hey, is this…”
“That’s a slime…”

Having a slime summoned in front of our eyes, Lina and I dropped our jaw, overwhelmed by the shock.
As for the reason behind receiving a shock from stumbling upon a mere slime, it was simply because it was clearly not a mere slime.

“…… too big.”

The slime standing before us was moving its slippery green, giant body.
He was giant enough to absorb even the trees that were near its body, which made it look further more revolting.

“First was an octopus and now a slime…”

It was quite the clished type of monsters to have showed up in this place.
As I inadvertently kept staring at the slime, I found myself imagining a certain situation.
A situation where a slime was about to attack three young beautiful girls inside an quiet forest.

… that’s no good. Things are about to become NSFW.

As I was optimistically imagining such a situation, the slime abruptly started to transform.
A part of its body reshaped into tentacles that eventually turned to our direction almost as if they were establishing their aim.
Those tentacles were brimming with energy.

“Saya-dono, Karen-dono! Move behind me!!”
“I will protect you~ “

Lina and Rouga who guessed the danger of the situation smoothly moved Karen and Saya behind their backs.
Taking a second glance, I noticed the trees which were splattered by the slime’s body fluid gradually melting.
Things will become risky if Saya and the girls were to be caught.

Nevertheless, I’m now facing a light novel-like development again.

Truth to be said, I was somewhat interested in seeing the continuation, Though I was forced to put the show at a stop.


Reaching my arm forward, I sharply enunciated that word to the slime.
Immediately, a pure white wind, similar to a blizzard, generated from my hand and blew against the slime which started to gradually freeze.
It then completely froze in the time of a few moments and didn’t shift the slightest.
I thrust my fist at the motionless slime.
Countless cracks ran through its entire congealed body until it finally crumbled away and turned into dust.

This should fit the bill

Only allowed on

After ensuring the utter defeat of the slime, I turned towards the girls.

“Are you okay?”
“Looks like you defeated it.”
“Chief is amazing~ !”

They all nodded stating that they were safe.
But I wonder what was all this about. An octopus, then a tentacle slime…
Why are there only obvious monsters that show up?

“What’s with this absurd place?”
“It’s a place made for fun, after all. I can see how everything here was created with the sole reason that it would be amusing.”

Lina responded to my complaints with a voice that seemed taken aback.

It’s only natural for her to feel that way after realizing that her boss is the type of kids who would set up such absurd antics.
Feeling sympathy towards Lina, I moved my lips to call for everyone to move, but got interrupted—-


A sound of explosion reached us from the far distance.

“W-What was this sound…”
“An explosion?”
“But why here out of all places?”

Bewildered by the sudden sound of explosion, the three girls gazed in the direction of the sound.
I had the exact same thought as of Lina’s remark. Why would an explosion occur here out of all places?
Nobody is supposed to be here except for us.
As I fell in thought, trying to figure out the cause of the explosion, Rouga stood before me and urged me to be vigilant.

“Something is on the way, chief!”

I tried using【Presence sensation】but I couldn’t pick anything from it.

Is it perhaps suppressing its presence?

Another doubt appended to my already disordered brain and I could feel the explosions gradually approaching us.

Looks like it’s really coming this way.

“Pay attention everyone! Something is coming!”

I declared to the three girls behind me before I turned back to find out the approaching cause of the explosions.
Alright, come!



“Tentacles, slime, octopus…”
“What’s the matter, Yato-kun?”
“Nothing, I just feel that the enemy monsters here an awfully inclined in a certain way.”
“Maybe it’s just your overthinking.”
“Yeah, you’re probably imagining things.”
“Ah, I know~ ! they call it tentacles po—-” ← Rouga
“I know what you’re trying to say, but you need to shut your mouth.” ←- Yato

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