Chapter 138: Auction House

The scope of the auction wasn’t large.

There were tens of rows of seats with half of them unused.

On the stage, a sharp looking old man struck his hammer down, “Bewitching Pearl, given to No.8762.”
“The next item is something the city leader refined out using his universe force, Lightning Pearl. The pearl contains the boundless might of lightning, killing countless of rank five aquatic monsters in an instant and seriously injuring thousands of rank six. The starting price is 10 cores. May the bidding begin.” The old man said with a refreshing smile.
“11 cores……”
“12 cores……”
“15 cores……”
People below the stage started bidding.
Qin Tian and Meng Fanyi, both seated in the last row, stared at those that were shouting. “Evil Demon city leader really knows how to do business.”
“As a universe realm expert, is he feeling bored? Why refine a Lightning Pearl for no reason, or is it that he got so much Qigong that he had no place to release it on?” Meng Fanyi grinned.
“A normal Lightning Pearl is worth only two cores. However, thanks to the city leader, his title as a universe realm cultivator, it is different. It’s not as if we can say that the city leader is good at doing business, only that those people are too silly.” Qin Tian laughed. Such a situation was very common in his previous life.

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An average item, with a superstar spreading the word of it, had its value multiplied.
Qin Tian could be said to have seen so many strange things that they were no longer strange anymore.
However, Meng Fanyi was still stunned. The more he looked at Qin Tian, the more he felt that Qin Tian wasn’t simple. What he(QT) contemplates was beyond his(MF) own understanding.
After a tough fight, the pearl was finally sold at a high price of 21 cores.
Qin Tian shook his head bitterly.
Once again, the old man commanded the workers to bring two shining and transparent pearls with spiritual aura revolving around it.”
“Everyone here is the adventurers that entered Jibei dark ocean before, countless treasures should be found in the ocean. Rumours had it that it was the resting place of an ancient demon tribe. Whether it is true or fabricated, I believe you yourself knows best. Let me not waste your time.”
“In order to enter deep into the dark ocean, a good Water Avoidance Pearl is needed.”

“The pearls in front of you are two perfect Water Avoidance Pearl our great city leader, using his universe force for 49 days, finally refining out. Not only can it allow you to travel deep into the ocean, it can guarantee the freedom of your movement, without being affected at all.”
“If you want to search for the demon tribe’s treasures, a perfect Water Avoidance Pearl is needed.”
“There are only two, the highest bidder wins!”
The old man’s words resounded winning the ears of the many adventurers below the stage, stirring them up. Their eyes brightened and the bidding started..
“56 cores……”
“60 cores……”
“Brother Qin, should we take action? I have a hundred cores, do I……” Meng Fanyi was anxious. Hearing the price of it increase rapidly, he felt that his hundred cores might not be enough.
“Qin Tian laughed, “There’s no rush.”
“E?” Meng Fanyi could not really understand.
“Relax, not to mention 2, I believe the auction house could take out 200 of them if they wanted to.” Qin Tian determined that there was definitely still a lot of this kind of pearls as he looked into the eyes of the old man.
The words of the old man were just a trick to agitate the people to start bidding.
The brilliant aspect of it was that every time the name of city leader was said, the value of the items would naturally rise. Who would think that the pearls were actually refined by some ascension realm cultivators proficient in the art of refinement?
As the universe realm city leader, how could he lower himself to refine such Low standard items?
It was something that could be understood even by using one’s toes to think, yet why do so many people still bid on it sillily?
The two pearls were bided for 103 cores. With a wide smile, the old man struck the hammer down.
Feeling depressed, the others sighed with their heads lowered.

Suddenly, a worker walked up and whispered a few words to the old man. He shouted with a look of delight, “The city leader just refined another two perfect Water Avoidance Pearl…..”
At that moment, the auction house bustled with noise again.
“That is indeed the case, haha…….” Qin Tian smiled.
Meng Fanyi was stunned. He stared at Qin Tian full of admiration and asked, “How did you know?”
“It isn’t hard to guess as long as you observe closely. Wait for it, after the two cores were bided for, another two Water Avoidance Pearl will appear.” Qin Tian replied.
Just as he said, after the two pearls were bided for, another two appeared.
It repeated for many tens of times, almost everyone managed to bid for one.

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Suddenly, they realized that they were tricked, and it was only at the end of the bid. It was them who placed the bid and no one forced them. Without a choice, they could only swallow their belly full of anger and leave with a sigh.
Before they entered the dark ocean, they were swept off what they had.
In the end, only Qin Tian and Meng Fanyi were left.
From the beginning, the old man had already noticed them. They had never called for a bid. Seeing that they haven’t left, he walked down the stage and asked, “Are the two brothers here to bid for items?”
“Elder’s level truly is high.” Qin Tian said with his fists clasped.
His heart tightened. Though he was seen through, he did not become anxious and laughed awkwardly, “I’m just earning a living, haha…..”
He did not avoid it. This was the Evil Demon city, there was nothing he needed to be afraid of. As he stared at Qin Tian, he took a liking of him, this smart yet reserve youngster. Those that could see through him wasn’t many, and Qin Tian was one of them, it was hard for him not to look at Qin Tian differently.
Qin Tian smiled, “50 Thunder Pearls and 4 Water Avoidance Pearls, may elder give a price that isn’t too high. Just by seeing our strength, you should know that we aren’t so wealthy.”
The old man was taken aback. Qin Tian begun with 50 Thunder Pearls, what were they for? He was clear about the might of the Thunder Pearls, able to kill any rank five aquatic monsters. Wouldn’t an ascension realm expert turn into dust with 50 Thunder Pearls?

“Rest assured, we are also adventurers and would not dare to cause any trouble within the city.” Qin Tian understood the old man’s qualms.
At the side, Meng Fanyi was shocked that he could not bring himself to add on. 50 Lightning Pearls, what did he want them for?
The old man narrowed his eyes, hesitating.
“Sell it to them.”
Suddenly, a voice entered his mind and his expression changed, “How much can you provide?”
“200 cores.”
“Isn’t it a little too small?” The old man asked.
“These are all of my cores.”
After a while of hesitation, the frown of the old man loosened, “Alright, I’ll treat it as making a friend. 200 cores.”
Qin Tian clamped his fists and expressed his thanks.
With them gone from the auction house, the old man entered the backstage and stood respectfully beside a black robe elder. “Envoy, why sell those to them for a low price?”

“City leader needs to devour a large number of cores to enter rank five universe realm. 200 cores is not a loss.” The black robes elder said lightly.
“Rank five universe realm!”
The old man trembled in excitement.

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