Chapter 333: Brother-in-law, serve me instead


How would mermaids make love? In the end, Long Yi was still unable to find out. As for him, with regarding Liuli, this race that appeared only in the fairy tales, it was not like he didn’t have any inordinate ambitions, but this moment, he however recalled an even more important problem. It seemed it had already been a long time since he came to the sea, and Nalan Ruyue might have already gone insane due to anxiousness, so he also didn’t pursue this matter.

“It’s already late, I think I have to return now.” Long Yi said to three women.

All mermaids became silent, and after a long time, Liuli said: “Young master, then I will go with you, but Aunt Bifei and Xiaomi will stay here, is that okay?”

Long Yi dumbfounded, he had never mentioned about taking her away. He was about to set off to Lightning God Forbidden Area with Wushuang in the near future, and if he were to bring along a mermaid, then wouldn’t that be troublesome if other people saw her?

“All of you will stay here, Young Master has to go to do something and it might take a period of time before I return.  After I return, I will come back to look for you all.” Long Yi said.

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“But……I am Young Master’s maid.” Liuli stammered.

Long Yi smirked and said: “Since you are my maid, then I naturally have the final say.” Long Yi looked sideways and saw Bifei and Xiaomi had an expression as if they were relieved from a burden. It seems they earnestly hoped for him to leave faster.

Since Long Yi had said so, Liuli no longer insisted. Honestly speaking, she also didn’t want to go to the unknown and unfamiliar human world.

The three mermaids lead Long Yi to a staircase, and after climbing it up, Bifei waved her hands sending out a lustrous and transparent light. After that, an opening suddenly appeared, but even the slightest amount of seawater outside nevertheless didn’t enter.

“By the way, I have a question, why does the stomach of this sea monster have such a pure oxygen?” Long Yi asked curiously.

“Because MingQina is a sea monster that is capable of inhaling the oxygen of the water. We, Mermaid Clan can live in water and can also live on the ground, but since there is no water in the stomach of the sea monster, we naturally need air to breathe. This is the biggest feature of Sea Clan’s pet-home.” Bifei answered.

“Oh, so that was the case, okay, then, I am leaving.” Long Yi smiled and just when he was about to leave, he suddenly turned around again and looked at Bifei.

“What’s wrong again?” Bifei rather impatiently asked.

“Nothing special, merely before parting, I want to kiss my concubine, that’s all.” Long Yi smirked and said.

The beautiful face of Liuli suddenly became red then swaying her slender waist, she walked over. As a maid, she was unable to refuse any demand of Long Yi.

“Pervert.” Bifei opened her mouth wanting stop but she only said this one word.

Long Yi held the cheeks of Liuli and bending over, he firmly kissed her fragrant bright red little lips, then waving his hand, he said with a smile: “Go and wait for my return.” Finished speaking, Long Yi entered the ice-cold seawater from that opening.

“Humph, finally gone, Princess, what’s wrong?” Bifei sighed and seeing red-faced Liuli was standing stupidly, she couldn’t help but ask with concern.

“Ah, no…nothing, Aunt Bifei, we should go and clean up the wreckage caused by Young Master.” Liuli came back to her senses but her maiden heart was still pounding merrily, as that electrocuted-like feeling when his lips touched her lips had yet to disappear. So, after speaking, she hurriedly ran downstairs.

Bifei looked at the back view of Liuli and confusedly shaking her head, she muttered: “What’s wrong with the princess?”


Long Yi no longer wandered in the seabed, rather quickly returned to the sea surface. He had truly obtained many gains from this trip to the sea. Not only he knew that the sea had so many intelligent races and self-sufficient world, he was also able to obtain a goddess-like Mermaid Princess as his maid which made him very happy despite being able to only eat her tofu at this moment.

Coming out of the sea surface, Long Yi saw the sun was already sinking into the western horizon, and the rays of evening sun were illuminating the clear sea surface which dazzled the eyes.

“I thought I have spent a long time, but it seems it still cannot be counted as being late.”  Long Yi muttered. He had gone out to the sea roughly at noon, but now it seems he had only spent several hours, but for some unknown reason, he felt that he had spent a very long time inside the sea.

Long Yi circulated the internal force of AoTianJue which had already broken through to the fourth layer within his body, then using Great Cosmos Shift as well as Soaring Magic, he flew rapidly. Now, his flying speed was nearly twice as much compared to before and now, naked eyes couldn’t see him clearly when he was flying.

Merely after an hour, Long Yi returned to Nalan Palace and landed on the balcony of Nalan Ruyue’s bedchamber.

“Yo, you sisters still haven’t eaten the dinner, right? How about we go to the beach and eat barbeque tonight?” Long Yi entered the room and saw Nalan sisters were looking at him, but their expression didn’t seem to be too good.

