Chapter 135: You’re Not Worth Having Me To Take Action

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At the inner sect achievement hall.

There were a total of five floors, with two being places where tasks were released.

The first floor was for normal tasks, with a relatively lower difficulty. However, as compared to the tasks in the outer sect, it was still many times greater.
The second floor was where special tasks were shown, the difficulty was relatively higher. Other than merits, there would also be materialistic rewards like tools or Dans
The danger level for special tasks was extremely high.

Qin Tian entered the achievement hall and many heads around turned. All of them were strong with high cultivation. Anyone of them would be at least a rank nine spirit refining realm cultivator with a profound Qigong.
A rank six spirit refining cultivator entering the hall attracted many people.
“Rank six spirit refining realm?”
“Entering as an exception?”
“For a rank six spirit refining cultivator to come to the achievement hall, truly tired of living.”
Discussions erupted among the crowd. Facing Qin Tian, they held puzzlement, disdain, and mockery.
A rank six spirit refining cultivation is indeed nothing much to look at. However, they did not know that even an ascension realm cultivator Wang Xie died in his hands. Qin Tian was not weaker than many of them.
“Qin Tian?”
From the crowd, a voice traveled across. Many heads turned towards the origin of the voice, Meng Fanyi.
“Brother Meng.” Qin Tian was slightly taken aback and laughed as he walked towards him.
“He is Qin Tian?”
“Qin Tian! ! !”
Suddenly, a deep cry sounded full of explosive might. With his Qigong cultivation being so profound, his voice caused others to shudder. The crowd could not help but activate their Qigong to withstand it.
The crowd looked towards the cry.
Wang Ye, rank three ascension realm, one of Violent Sky faction’s supervisors. He has the support of the Violent Sky young master and cultivates in the Supreme Yin godly ability, releasing a baleful Yin aura that causes others to shudder, not daring to get closer.
The most important thing was that he is Wang Xie’s Brother.

The outer sect war of power, Qin Tian’s fight till the end had caused him to gain fame, creating quite a stir in the inner sect.
Especially the Violent Sky faction. One of the twelve supervisors had died, with the killer being a rank six spirit refining realm outer sect disciple. This was simply an utter humiliation and the faction never experienced such a situation before.
Humiliation must be cleaned with blood.
Wang Xie’s death infuriated Wang Ye, he hated Qin Tian to his bones. If not for Violent Sky young master being in seclusion to break through to the Void Piercing realm, he would have killed Qin Tian in the outer sect with no hesitation. How could he endure letting Qin Tian live for another second?
This name ‘Qin Tian’ that was called out by Meng Fanyi rumbled like thunder in Wang Ye’s mind. Rage grew as the baleful Yin aura surged out. The entire achievement hall became cooler and many disciples turned pale.
Killing intent emerged.
Qin Tian frowned and his evil suppressing aura of the Heavenly Dragon Form aura was activated.
He was only able to kill Wang Xie by relying on the ‘thousand evil aura’ exploded out from the nine heaven demon. With his own strength, he would not even be Wang Xie’s opponent. An ascension realm cultivator is far stronger than a spirit refining cultivator.
Facing the ascension realm Wang Ye that had broken through for tens of years, Qin Tian felt fearful.
If he were to really attack, even ten of Qin Tian would not be his opponent.
“Wang Ye, are you doing? This is the achievement hall, do you really want to make a move here?” Meng Fanyi stood in front of Qin Tian and shouted.
At the same time, his heart was trembling.
Meng Fanyi was only a rank nine spirit refining realm cultivator, how could he be Wang Ye’s opponent? The ascension force’s spiritual pressure made his heart tightened. It was extremely uncomfortable.
The people around were also the same.
Qin Tian’s face turned pale. The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture continued to protect him, but it was still unable to withstand Wang Ye’s spiritual pressure. He hated the feeling and was vexed. He cursed within his mind, “F**k your uncle .”
His facial muscles twitched.
In his Dantian, Qigong was being released continuously. Other than protecting himself, Qin Tian did not have any excess strength.
Rank three ascension realm was too powerful for him.

“Qin Tian, return my brother’s life to me.”
Wang Ye was so incensed that he no longer cared about any sect rules. His fingers formed claws with each of them releasing baleful Yin force. They were as sharp as needles. Directly, they headed for Qin Tian……
The baleful Yin aura was filled with ascension force, making it extremely chilly, extremely strong.
If the claws were to hit, Qin Tian’s head might be instantly clawed through.
Wang Ye had trained his ascension force for tens of years, his strength is many times greater than Wang Xie. Against him, Qin Tian had no way to fight back.
Being pressured, Qin Tian’s eyes held traces of rage. Just as he was about to enter his demon mode, a very pure Qigong covered him and deflected Wang Ye’s twin claws.
A deep voice sounded, “Impudent!”
The word ‘impudent’ was filled with boundless might, forcing Wang Ye to retreat.
A man with an ashen face, who was wearing a green robe, appeared with eyes full of anger. Qin Tian was taken aback. His law of aura was actually unable to sense anything!
This was the second time. Previously, it was the lotus saint lady.
Since even his law of aura could not sense anything, to what degree had the man cultivated to? Or was he some incarnation?
Qin Tian’s heart sank as he retreated, observing the changes In silence.
Wang Ye’s expression changed, though his anger had not subsided, he kept his ascension force. “Elder Xiao, it would be better if you don’t meddle in Violent Sky faction’s business.”
Every word of his contains his dense aura. Against the achievement hall elder Xiao Feng, he threatened arrogantly.
Xiao Feng’s face sank as his eyes squinted. He roared, pressuring Wang Ye into the ground. “To dare to attack in the achievement hall, do you believe Laofu cannot eliminate you?”
A peak ascension realm figure, extremely powerful.

In front of the elder, Wang Ye did not have any room to fight back. Qin Tian’s heart throbbed fiercely, his thirst for power emerged once again.
Wang Ye continued to speak unbridledly, “Have Laozi killed if you have the guts. Only a Peak ascension realm, Laozi will definitely surpass you in less than a hundred years. See how I kill you at that time.”

“Outrageous!” Xiao Feng raised his hands and his ascension force rushed towards the sky, forming an enormous sea of ascension force.

Within the achievement hall, Wang Ye laughed coldly at Xiao Feng. He patted away the dust on his shoulders, seemingly delighted.
Beside him appeared another person which should be a virtual image.

The virtual image looks bright and seemed to be above 20 years old. However, the feeling he gives out was one of a king’s aura. “Elder Xiao, looking at my face, drop today’s problem.”
Xiao Feng’s face turned pale as sweat emerged. His attack was completely swallowed by the image!
“Yes…yes…young master.” Xiao Feng spat out a few words with all his might. The pressure acting upon him was so great that it seemed like if he were to say ‘no’, his body would crumble
Void Piercing realm, the young master had reached the Void Piercing realm already.
The virtual image laughed and he glared coldly at Qin Tian.
Suddenly, a spiritual sense entered Qin Tian and he almost kneeled down. It destroyed all of the Qigong inside him. Within his Dantian, the dragon and the elephant did not dare to move. Qin Tian started to tremble.
“Heng, you’re not worth having me take action.”
The image snorted. In his eyes, Qin Tian was not even an ant. The disdain and contempt made Qin Tian felt utterly humiliated. Hate entered his mind.
The image flashed and vanished from the hall.
“Violent Sky young master!”
“Haha, young master had already stepped into the Void Piercing realm, Wutian can wait for death.”

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“So he is Violent Sky young master Liu Shuanghan, Laozi will remember you, wait for it……” Qin Tian revealed a chilly evil smile.

Killing intent pierced into the sky.

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