Chapter 133: Desire

After the war of power ended, Lin Yan thought that the days ahead would be better.

He had won 70000 merits. Along with the amount they’ve accumulated, the total was around 100 000 merits. To them, this was a huge amount.
With it, one of them would be able to become an inner disciple.

However, they did not expect that after separating from Qin Tian, they would be tailed by some Heaven gate disciples.
Only after reaching a remote location did Lin Yan discover those disciples. The weakest of them was rank two spirit refining while the strongest was rank six spirit refining. The group of five was not their opponent.
Lin Yan had faced the oppression of those Heaven gate disciples for countless years. The rage suppressed inside him can no longer be described with words. He knows that as long as he had the chance, he would kill Yang Han brutally, not caring about the consequences. So what if he dies?
But with Yang Han becoming Sun pillar Nangong Lie’s Son in law, he knows that in this lifetime, there was no point thinking about revenge anymore.
Violent Sky faction’s oppression had already made him out of breath. By adding to the sun pillar’s pressure, his group will never have a day when they could get out of their predicament.
Being stepped on by someone, seeing his brothers getting bullied, Lin Yan felt his heart agonizing. Hatred seeped into his mind. He hated himself, hated that he could not protect the people around him. He was unworthy of being the Big Brother.
All these years, they followed him and suffered greatly without ever living a day in peace.
Lin Yan’s eyes turned bloodshot as he gashed his teeth. Qigong erupted and killing intent spread out.
“Ai, you still have a temper?” The white robe disciple smiled in disdain and once again stepped on Lin Yan’s head. His aura overwhelmed the killing intent of Lin Yan, “A rank two spirit refining realm cultivator dares to show off in front of me? Courting death.”
In his nose and mouth were dirt and grass. Lin Yan could not, under the disciple’s aura, was unable to move. Tears flowed out of his eyes. That deep pain of his could not be vented off. Involuntarily, tears started to flow.
The physical pain of his was not as agonizing as the pain in his heart.
Facing a rank six spirit refining realm cultivator, Lin Yan could not do anything. He did not even have an opportunity to struggle.
Chang Feng and Fang Kui, after seeing Lin Yan, could not help but have tears dripping down their faces. They were enraged. They wanted to gather their strength but were pressured by the spirit refining realm aura, unable to gather them.
“Release them……”
An icy cold voice, making others shudder.
“I’ll repeat myself again, release them!”
The icy cold voice was filled with killing intent. It was as if it came from hell, extremely terrifying.

The white robe disciple turned his head. He gave the increasing larger figure a look before spitting onto the ground, “F**k, who the hell are you? Dare to interrupt this Laozi’s business……”
Before he could finish his sentence, the figure shot out like a bullet. With a ‘sou’ sound, he reached the head of that disciple.
Head exploded!

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The head of the white robe disciple exploded and blood spurted out. His body stayed in the air for half a second before falling.
Rank six spirit refining cultivator, instant kill.
The speed was indescribably fast. None of the other disciples were able to react and could only stare at his corpse in a daze. Then, they look helplessly at the figure as fear entered their hearts. Their faces turned pale as cold sweat emerged.
The dense killing intent made them unable to move and could only tremble at their positions.
“We…we are….Heaven gate disciples……Violent Sky faction…people.”
The disciple that spoke had his head exploded.
Now, the remaining four disciples were even more terrified. Their clothes were wet. Not to mention speaking, none of them even dare to breathe heavily.
Lin Yan and his group stood up as they stared at the figure full of gratitude.
Suddenly, Yi Qianhan’s expression changed. Her eyes moved and she choked with sobs. She knew that she was once again saved by Qin Tian. For a very long time, she wanted to repay the debt, only to have it increase again. In this lifetime, she might never be able to return it.
“Is it you?” Yi Qianhan asked softly in joy.
Her heart had already confirmed that the figure was Qin Tian, yet she asked. She didn’t know why she asked, only that she just wanted to.

Qin Tian nodded.
The darkness force was released covering the crescent moon in the sky. Immediately the four disciples were caged up. The night sky became darker, making one unable to see the front clearly. An immense fear overwhelmed them.
At this moment, they were afraid and started the scream.
“We are Heaven gate disciples, you…you…cannot kill us……”

“Violent Sky faction will not let you off.”
“I beg of you….spare me……”
Qin Tian took a step forward as his hands rose. Darkness force continued to be released. The feeling of being in control of others life truly is marvelous. The darkness force from hell made his blood boil.
With a deathly cold smile, both his hands lowered as he spat a word out, “Die!”
The darkness force caging the disciples compressed and a black hole appeared, the all-devouring darkness force.
A few tragic cries sounded. In a blink of an eye, nothing was left.
Even the splattered blood of the two heads that exploded were devoured, leaving nothing behind.

“F**k me, this godly dark art uses too much Qigong. 20000 consumed just by showing it off once. Still, it’s power is too amazing, hehe……”
“Qin Tian?!” Lin Yan walked forward and a trace of gratitude could be seen in his eyes.
At the same time, Chang Feng and the others walked up too, leaving Yi Qianhan standing there alone. She bit her teeth and tried to control her tears, but it continued to flow. The cold, firm and strong lady finally could not hold it back anymore.
Qin Tian laughed, “Brother Lin, I’ve come late.”

Qin Tian did not even expect himself to meet with such a situation, hero saving beauty in those melodramatic movies. He laughed bitterly and looked towards Yi Qianhan. His heart pounded hard as if he could feel the pain of hers.
Suddenly, Lin Yan kneeled.
Simultaneously, Chang Feng, Fang Kui and Xue Dingshan kneeled too.
The countless humiliation, disdain and unfairness, they could no longer endure anymore. They could not endure, yet they did not have strength. They wanted to become stronger, and the desire was more stirred up than ever before.
Qin Tian was taken aback. From their expressions, he could understand. This was his expression when he was bullied and humiliated by Qin Kun, the desire to become stronger. He went to lift Lin Yan up, “Brother Lin, what are you all doing? Stand up and speak.”
“Qin Tian, please help us to grasp strength.” Lin Yan was unmoving like a root on the ground. His two blazing eyes stared at Qin Tian.
“Please make us stronger.” Chang Feng and the others repeated.
At this moment, Yi Qianhan moved towards Qin Tian. With yet to wiped tears on her face, she kneeled, “Please……”
“You all…stand up first.” Qin Tian felt a pain as he looked at Yi Qianhan. With the five of them kneeling in front of him, he didn’t know what to do.
Lin Yan and his group were unmoving, with an extremely firm gaze.
In a year, Qin Tian broke through from rank five spirit gathering realm to rank six spirit refining realm. In their hearts, Qin Tian’s cultivation speed was beyond their imaginations. To them, Qin Tian was like a god.
By relying on themselves, the speed is just too slow. The only way out was to rely on Qin Tian.
Qin Tian did not expect to meet such a scene.
Seeing the determination in their expression, he agreed.

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