Chapter 331: Soul Locking Seven Notes


Long Yi always adhered to the principle of if others let him alone, he’ll let them alone, but if someone attacks him, then he absolutely will seek revenge for even the smallest grievance.

Just now, that person used a powerful spirit power to attack him before even meeting, if it was not for his spirit power being sufficiently powerful, he might have turned into an idiot long ago. So he used spirit explosion to punish a little, if it was not for considering the face of this little mermaid then he would have definitely counterattacked to make the other party suffer a spirit power backlash.

“It’s Aunt Bifei.” Hearing this muffled groan, Liuli hastily rushed forward swaying her waist along with her maid Xiaomi. Her walking speed unexpectedly wasn’t slow even though she was using her tailfin.

Long Yi followed behind them, and after crossing a corridor, he entered a luxurious hall. There, another mermaid possessing blue pupils was collapsed on the ground with exhausted spirit power and her complexion was pale. Long Yi carefully sized her up. This mermaid was definitely a generation older than Liuli. Her figure was first-rate and her bulging pair of bosom was even bigger than unripe Liuli, merely Long Yi didn’t have the least bit good impression of her because she actually indiscriminately attacked him, simply was courting death.

“Aunt Bifei, are you okay?” Liuli helped this woman to stand up and asked nervously.

Bifei shook her head but her eyes were fixedly staring at smiling Long Yi, and she said in a stern voice: “Princess, kill this human, we absolutely cannot let him leak the information of our sea clan’s existence.”

“Aunt Bifei, I……” Liuli was flabbergasted and was somewhat at a loss.

“Smelly woman, don’t think that I will be polite just because you are a mermaid. There is no enmity between us nor we are enemies, but you, this vicious woman, actually want to kill me just because I coincidentally arrive here, believe or not, I will give you an enema until your chrysanthemum explodes.” Long Yi smirked and said coldly.

“Yes, Aunt Bifei, he isn’t a bad person.” Liuli anxiously said.

“Princess, you have never come into contact with human race before, so you don’t know the deceitfulness and treacherousness of the human race. Although we are banished but the ancestors of Sea Clan taught us that we cannot let insatiable human race know our existence. If we cannot erase their memory, then we must kill them.” Bifei ferociously said.

“But, but…” Liuli didn’t know what to do, she looked at Long Yi and again looked at her Aunt Bifei.

“Princess, if you don’t make your move then this aunt will die in front of you. Quickly use your Soul Locking Seven Notes Magic to kill him.” Bifei shouted loudly and her pale face unexpectedly flushed, then she spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Aunt Bifei……!” Liuli shouted, then with a determined expression, she looked at Long Yi feeling guilty.

Long Yi frowned, but he was also curious about what this Liuli who seemed to lack the strength to even truss a chicken would use to kill him. What the hell was Soul Locking Seven Notes? Although he really didn’t know but Long Yi didn’t dare to underestimate. This woman called Bifei had already eaten loss from his hand, but she was still clamoring wanting Liuli to kill him. This means Lilu must have a unique skill.

“I’m sorry, for the sake of Aunt Befei, I must kill you.” Liuli stood up and she didn’t dare to look straight at Long Yi. As for her maid Xiaomi, she supported Beifei and retreated back.

Liuli gritted her teeth and brandished her hands, then multicolored magnificent light unexpectedly condensed into a shiny harp and its radiance completely shrouded Liuli.

The eyelids of Long Yi twitched, then without following the dog-ass rule of Ladies first, he rushed forward and extended his hand to grab the jade neck of Liuli, thinking to make her stop whatever she was doing.

But when his big hand had just made a contact with the radiance around Liuli, suddenly an immense amount of repulsive force send Long Yi flying back. Even his internal force wasn’t able to break through that multicolored light.

Long Yi somersaulted twice in the air and landed on the ground, then was forced to take two step back before he could stop. Now his blood and qi were continuously churning. One truly shouldn’t judge a person by his appearance, this frail looking little mermaid unexpectedly had such capability.

“Tingtong.” At that time, Liuli’s sparkling and crystal-clear little hand pluck the first string of the harp and a clear and melodious sweet-sounding sound resounded.

Long Yi just saw a red light shooting out from the fingertip of Liuli which revolved around him, and he felt his sea of consciousness was tightening, unexpectedly giving rise to a kind of swiftly moving feeling.

Long Yi was shocked in his heart and he immediately guarded his spirit and used his internal force to seal his sense of hearing. But he immediately discovered that all of his actions were in vain. The harp sound of Liuli could unexpectedly resonate through the spirit power rather than hearing directly.

“Tingtong.” Another harp sound resounded. Liuli saw Long Yi was still able to withstand so she plucked the second string of the harp, then a yellow colored radiance shot out from her fingertip which combined with the previous red light and then revolved around Long Yi.

Long Yi felt the vast increase in the pressure, now, a huge power was pressing his sea of consciousness and the matter what vexed him the most was, these attacks were as slippery as loach. Whenever he used his spirit power to counterattack, they would suddenly retreat, and this feeling of not trying hard made Long Yi want to vomit blood.

