Chapter 139: Meeting Old Friend

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Stepping out of the auction house, Meng Fanyi was exhilarated.

200 cores to buy 50 Thunder Pearls and 4 Water Avoidance Pearls. This, as compared to those bid by others, was many times lesser. Naturally, his admiration for Qin Tian grew.
Recalling the scene of those dumb people bidding competitively, Meng Fanyi could not help but snicker.
Qin Tian was also taken aback as he thought, “Evil Demon city leader definitely needed many cores urgently, or else he won’t have sold those at such a low price.”

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His starting call of 200 cores was just a probe.
Bargaining cannot be lacking when doing business, yet he did not expect the old man to actually accept. It was a little unexpected, but he could still understand. Evil Demon city leader should be needing a lot of cores currently, and there could only be one motive – to break through to a higher realm.
To any martial cultivators, cores are undoubtedly very important. For Qin Tian, a core was worth 200 000 Qigong, while a rank six core was worth 400 000 Qigong.
Therefore, cores are very important to Qin Tian.
The hundreds of cores he gained from killing Yang Zhan wasn’t left with much anymore. However, to level up and break through to ascension realm earlier, 200 cores was still acceptable.
Lightning Pearl isn’t some normal pearl, the lightning it releases is extremely terrifying. From the moment he saw it, he made a decision to buy it in bulk.
Lightning Pearl’s properties indeed did not make him disappointed, able to release a huge lightning. Although the radius cannot be compared to ‘Sky Piercing Lightning arts’, it’s strength wasn’t weak. Being able to instant kill monsters rank five and below, it was more than suitable.
Using the Sky Piercing Lightning arts consumes 100 000 Qigong. In the vast ocean, who knows what he would meet. The most basic thing necessary to be done was maintaining his own Qigong.
Water can conduct electricity. Using the Lightning Pearls under the ocean would greatly increase its power. This was what Qin Tian saw in it which made him buy 50 Lightning Pearls.
Exiting the auction house, Meng Fangyi was so stirred up that his legs moved giddily and he bumped into someone else.
Without waiting for his apology, the five to six men started to surround and pressure him.
“Didn’t bring your eyes along while walking?”
“F**k, tired of living already?”

“Do you know who we are? Do you believe Laozi won’t kill you?”

Originally, Meng Fanyi wanted to apologize. However, seeing them cursing him, anger took control of him and he fought back, “So what if I bump into you? So what?”
His aura changed and the rank nine spirit refining realm might was released. He stared at those people dressed dashingly, seeing a flowing cloud on their robe, he halted.
“Flowing Cloud sect?!”
“Ah, an impoverished person like you know our Flowing Cloud sect?”
“Lad, seem like you’ve got eyes. Do you know whom you’ve just bumped into? It would scare you to death if you knew. This is young master Yao Qing, the only descendant of our revered elder.”
“Hurry up and apologize, or else……”
Qin Tian was shocked. The five of them were rank nine spirit refining cultivators, while the person they were talking about was an ascension realm cultivator. Moreover, the robe on him was a mid-grade immortal tool.
Without further ado, he moved beside Meng Fanyi and signaled him to not be angered. He spoke with a smile, “So it is young master Yao, I beg your pardon. It was us that were not careful, may young master Yao disregard us, lowly people.”
Yao Qing smiled coldly and walked up towards them. He glared at Qin Tian and sneered, “Who do you think you are? Does Tianji sect disciples think that they are so marvelous that their eyes all grow on their forehead?”
“Hehe, we are both disciples of the sect. May young master Yao be magnanimous.” Qin Tian’s expression changed and his heart sank.
Meng Fanyi could not hold back any longer. He stared at Yao Qing with his muscles tightening. Killing intent rose.
Flowing Cloud sect was rank third among the great sects, having extremely powerful strength with disciples amounting to millions. It was much stronger than Tianji sect. Within the sect was an absolute realm revered elder, trying the step into the realm of saints.
Once he broke through and become a boundless saint, stepping into the void, Flowing Cloud sect will rise to become a second ranking sect, second only to Hong Huang sect.

All along, Yao Qing considered everyone beneath her that her rudeness and bossiness became a habit. In his eyes, those sects weaker than Flowing Cloud sect are all weaklings. Knowing that Meng Fanyi was a Tianji sect disciple, the disdain in his eyes increased. He laughed coldly, “Kowtow and admit your wrongs.”
“You……” Meng Fanyi widened his eyes in rage.
If not for Qin Tian pulling him back, he would have rushed out.
At this moment came a man walking hurriedly. in his hands were some snacks. He walked up cautiously and bowed respectfully, “Young master, your refreshments.”
Yao Qing’s face changed. Immediately after taking those items, he sent a slap, “What worth are you to me if you’re so slow even when you’re just buying some food?”
“Pa.” The man fell then climbed back up to kneel on the ground, not daring to move.
“Brother Hei.” Qin Tian was stunned.
The man turned his head and shouted in elation, “Qin Tian!”
He was Hei Yan. After a few years, his strength had improved. However, the hardened spirit of his was gone, his eyes full of desire were lost. The haggard appearance of his made Qin Tian tremble secretly as he thought, “Is this still the Hei Yan I knew of?”
Qin Tian moved, wanting to lift Hei Yan up.
However, like a root on the ground, his body refused to move, “Qin Tian, ignore me.”
“Brother Hei, what happened to you?” Qin Tian could not understand. What happened during the few years to cause the iron-willed man to become like this? Qin Tian felt a deep anger.
Yao Qing coldly laughed, “Dog slave, to think that you have friends in Tianji sect, would you happen to be a spy placed into Flowing Cloud sect by them? Someone, drag him out and deal with him fast.”

Those surrounding Meng Fanyi gathered around Hei Yan and bind him, dragging him out of the city. Hei Yan eyes shuttled, revealed an expression of dejection, but did not dare to fight back.

“Brother Hei……” Qin Tian yelled.
“Qin Tian, ignore me and get away quick.” Hei Yan shouted, feeling worried for Qin Tian.
Qin Tian’s face changed and he roared, pointing at Yao Ming, “Fight me if you got the guts, let’s see who kills who first.”
Killing intent leaked from his body. Every step he took gave a pressure of like an elephant. The people on the street halted and stared at Qin Tian in a daze.
For a rank six spirit refining realm cultivator to release such a powerful aura, they could not comprehend.
Qin Tian’s provocation angered Yao Qing.
Suddenly, a sharp sword appeared in his hand and a ferocious sword aura was released. With a dense battle intent, a sea of swords appeared.
Defying Evil Demon city’s laws and attacking?
Qin Tian sneered and looked towards Meng Fanyi, “Save my friend, leave him to me.”
Meng Fanyi ran towards the city entrance.
Facing the sword, Qin Tian roared in his heart. Under the rank one berserk, the dragon elephant force (Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture) covered him and the Blood Demon War Armor appeared. On his hand, a black flame aura rose and the darkness force was poured into his arms…….
The battle has begun!

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