Chapter 134: Inner Sect

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Qin Tian could not refuse.

Lin Yan and his group had already reached the limit, unable to endure any longer.
As a friend, he needed to help.
“Swallow the cores first and wait for me. I’ll find you all tomorrow.” Qin Tian took out fifteen cores and handed them to Lin Yan. He then walked towards Yi Qianhan and wipe the tears on her face. “There won’t be anyone bullying you anymore.”
After he spoke finish, he moved towards the direction of the inner sect.
“Brother Qin has become an inner disciple.”
“He used 100 000 merits to gain it.”
“Will he help us to become stronger?’
“He will, definitely will.”
Staring at Qin Tian’s disappearing figure, their hands tightened and a never before confidence filled their hearts.
The public square of inner disciples is larger than those of the outer sect with luxurious buildings, exotic flowers and an abundance of Qi.
Standing at the public square, Qin Tian looked up. There were eight mountains standing at eight different directions.

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In the middle was a mountain with an island-like shape at the middle. The sky beyond sky, where the sect’s high authorities gather.
Sky beyond sky. The first patriarch, using his boundless might, after thousands of years of refinement, refined out the hidden golden hepta aura in the meteorite. Tianji sect was able to become one of the ten great sects was largely because of that.
The golden hepta aura is a force from a world beyond, only successive patriarch can train with it. Absorbing a bit can be said for one to have traveled thousands of miles in a day. From the beginning of time until now, there were three experts that exceeded the absolute realm, stepped into the void and become a saint.

After tens of thousands of years of refinement, the golden hepta only decreased by a bit, like only a hair of nine cows was gone.
Such an aura contains an earth-shattering might and is extremely unstable. It may collide with the aura within a body and cause the body to explode. Quite a number of patriarch died there.

Rewards are after all in direct proportion to danger.
Looking at the sky beyond sky above, Qin Tian was stirred up. He was now a step closer to finishing the SSS task. “Long Xiaotian, Laozi has come.”
After a while of admiring the sky beyond sky, Qin Tian decided not to waste more time. The group was still waiting for him. He needed to redeem the inner court qualifications as fast as possible and get a task in the inner achievement hall. He had to break through to the ascension realm quickly.
It was daybreak and the inner court main hall was empty.
Quietly on a step, he pondered about how to help Lin Yan and the group break through.
To him, fifteen cores aren’t much but they are still treasures to the group of five. A rank five core could be sold for 2000 merits, which could be seen that even the sect values cores greatly.
By swallowing three cores, they would definitely be able to have a significant increase in cultivation in a short while.
As for how they should cultivate in the future, it’s all on them.
If not for the leveling up system, Qin Tian would still be rolling about in the warrior realm. Hence he did not know much about the Tianyuan continent’s cultivation system and could only help the group materially.
Half an hour later, his surroundings became crowded.
Qin Tian’s eyes were glowing as his heart sighed. The cultivation of the inner sect disciples was too profound, there were even some ascension realm disciples.
“Inner sect disciples are indeed not simple.” Qin Tian thought.

“What do you want?”
A voice traveled across. A white hair old man walked up, seeing Qin Tian seating on the steps, he asked.
Qin Tian stood up and walked down the steps, speaking respectfully, “Disciple just came from the outer sect.”
With that, he took out the jade plate exchanged using 100 000 merits.
The white hair old man was taken aback as he took the jade plate. Faintly, he laughed, “Using a hundred thousand merits to exchange for an inner court qualifications, this fellow isn’t simple ah.”
The old man took a few glances at Qin Tian before entering the main hall with his eyes narrowed. Qin Tian followed and asked, “Elder, is this the place to confirm one’s qualification?”

“Not bad, it is indeed so.” The old man returned a few words casually, yet his mind was not thinking the same, “Exchanging for it using a hundred thousand merits, such a huge amount. However, wanting to have a firm standing in the inner sect with just a rank six spirit refining cultivation would not be easy.”
In the inner sect, experts are as common as clouds. The competition is much crueler and intense.
Without sufficient strength, wanting to survive would be hard.
Moreover, Qin Tian’s cultivation wasn’t high, wanting to stand firmly in the inner sect is extremely tough. What’s more, the inner sect disciples are Violent Sky faction’s true strength. Of a hundred inner disciples, over half was Violent Sky faction’s people. It is of a different level of difficulty to mingle with others.
All of these, Qin Tian had already considered.
However, his main motive was for the tasks, for level up. Everything else, he believes that after reaching the ascension realm, Tianji sect will naturally place importance on him.
Ascension realm disciples are Tianji sect’s cornerstones. All of them must have gone through demanding cultivation so the patriarch and the elder’s would all be looking. Once Qin Tian broke through, if the Violent Sky young master wants to deal with him, he would need to reconsider.
Inside the main hall, Qin Tian took out the black plate he got as an outer disciple and handed it to the old man.

The old man took it and probed it with his spiritual sense. “There’s still a hundred thousand merits left, truly not simple ah.”
Following that, the old man brought Qin Tian into a room and took out a Jade stone with carvings of a dragon and a phoenix. They were very detailed.

He then sank his spiritual sense into the Jade stone and the information within the black plate was transferred.
“It is finished.” The old man passed him the Jade stone and continued, “Your merits have transferred, you may check it.”
“Many thanks elder.” Qin Tian bowed and asked, “Elder, am I able to go to the achievement hall to receive a task now?”
“Of course you can.” The old man replied with a smile, “You’ve only reached rank six spirit refining realm. The outer court tasks cannot be compared to the inner court tasks. They are extremely difficult. I advise you to first redeem some Dans and cultivate in your courtyard. After breaking through to the rank nine spirit refining realm, it still isn’t too late to receive a task.”
A rank six spirit refining realm cultivator is rarely seen.
Other than through breaking through, the requirements to enter the inner sect is very strict. Once every year, only ten disciples can gain the qualifications through recommendations.
In other words under normal circumstances, only ten outer disciples would become inner disciples every year.
Those like Qin Tian that uses merits are very rare.
Qin Tian was touched by the elder’s advice and bowed, “Thank you Elder, disciple understands.”
”Go then!” The old man waved his hand.

He had already seen through Qin Tian’s thoughts and laughed bitterly while shaking his head, “I may not be able to see him again next time.”

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