Damn, Long Yi cursed while using his spirit power to withstand the pressure and then with the huge sword flashing in his hand, he shouted loudly, and used Raging Flames Douqi’s Wind Fire Storm Slash, sending out an unrestrained blazing flame towards Liuli

Bang, sparks flew everywhere and the multicolored radiance around Liuli also fluctuated but immediately reverted back to normal. However, all the things at the sides of Liuli were meted into liquid by the high temperature.

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This fluctuation in the multicolored radiance around Liuli gave Long Yi a hope. Since this strange protective barrier was really not unbreakable, then as long as his attack reached a certain level, he could break it. Moreover, even if he couldn’t break this barrier, can’t he completely destroy this place?

Long Yi ferociously grinned then even though he was feeling nausea due to this sound attack, he continued to use his magic douqi attacks. One moment, he would use Ice Douqi and another moment, he would use Earth Douqi, like this, the hall turned into ruins. Moreover, Long Yi’s Samsara Hell Slash of just now split open a big hole in the ground, revealing those wriggling intestines of the sea monster.

Long Yi laughed evilly while thinking, if I cannot injure you, then why don’t I injure the sea monster? And just when he was about to make his next move, Aunt Bifei who was hidden far away suddenly shouted: “Princess, quickly stop him, if he destroys MengQina, then we are done for.”

Hearing this, Liuli gritted her teeth then her jade hand plucked the third string of her harp. After that, a blue radiance shot out from her finger, and Long Yi felt that the huge sword in his hand had instantly become much heavier. Now, red, yellow and blue colored radiances mixed with each other and revolved around Long Yi.

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Long Yi felt his consciousness becoming faint and he gradually lost his strength. Then, those three revolving lights unexpectedly began to try to enter his body.

Long Yi crazily circulated internal force of AoTianJue to resist against the invasion of the foreign energy. He knew that if he let these lights invade his body, then he was finished.

Originally, Long Yi wanted to summon Little Three, god-beast Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast at that time, but because of the pressure, the internal force in his dantian began to shrink and Long Yi suddenly had the feeling, his AoTianJue was about to breakthrough to the fourth layer immediately, so he decided against summoning them from his dark space dimension.

The bones of Long Yi made cracking sounds but he raised the huge sword little by little, and because of the pressure, his blood and qi churned turning his face very red. Suddenly, his nose heated up and his blood vessels finally ruptured causing a nosebleed. Blood flowed out of his nostrils to his lips and dripped to his chest, blooming into a beautiful plum bosom.

Liuli found this unbearable and she was also surprised by the toughness of Long Yi. Her Soul Locking Seven Notes Magic was a Divine ability. For millions of years, no one had ever been able to completely master it. Even though she was a heavenly genius, she could only use first, second and third notes of Soul Locking Seven Notes, after that, she had made a little to no progress, but even like this, she was the first person of Mermaid Clan to ever be able to use third note at her age.

Long Yi slowly looked up, and a trace of evil smile unexpectedly appeared on his bloody lips while holding his sword high with his hands.

The atmospheric pressure of this entire space suddenly dropped and Liuli suddenly felt uneasy sensing that, then her hands as if butterfly pluck the strings of the harp. After that, along with the sounds of the harp, red, yellow and blue lights shot out again.

Long Yi felt dizzy and also felt as if millions upon millions of ants were biting his consciousness. This kind of torment in his soul nearly make him go insane.

“Ah……” Long Yi roared and his dantian shook as if a Big Bang had occurred making his feel sharp pain all over his meridians. Soon afterwards, he felt cool and refreshing on his hands and legs as internal force instantly condensed.

Long Yi felt the great reduction in the pressure, then a large amount of his internal force expelled out three colored lights that had invaded his body.

“Proud Heaven 18 Continuous Slashes.” Long Yi shouted loudly, then with his huge sword flashing with slightly purplish blue radiance, he used the internal force of AoTianJue to condense his douqi, then as if lightning, he continuously attacked the multicolored barrier of Liuli.

Along with the series of rumbling sound, the multicolored barrier vanished into the thin air and the multicolored harp was also destroyed.

Liuli swayed back and a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth. Just now, forcibly using the third note had already injured her vitality.

Long Yi placed the huge sword on his shoulder, then wiping the bloodstain from his lips, he looked towards those mermaids.

“Come out obediently, or do you want me to force you out?” Long Yi said with a sinister smile. He was truly angry in his heart, these bitches were truly hateful, nearly made him suffer a loss in this sea monster’s stomach.

Bifei with the support of Xiaomi came out, but her beautiful eyes were looking at Long Yi with flames of fury, and she still had arrogance on her. It seems she was very stubborn.

Long Yi extended his sword and used its tip to raise the chin of Bifei, then said while laughing coldly: “You say, what should I do to you? Fry you and eat or boil you and eat? Looking at your delicate skin and fair complexion, your taste shouldn’t be bad.”

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