Chapter 332: What about making love?


The complexion of Bifei became paler and she said gritting her teeth: “If you want to kill, then kill, I, Bifei will not even bat my eyelid.”

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“Don’t, don’t eat Aunt Bifei, just now, it was me that wanted to kill you, if you want to eat someone, then eat me.” Trembling Liuli looked at Long Yi truly believing that he wanted to eat them.

“Eat you?” Long Yi evilly smiled and looked at Liuli. Looking at her upper part, she simply resembled an angel merely her lower part was a fishtail, so how could he eat her?

Liuli bit her lower lip and her golden fishtail continuously trembled.

“Don’t eat princess, eat Xiaomi, princess cannot die.” The maid Xiaomi stood in front of Liuli to protect and said mustering her courage.

“What’s the rush for, in any case, you three cannot run away from me, do you think I, Long Yi is so easy to bully?” Long Yi shouted in a low voice and the maid Xiaomi and Liuli were so scared that they didn’t dare to make a sound, only, Bifei, this woman was ferociously glaring at him.

“Still glaring at me, okay, your turn is first.” Long Yi retracted the huge sword and used his hand to hold her chin. This woman appeared to be a young woman of 27-28 in age. Her entire body emitted a mature charm, and her skin was smooth and soft which made Long Yi fondle her admiringly.

“I beg you, please let go of Aunt Bifei, I am willing to do whatever you want.” Liuli begged.

“Are you truly willing?” Long Yi’s eyes shone as he turned around and asked.

Liuli hastily nodded her head.

“Don’t, princess, don’t agree with him.” Bifei suddenly panicked.

“Don’t create trouble, just be obedient and shut up, if you hadn’t thought of killing me, then this situation wouldn’t have occurred.” Long Yi patted the beautiful face of Bifei and snorted.

“Stop, as long as you don’t harm Aunt Bifei, I am willing to do whatever you want.” Liuli gritted her teeth and said.

Long Yi just revealed a bad smile, and he sized up Liuli again, causing this little mermaid to blush.

“How about this, I want you to become my maid and listen to my every command.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Impudent, our princess will not become your maid.” Having heard what was said, Bifei rather hysterically screamed.

Long Yi frowned and he poked Bifei with his finger, muting her all of a sudden.

“Don’t hurt Aunt Bifei, I am willing…willing to become your maid.” Liuli said in helplessness and also sadness.

“Good decision, merely just speaking with mouth won’t do, do you understand my meaning?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Liuli became silent for a long time, then suddenly looking up, her jade hand flashed with brilliance as she muttered: “Mighty Seagod, today, your this loyal believer is willing to dedicate my body and soul to my master, henceforth, I will support and serve him.”

After Liuli finished speaking, an illusionary vortex suddenly appeared on her forehead, then slowly prostrating on the ground, she looked up and faintly said: “Master, please bestow a drop of your blood.”

Long Yi didn’t hesitate, he dripped a drop of blood from his finger to her forehead. After the blood came into contact with her forehead, it immediately spun becoming a circle and Long Yi immediately felt a blood connection with Liuli.

The vortex on the forehead of Liuli slowly dissipated and her forehead finally reverted back to original state, then slowly opening her sea blue eyes, she said: “Now, Liuli is already a maid of Master, I hope Master will let Aunt Bifei and Xiaomi off.”

“No problem. My words can be trusted. First, give me your hand to examine.” Long Yi saw that the complexion of Liuli was still pale so he said.

Liuli handed over her hand without the slightest hesitation. Long Yi grabbed her little hand and injected his true qi. Liuli suddenly felt warm and her churning blood and qi and chaotic meridians slowly calmed down under the true qi of Long Yi.

Liuli looked at Long Yi with her beautiful eyes filled with surprise. She had thought that it would take a period of time to nurse back her injuries, but to her surprise, this person who had just become her master just grabbed her hand like this and immediately, the greater part of her injuries were already healed.

“Mas…Master, Aunt Bifei is also injured, can you help her too?” Liuli clearly wasn’t accustomed to addressing other as Master.

Long Yi squinted his eyes and shot a glance at Bifei who was gnashing her teeth, then said with a smile: “Although she thought to kill me just now, but I am a generous person. It is not impossible for me to help her, but you have to kiss me.” Long Yi pointed at his handsome face.

Bifei anxiously opened her mouth but she was not able to speak even a word.

Long Yi took a quick glance at her, and snapping his fingers, he dispelled the mute effect, and immediately afterwards, he heard her shouting loudly: “Don’t, Princess.”