Nalan Ruyue walked over in a threatening manner and that sinister expression frightened Long Yi a little. How come this always desolate saintess change into such appearance, did she eat some stimulus?

“Bastard, smelly fellow, heartless scoundrel.” Nalan Ruyue walked to the front of Long Yi and pounded the sturdy chest of Long Yi without demur while raining curses.

Long Yi was stunned, how come this situation looked as if he was an ungrateful and heartless lover? In all honesty, he however had done nothing to her.

While Nalan Ruyue was cursing, suddenly tears began to roll down from the corner of her eyes.

Long Yi was startled and wiping the tears of Nalan Ruyue, he looked at his soaked fingers and asked: “You are crying?”

“Yes, I am crying, aren’t you complacent now? Smelly fellow, I will kill you, you heartless bastard.” Nalan Ruyue bit her lower lip while continuously pounding the chest of Long Yi. But with her small strength, she wasn’t able to injure him, at best she was only tickling him.

Long Yi was confused and didn’t know what was going on here, so he simply ignored Nalan Ruyue and carrying her, he walked over to the bedside and threw her on the bed.

“You…what do you want to do?” Nalan Ruyue stopped crying and her beautiful face turned red.

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Long Yi rolled his eyes, with Nalan Rumeng, this little girl still here, what could he do to her?

“Girl, come over here and tell your brother-in-law, what exactly happened to your big sister?” Long Yi sat on the edge of the bed and said to Nalan Rumeng who was sitting on the sofa while looking at them as if she was watching a play.

Nalan Rumeng rushed over and threw herself into the big soft bed and said happily: “What happened? Of course, she was worried about you. You didn’t return last night so big sister wasn’t able to sleep the entire night worrying about you.”

“Rumeng, don’t talk nonsense, who was worried about him, moreover, I slept soundly last night.” Nalan Ruyue glared at her little sister and said in a bad mood.

“Then big sister, what was that appearance of just now, smelly fellow, damned bastard, I will kill you, this heartless bastard.” Nalan Rumeng imitated Nalan Ruyue of just a moment ago.

“Damned girl, believe or not, I will smack your **.” Nalan Ruyue caught Nalan Rumeng in embarrassment and then two sisters began to kick up a row in bed. Instantly, their clothes were in a mess and gave a glimpse of their intimate.

Long Yi however was not in the mood to appreciate this spring scenery. His brain was still somewhat confused. He didn’t come to sleep here last night? But he clearly recalled that he had fallen asleep holding a big beauty on his left side and small beauty above his body, could it be that…… Long Yi was startled. He didn’t spend more than one day at the bottom of the sea, right?

“You two, don’t make noise, just explain clearly first.” Long Yi said to the sisters who were running amok, but the two sisters who were busy battling with each other, where could they have time to answer Long Yi.

Long Yi also didn’t consider much, and he thought to make sure whether he had truly spent so long at the bottom of the sea or not. So, he turned over both girls in bed, then he smacked both girls’ pert buttocks several times.

“Ah, hateful brother-in-law, how can you hit lady’s **?” Nalan Rumeng covered her buttocks with her hands and retreated to the edge of the bed and said with a red face.

Nalan Ruyue however said nothing merely sat up and rolled her eyes.

“What is today’s date?” Long Yi asked.

“Blue Waves Calendar, 8788 years, fifteenth of the seventh month, brother-in-law, how come you don’t even know this?” Nalan Rumeng pouted, clearly, she was still brooding on the matter of Long Yi smacking her little buttocks.

Fifteenth of the seventh month? Long Yi made a wry smile. It seems he truly had stayed for a long time at the bottom of the sea.

“Ruyue, I truly worried you by not returning last night. I truly didn’t think you will be so worried about me. You even shed tears for me, I truly am moved, how about I serve you tonight?” Long Yi came back to his senses and teased Nalan Ruyue.

“Who is worried about you, I cried because……because I was worried about war. Yesterday, the guards reported that you had gone to the sea and if by any chance, something were to happen to you, then the alliance of my Nalan Empire and your Violent Dragon Empire would be done for. So don’t be complacent.” Nalan Ruyue looked sideways and said, but Long Yi saw her ears and even neck were already bright red.

Long Yi looked at Nalan Ruyue who stubbornly refused to admit defeats and he truly had nothing to say. Like this, even a fool could see her feelings, but she was persistently not admitting yet.

“Brother-in-law, I was also worried about you, how about you serve me instead?” Nalan Rumeng suddenly said.

Eh… Long Yi was startled. He shot a glance at the still-developing figure of Nalan Rumeng and couldn’t help thinking, Little Lolita should have a special flavor.

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