Chapter 136: S Level Task

The Violent Sky young master Liu Shuanghan is very strong.

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So strong that just by relying on his spiritual sense formed by the virtual image could already pressure Qin Tian.

To him, Qin Tian had no qualifications to be his opponent.

The pressure was like a mountain. Hatred grew within the deepest part of him. Qin Tian glared at the direction where the image vanished from and clenched his fists. “Violent Sky young master? Wait for me. If I do not kill you, Laozi’s name will be written upside down.”

“Brother Qin, how did you provoke him?” Meng Fanyi was pale. The harm dealt by the pressure of Wang Ye’s spiritual sense wasn’t small.

Qin Tian laughed bitterly, not replying.

“Qin Tian, for the time being, you can live a few more days. But sooner or later, your life shall be mine.” Wang Ye laughed coldly full of killing intent.

Qin Tian stared at Wang Ye with no fear. On the contrary, he was calm. He revealed a mysterious smile.

Wang Ye was taken aback and his eyes narrowed.

Following that he waved his sleeves, turning into a black shadow and disappearing from the achievement hall.

With Violent Sky young master breaking through to the Void Piercing realm successfully, his spirit was stirred up. Sooner or later, Qin Tian will die in his hands. There was currently more important things to do. Moreover, if he kills in the achievement hall, the disciplinary hall will investigate. Although he wasn’t afraid, he didn’t want to attract unnecessary problems.

Half a year later, it would be the inner sect hundred strongest competition.

Everyone in the inner sect would need to participate. Was he to kill Qin Tian at that time, no one could say anything.

After Wang Ye left, the achievement hall regained its usual clamor. Many were discussing how many days could Qin Tian still live for. By provoking the Violent Sky faction, it would be hard to succeed in the inner sect. Now that Liu Shuanghan broke through and became stronger, Violent Sky faction would definitely rise explosively.

Whether the rank six spirit refining realm Qin Tian could live on for a few more days would be hard to say.

However, Qin Tian just laughed. He looked at the tasks on the black pillar and went on towards the second floor.

“Qin Tian, the tasks on the second floor is extremely dangerous, even ascension realm cultivators might not be able to complete. Why not find some simpler tasks?” Meng Fanyi chased after Qin Tian immediately and explained. He felt anxious. Did Qin Tian suddenly turn dumb?

“Only in the rank six spirit refining realm yet want to take the task on the second floor. Did he turn dumb from fear?

“Overestimating himself.”

“He’s going to die no matter what, so might as well take some dangerous tasks. Haha……”


Qin Tian did not take the taunts and jeers to heart. He even felt that they were pitiful. A cultivator of the Dao walks the road of danger and defies the heavens, how could they be fearful of danger?

Like this, how could they even break through?

“Brother Meng, my cultivation way is different from others. The tasks on the first floor are of no help.” Qin Tian said two ambiguous sentences.

Meng Fanyi did not think too much about it. After a while of pondering, he suddenly smiled, “Since Brother Qin wants to challenge, why should I fear? The road of cultivation was originally breaking through in the midst of danger. I’ve already stayed in rank nine spirit refining realm for tens of years, being unable to break through must be because the opportunity has not appeared. Rather than cultivating in silence, why not seek fortune in danger, make a gamble.”

For him to have said such words, Qin Tian was stunned and agreed immediately.

The second floor of the achievement hall had lesser people, but were all in the ascension realm.

Seeing the two people entering, those inside were shocked, but none said anything.

The state of mind of ascension realm cultivators and spirit refining cultivators were completely different.

Qin Tian looked at the black pillar and decided on the task ‘Mysterious ocean flame’. He went to confirm it.

His voice wasn’t loud, but the people around were taken aback. ‘Mysterious ocean flame’ is one of the top three most dangerous tasks. Judging by his cultivation realm, the danger level would be ‘S’. The task is extremely tough, almost no one would be able to return alive.

The task to gather the ‘Mysterious ocean flame’ is released by the Fierce Sun Pillar master Shen Yan. She is Tianji sect only refiner. Rumours had it that she used the ‘Mysterious ocean flame’ to refine a peerless divine sword, a godly tool able to slice through the sky.

Countless monsters and demons infested the Jibei ocean. It was far dangerous than Kunlun or Impendence mountain range by many times. It was also desolated, finding a person there within a thousand Li range was difficult. It was completely a paradise for monsters and demons.

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Mysterious flame, a flame within the ocean floor of the dark ocean. Gathering them isn’t easy.

What’s more terrifying was dark sea king, a Monster beyond rank ten. The entire dark sea was under its control.

The task had been announced for half a year already, those that accepted never returned.

Hence, it was judged to be one of the three most dangerous tasks.

To others, Qin Tian was only a rank six spirit refining realm cultivator, accepting such a task was equivalent to courting death. Even a peak ascension realm cultivator would not dare to attempt it rashly. However, he was like a recently born calf, unafraid of a tiger. In their eyes, there was some problem with Qin Tian’s brain.

Different from them, Qin Tian was joyful. The whole ocean was filled with monsters, how much experience was that?

This kind of task was the most suitable for leveling up.

What he needed now was to find such a place. Monsters from normal places were unable to satisfy him. If he wants to level up, it would necessary to find a place with an abundance of experience.

He had to break through to the ascension realm in half a year.

Wang Ye must die half a year later.

Meng Fanyi was shocked, not expecting Qin Tian to choose such a dangerous task. He could not understand. However, he continued to stay behind Qin Tian, not questioning.

He trusted Qin Tian.

Next, Qin Tian went to the third floor and spend 6000 merits on six void escaping talismans. Those were lifesaving items.

They then went out of the achievement hall and walked towards the outer sect.


Meanwhile, in the Heaven Sun Pillar.

The red hair of Nangong Lie rose and the body of his glowed with a thin red light. He stared at Yang Han and spoke seriously, “Rank five spirit refining realm, as a Son in law, simply humiliating.”

Yang Han lowered his head in silence with extreme caution.

Nangong Yan pouted and walked beside Nangong Lie. “Father, do help him.”

Nangong Lie gave a glance and a sharp light radiated from his eyes. A book floated towards Yang Han. “This is an immortal rank ability, godly flame art. I will send you to the sky beyond sky tomorrow. Break through to the ascension realm within half a year, or else…..”

A few cold chuckles sounded, “Or else, my Nangong clan will not accept thrash.”

Yang Han kneeled. “Thank you, Father-in-law. I will not let you down.”

His heart started to laugh coldly, “Nangong Lie, wait for it. Laozi will one day surpass you and will repay a hundred times of the humiliation you gave me.”

Sky beyond sky, full of golden hepta aura, increases the speed of cultivation by ten times of the world outside.

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