Chapter 140: 3 Major Skills Joining Together

“A tiny rank six spirit refining realm bastard dares to act rampantly? You’re courting death!”

Among the sea of swords, Yao Qing sneered.

Qin Tian was taken aback. Yao Qing was indeed not simple, to actually be able to become one with the sword,
“I can safely say that I’ve understood what a real bastard is today.”
Qin Tian sneered. The darkness force continued to accumulate in his palm, swirling about. The powerful devouring force of it led to wind arising. Facing the sea of swords in the sky, there was no trace of fear.
“Lad, seems like you’re already tired of life.”
Ascension force sipped into the swords and they released a piercing cry.
Yao Qing was angered. Immediately, the swords filled with ascension force descended, carrying a ferocious sword aura. Cracks appeared in the sky.
“Spatial cracks?”
The two cloud of darkness force became increasingly vigorous. Qin Tian looked up and laughed as he brought his palms together. The two darkness force combined completely, it was so powerful that he felt as if the world was within his grasp. This feeling, only refreshing could describe it.
At the next moment, the might of the darkness force erupted, covering up Qin Tian.
After the time it takes to light a flint, the sea of swords landed, piercing through the black flame aura.
The clay oxen going into the sea – never to return?!
The might of the sea of swords was shocking, no matter how powerful the black flame aura was, it can’t escape the fact that it was fuelled by a rank six spirit refining realm cultivator. How could it withstand the sea of swords filled with ascension force?”
Could it be that he had hidden his martial cultivation?
Yao Qing’s face was ashen and anger rose once again. The sword in his hand vanished as he rose. A huge sword light was formed, piercing through the clouds.
“Laozi don’t believe that you can block this.”
Yao Qing roared and swung the sword with all his strength.

Suddenly, he realized that Qin Tian was gone.
“Running?” A golden light shined between his eyes. “Laozi want to see where you will run to.”
Under the protection of the darkness force, the thousands of swords were devoured. However, Qin Tian’s blood essence was in a turmoil. If not for his dense Qigong, he would not have been able to hold on.
Was the ascension force so strong?
Flowing Cloud sect cultivates in the Dao of sword, Yao Qing is also revered elder’s grandson, the abilities he cultivated in were all immortal grade. If not for him having just entered the ascension realm he would be able to kill Qin Tian in an instant.
Facing an ascension realm opponent again, Qin Tian’s mind was calmer than before.
Yao Qing cannot be compared to Wang Xie, his strength was much greater and the abilities he cultivated in were more powerful. Wanting to kill him would not be easy. Qin Tian decided to wait for an opportunity and rely on his four times increased in speed and his law of aura to conceal his aura.
Just as he was about to launch a sneak attack, he found out that Yao Qing could pinpoint his location.
He trembled and leapt away immediately, putting a few hundred feets of distance between them.
At the same time, Yao Qing smiled. He waved the sword handle and the clouds above were separated. The sword light was filled with a boundless ascension force, surrounding it were the seven colors of light.
“Want to run?” (Yao Qing)
“What a joke. How could Laozi be willing to leave without killing you first?” (Qin Tian)
The countless immortal tools and profound abilities, if some of them were to erupt out, won’t it be a huge haul?
After Qin Tian got hundreds of foot away, he readied himself. The Emperor’s Purgatory was released. Rank one berserk, godly dark arts and Emperor’s Purgatory, the strength unleashed by the three abilities together shook the heaven and earth.
Originally, he wanted to launch some sneak attack. Though it was no longer feasible, he was no afraid.
With his three skills joining together, how powerful would the strength unleashed be?
Against the huge sword light, Qin Tian roared. The darkness force shrink and the sea of purgatory surged, together, they pierced towards the sky like a pillar.
Yao Qing’s expression changed and his heart trembled. A trace of fear was formed within him as he looked at it.
“F**k your granduncle, give Laozi a big haul!” Qin Tian shouted in anger, but his heart was in extreme agony, “Around 50000 Qigong was consumed, I don’t believe I can’t kill you like this.”
One huge sword light against a rising pillar.

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The sky above the city trembled. Some were running away with their heads lowered, while many more were looking at the scene in delight as if watching a show. Their strength was not low, so they held no fear towards the scene.
“Young master is in danger.”
In the corner of a random street laid a seemingly average elder. Suddenly, his body erupted with power.
Turning into a series of shadows, he charged out.
Yao Qing’s face was pale. The huge sword light descend was halted by the black pillar, the ascension force within him was consumed rapidly just to maintain it. If this continues, the situation would not be ideal.
Qin Tian was also the same. With the sword light continuously trying to break his black pillar, his Qigong consumption was extremely rapid.
The 230 000 Qigong he had was now left with half, countless of monsters would need to be killed before he could regain them if this continues.
“Not good!” Qin Tian shouted inwardly, “If the deadlock carries on, the consumption would be too much.”
His heart sank.
Purple flame aura rose and condensed into seven big swords. Floating in the air, they rushed towards Yao Qing……
Withstanding the black pillar formed by Qin Tian’s three abilities joining together was already his limit. Staring at the seven big swords, cold sweat emerged. Never did he expect that Qin Tian could still released such a powerful attack..
“Accept your death.”

Qin Tian laughed and the seven swords strike from seven different directions.
Qin Tian flew and spun a few times in the air before landing heavily on the ground.
“How could this be?” He was not able to understand. Clearly, the seven swords were just about to pierce through and Yao Qing will die, how could he release such a powerful might suddenly?
“No, this isn’t his aura.” Qin Tian climbed up and glared.
Beside Yao Qing was an elder, a rebirth realm expert.
“Hu, Hu, Hu……” Qin Tian suffered internal injuries. From his spatial ring, he took out the ‘Peiyuan Dan’ given by Lu Donghai and swallowed it.
The Peiyuan Dan was indeed something refined from cores, a great recovering item.
After taking it, his body returned to normal.
“Kill him……” Yao Qing roared vulnerably. His face was extremely pale and there was a wet patch on his pants. A while ago, he was so afraid that he urinated.
As Flowing Cloud sect’s proud Son of heaven, when had he received such a humiliation?
His rage grew beyond measure. How could he endure?
Hence immediately, he ordered the elder to kill Qin Tian. If Qin Tian doesn’t die, the hate within him would not die out.

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