Chapter 137: Evil Demon City

Jibei dark ocean, an extremely cold place.

The monsters there have one thing in common – a powerful defense.
Living in such a chilly location for many years, they had undergone evolution. Their bodies are completely different from normal monsters. Their skins are thick, bones as hard as iron, a normal sword would find it hard to cause harm.
By comparing their physical and demonic powers, though the dark ocean monsters mostly attack physically, their demonic power still increases their damage output.
Both Qin Tian and Meng Fanyi traveled hundreds of thousands of Li. In half a month’s time, they finally reached the last city before the Jibei dark ocean, Evil Demon city.
Evil Demon city, a sinful city, classified as an unregulated ground.
However, they have their own rules and laws. Those that commit crimes or do not obey would either be sent out of the city or killed on the spot.

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No matter what one did in the past, like having killed a demon king or betrayed a sect, as long as one enters the city, no one is allowed to pursue the matter. If such a case happens, the Evil Demon city leader will take action.
The might of the Evil Demon city leader is extremely terrifying. Rumours had it that he was already a universe realm cultivator.
In the entire Tianyuan continent, universe realm experts are scarce.
What’s more dreadful was that even huge cultivation sect left the city alone, no one was willing to provoke the fiend.
Hence, with the city leader’s protection, Evil Demon city became a paradise for the wicked. There, no one would need to be worried about being chased to be killed.
Still, as long as one was out of the city, he would no longer be under the city leader’s protection.
Other than being heaven for the wicked, it was also the only way to the dark ocean. If one wants to enter the Jibei dark ocean, one must first go to Evil Demon city.
Evil Demon city produces a type of pearl that allows a person to breathe underwater, water avoidance pearl.
The pearl is necessary for all that wants to enter the Jibei dark ocean. By bringing along the pearl, one would not need to worry about the problem of breathing underwater no matter how deep he is. At the same time, water pressure would only be as strong as the pressure on land, making it a must-have item for all adventurers.
Other than the water avoidance pearls, Evil Demon city also has a large auction house.

There are numerous treasures within the ocean.
Legend has it that the dark sea region was the territory of a demonic tribe. During the ancient war, a saint destroyed and flooded the land, exterminating the territory. Countless of treasures were now hidden on the ocean floor.
To adventurers, especially demonic cultivators, Jibei dark sea was the best place for them.
At the entrance of the city, two guards holding a spear each stopped the advance of Qin Tian and Meng Fanyi. “Entrance fee.”
“How many?” Qin Tian asked.
“A core per person.”
“One core?” Meng Fanyi exclaimed in shock, “Isn’t the fee too high?”
The guards were expressionless and firm.

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Qin Tian handed three cores and laughed, “Brothers, these two cores shall be our entrance fee. Use the remaining core to buy yourselves some tea.”
The eyes of the guards brightened. “You’re too kind, too kind, haha……”
“I would like to ask where can we buy the best water avoidance pearl?” Qin Tian asked.
“Water avoidance pearl? You both want to enter the dark ocean?” The guard was stunned. He saw that Qin Tian’s cultivation realm was only rank six spirit refining realm, wanting to enter the ocean with such strength, wasn’t it courting death? Though he thought like that, he was too lazy to advise. These days, people are turning crazy thinking about treasures, how could they even bother listening to his advice. He sighed and answered, “There is a clan that specializes in selling water avoidance pearl in the southern city. However, if you want the best, you would need to go the auction house.”
“Why would we need to go to the auction house to buy it? Meng Fanyi could not understand.

The guard gave a mysterious smile while weighing the core in his hand, “Only at the auction house could you buy the most genuine water avoidance pearl. At other places, hehe……”

He chuckled for a moment.
Qin Tian clamped his fists and said his thanks.
After that, the two of them entered the city.
While they walked, Meng Fanyi still could not understand. The auction house is where goods are auctioned off, so why would some goods be the water avoidance pearl? Was it that there would be an auction every day?
“Such situations are not hard to understand. Look at it from the aspect of profits.”

The production method of water avoidance pearls is fully under the control of Evil Demon city. To increase the influence of the auction house, some genuine pearls would be sold there.
Most people that enter the city are all adventurers and needed water avoidance pearls. Just by relying on collecting entrance fees, nothing much could be earned?
Auctioning out water avoidance pearls are different. If one wants to search for treasures or explore the dark ocean. He would need to get a pearl. With all the genuine pearls being sold in the auction house, one would need to spend a whole lot of money to bid for it, or else wanting to enter the dark ocean would just be a wishful thinking.
Not only did it raise the auction house’s fame, the amount earned was greater too.
A long while later, Meng Fanyi’s eyes brightened. He stared at Qin Tian, laughing, “Brother Qin, not only is your cultivation speed fast, your brain is extremely smart too.”
At first, Qin Tian wanted to find a lower difficulty task and bring along Lin Yan and his group, helping to strengthen them. However, when he remembered about the inner sect hundred strongest competition half a year later, he chose not to. If he doesn’t break through to the ascension realm as fast as possible, at that time, he might not be able to retain his life.
Without a choice, he let Meng Fanyi make the arrangement.
What Lin Yan and his group lack was cultivation, not battle experience. Even if Qin Tian brought them along, they would probably not be able to break through. On the contrary, Qin Tian could not even guarantee his survival, he did not even have the ability to attend to them.
In the end, Meng Fanyi used his connections to send them to the best cultivation space with double cultivation speed. It caused Qin Tian 50 000 merits.

However, as it was able to increase their cultivation, Qin Tian felt that the few ten thousand was nothing.
Qin Tian and Meng Fanyi went to the only auction house in the city. It was crowded like a marketplace.
“Are both of you here to bid or auction out goods?”
At the entrance, an auction house worker stopped them.
“May you hand two cores as entrance fee.”
“What?” Meng Fanyi was taken aback. “Fees are collected to enter the city, yet even into the auction house too? Stop calling your Evil Demon city as Evil Demon city, but Robbery city.”
“Please leave if you’re not giving the entrance fee.”
Qin Tian took out two cores. “Brother Meng, it’s only two cores, nothing to be angry about.”
A smile appeared on the worker’s face immediately after receiving the fees. He passed them two wooden tiles which were carved with a bunch of numbers. “This is what you will be identified as, just raise your tile when you’re bidding. If you need some cores, go to the third floor to exchange. We are honest and fair, and will provide an equivalent exchange.”
“Thank you.”
Qin Tian spoke casually and brought Meng Fanyi inside.

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