Liuli’s beautiful face was already bright red, still gathering her courage, her fragrant lips on the face of Long Yi, as if a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water, kissed once. But she was still very grateful to Long Yi in her heart. Long Yi’s this condition of her becoming his maid was basically not a condition because as long as he wished, he could already order her to do everything.

Feeling that soft touch on his face, Long Yi was intoxicated for a good while, then taking two steps forward, he grabbed the jade hand of Bifei, but who would have thought that this woman however would shake off Long Yi’s big hand and said: “Who wants your help, even if I die, I don’t want your help.”

“You have a backbone, very good, Liuli, help me massage my legs.” Long Yi sat on the comparatively intact stone chair and putting his leg on the table, he ordered.

“Yes, Master.” Liuli obediently squatted down and used her soft as if boneless jade hands to massage his legs.

“Hereafter, don’t call me Master, call me Young Master.” Long Yi smiled.

“Yes, Young Master.” Liuli obediently agreed.

“Xiaomi, come and help this Young Master to massage shoulders.” Long Yi waved his hand and said to the maid of Liuli.

Xiaomi agreed and obediently came over to Long Yi and massaged his shoulders from behind. In her opinion, since even her Princess was his maid, no need to mention herself.

Long Yi enjoyed the massage of two little mermaids and looking at Bifei who was shooting fire with her beautiful eyes, he evilly smiled, and then reaching out his hand, he caressed Liuli’s beautiful face.

“You damned human, you are not allowed to cheapen our princess.” Bifei was so angry that her entire body was trembling. It was unbearable for her to see Long Yi taking a cheap advantage of her princess.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows and said with a smile: “Since you are so sorry for your princess, then how about you come and massage me instead. Like this, Liuli doesn’t have to do it.”

Bifei hatefully glared at Long Yi. If a gaze could kill people, then Long Yi would have already died nth times. But, she twisted her slender waist and moved over, and then squatting down, she began to massage the thighs of Long Yi feeling humiliated.

“Liuli, you can get up.” Long Yi waved his hand and said.

Liuli stood up and opened her mouth wanting to say something, but she eventually didn’t say anything.

“Hey, woman, can’t you be any softer? Do you think my thighs are dough?” Long Yi shouted.

Bifei coldly snorted, if she could then she would have truly broken his legs, but her hands still became softer.

At that time, when Long Yi was feeling incomparably well, he suddenly heard a stomach rumbling sound, then turning around, he saw Xiaomi had a red face as she apologized: “I’m sorry, I was rather hungry, so……”

Hearing the words of Xiaomi, Long Yi also felt his stomach was empty, so he said with a smile: “Just in time, I am also hungry, Liuli, quickly go and prepare something to eat.”

Liuli was startled and she said softly: “Young Master, Liuli has never made food before.”

“Even if you have never made food, quickly go and make now.” Long Yi impatiently said but he had a trace of smile on his face.

Liuli obediently turned around and went towards the kitchen, but Bifei who was massaging the thighs of Long Yi however had worried expression.

“If you wish to help then you can go.” Long Yi indifferently said.

Bifei looked at Long Yi with a complicated gaze, then standing up, she went after Liuli. She knew that all of them might never be able to escape his claws, moreover, he also seemed to clearly see that, as long as he controlled Princess, it was equivalent to controlling her and Xiaomi too.

After half an hour, in Liuli’s bedroom, Long Yi looked at the two plates placed in front of him, they were the dishes made using undersea plants and some seasoning. His face immediately collapsed as he said: “Am I eating this? Why didn’t you get some fishes?”

When Long Yi said these words, three mermaids suddenly stiffened, and Bifei couldn’t help cursing: “Do you think we are cruel like you humans? How could we, Mermaid Clan, eat fish?”

“If you want to talk about cruelness, then aren’t you also one of the best, before even meeting a guest, you unleashed a killing attack, how are you any better?” Long Yi ridiculed.

“You…..” Bifei angrily snorted coldly, then slowly taking a breather, she said: “If you let the human race know the existence of our Sea Clan, then we Sea Clan will never have peace.”

Long Yi was startled and he shrugged his shoulder without refuting. Greed and selfishness had always been the deep-rooted bad habits of the human race. If they truly knew about the existence of Sea Clan and knew that they possessed a huge amount of wealth, then perhaps, Sea Clan might truly never have peace from then on. Perhaps, the shipbuilding technology of human race, which was currently undeveloped, might develop rapidly because of this stimulus. And perhaps, after dozens or several hundred years, everywhere on the sea, the footprints of the human race would be spread.

