Chapter 275 – Integrity Is Lost

However, why would Ji Mo Ya display a jealous look, is it possible that Young Master Ya likes her?

Huan Qing Yan’s brain was unable to think properly, so she asked directly, “Young Master Ya, are you interested in Little Yan?”

“What do you think?” Ji Mo Ya maintained the suggestive posture, looking down at her from his position; he could see the faint movement of her swelling chest, causing his starry eyes to turn misty without him knowing.  

His breathing also turned slightly heavier.

“In the past, Little Yan said that she would marry you out of gratitude, yet you did not want. Now, you do not want me to get close to other men, so what do you want in the end!” If he never left and decided to stay within the Hanging Cloud Empire for another seven to eight years, Huan Qing Yan reckoned that she would never be able to find a boyfriend.

Even if she encountered a suitable person, Young Master Ya would scare that person away.

How much grievance would she experience if that were to happen!?

Ji Mo Ya closed the distance between them by another margin, and without giving any details he said, “That’s in the past, now I have thoughts of wanting.”

‘Hey! Young Master Ya, you have lost your integrity, quickly find it and get it back!

Huan Qing Yan’s face collapsed again, “Young Master Ya, you should know that I am having a hard time, I only wanted to have a strong ricebowl*, must I really follow that underlying rule of sleeping with my boss? Of course, to warm the bed of Young Master Ya, this girl is exceptionally glad to do so, but Little Yan wishes to marry in the future, and I do not want my husband to look down on me…”
(Cuppa: It means a very stable income, allowing one to not worry about bringing food onto the table)

Ji Mo Ya suddenly smiled; this lass really knows how to kill the mood!

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At this moment, she could still use a serious tone and break cold jokes; normally, won’t people shyly reply and offer themselves next?

It looked like this lass’s fondness for him was not as deep as he expected; Ji Mo Ya did not know if he should be sad or to fill himself with fighting spirit at the challenge.

Seeing Ji Mo Ya smile, Huan Qing Yan sigh a breath of relief and relaxed, that’s when she smelled that crime inducing fragrance coming from Ji Mo Ya’s body.

Her nose went forward and began sniffing around Ji Mo Ya’s chest, invoking the memory of that delicious taste she had last time, causing the glutton worms in her body to shiver with anticipation, “Young Master Ya, I got hungry from being scared by you, let me have a drink? Just a tiny bit…”

“Bang!” Ji Mo Ya pressed her head against the carriage wall with a palm; with a turn, he retreated and returned to his original sitting position, his expression turned solemn.

Huan Qing Yan was seeing stars from the impact; after recovering her rationality, she mumbled, “You can just say that you don’t want, why must you use force!”

Ji Mo Ya used a rarely used stern tone, “Do not ever speak such words in the future, be careful that your little life would be lost due to it!”

“Orh…” Huan Qing Yan replied with indignantly.

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Just a moment ago, he wanted to used the underlying rule on her, but the next moment, he turned so fierce. Indeed, knowing a man’s heart is like finding a needle in a haystack!

Humph! She would not fall for him.

Ah no, it should be, that it was fortunate that she had long decided not to fall for him.

However, fortunately Young Master Ya no longer talked about Bai Chen Feng’s actions, so it was a blessing in disguise to let this issue end without problems. At least when they return home, she would not be kicked out.

At that moment, the carriage stopped when it entered the main street.

A voice came from outside the carriage, “Young Master, there are too many pedestrians blocking the road, please wait for a moment.”

Ji Mo Ya lightly acknowledged the report and did not feel hurried.

Huan Qing Yan on the other hand, got curious and peeked through the curtains to look outside. As mentioned, the road was packed with excited looking people.

What are these people doing? It was as though they were on drugs.

On a closer look, these people were parading through the street! They were holding on to banners saying, “Hanging Cloud Empire’s Spirit Chef Festival to open ahead of time!”

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