“Perhaps, you are right, if I were in your in your position, I might also have unleashed a killing move, but the fault is your strength is inferior to me. In this world, the victor has right to speak, I believe your Sea Clan is also the same, so don’t blame anyone, blame yourself for lacking the capability.” Long Yi smirked and speak out his own logic.

Bifei strangely looked at Long Yi and she felt that the words of Long Yi were very reasonable.

“Well, these things, set them aside for yourselves to eat.” Long Yi looked at the gorgeous decoration of this place and again looked at these two palates of pitiful cook dishes, then couldn’t help shaking his head and sigh.

“Since he doesn’t want to eat, let’s eat ourselves.” Bifei said without any politeness.

Long Yi looked at these three mermaids eating slowly with a smile while his big hand reached out and hugged the slender waist of Liuli, then he gently stroked her, feeling very good.

Liuli’s charming body suddenly stiffened and slightly trembled too, but she still let Long Yi’s big hand do whatever it liked.

“Damn you, don’t touch our princess.” At this time, Bifei saw Long Yi’s wolf claw eating Liuli’s tofu and she cursed.

“Now she is my maid, why can’t I touch?” Long Yi said with a smile, then added: “But, if you are willing to substitute for her, then I have no complaints.”

Bifei looked at Long Yi with an evil smile, then again looked at Liuli with a bright red face, then snorted: “Let go of our Princess, whatever you want to do, you can do to me instead of her.”

Long Yi was always polite with girls, so he let go of Liuli and his wolf claw hugged the slender waist of Bifei and feeling Bifei was stiff, he couldn’t help but smiled. Who told you to try and kill me, now if I don’t play with you, then that naturally would be a loss for me.

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Long Yi’s wolf claw slowly climbed up and the body of Bifei became more and more rigid. And when Long Yi’s claw arrived below her rounded breast and was about to touch her divine jade peaks, both Liuli and Xiaomi looked away with a red face, but Long Yi unexpectedly stopped and his big hand retreated and again hugged her slender waist.

“Who can tell me, do your Mermaid Clan have a male?” Long Yi suddenly asked.

“Our Mermaid Clan doesn’t have a male.” Xiaomi immediately answered.

“Eh……no male then how do you all…that…procreate?”

Xiaomi and Liuli looked at each other and shaking their head with a red face, they expressed that they didn’t know.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, didn’t know? What a dog-ass answer.

“Bifei, tell me, don’t say, you also don’t know otherwise I am very willing to research with you in person.” Long Yi hugged tighter and his big hand showed the sign of moving up again.

“Despicable fellow.” Bifei blushed and then cursed.

“Many thanks for the praise, if you say that you also don’t know, then you will understand what is called the real despicable.” Long Yi threatened with a smile, who asked him to be so curious.

Bifei gritted her teeth and said: “We Mermaid Clan has two methods to procreate. When we reach the certain age, Mermaid Clan can select to congeal a fetus on our own to procreate, but this method uses all vitality, so once the fetus is born, the person who gave birth dies.”

At this time, Liuli suddenly screamed and asked in a trembling voice: “Aunt Bifei, then, did my mother also use this method, and that’s why I never had a mother from my childhood?”

“Was I born like that too?” Xiaomi also tensely asked.

Bifei sighed and didn’t answer these two, rather continue to explain another method: “Another method is to intermarry with other races, and as for offspring, if a girl, then she will certainly be mermaid, and after she reaches a certain age, she is taken back to Mermaid Clan and raised there. And if the offspring is a boy, then he will certainly be of other race.”

“At those years, when our branch was banished from the far away undersea city, there was simply no chance of marrying with other races, so we basically adopted the first method of procreating ourselves. But after so many years, clansmen died in an accident and also died young, so now, only the three of us are left.”

Needless to say, the mothers of Liuli and Xiaomi had certainly used the first method and had died in the process. The expression of two little mermaids became extremely sorrowful and Bifei also looked downcast.

Long Yi soothingly patted the waist of Bifei and suddenly all his anger disappeared, since they were already so miserable, he decided to forgive them.

“You all, don’t be sad, now, aren’t I here? You all should be able to intermarry with humans too.” Long Yi smiled trying to muddle things up.

“Of course, Sea Clan can only intermarry with Sea Clan, you should give up.” Bifei said in annoyance.

Long Yi strangely sized up the three mermaids and suddenly asked seriously: “In your lower part, in addition to the fishtail, isn’t there anything else? Then, how do you all make love?”

Three women were dumbfounded and couldn’t help cursing in unison: “Pervert!”

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