Chapter 93: First siblings’ cooperation

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After settling down with Metron’s case, we went back to the beach and resumed the sea bathing that we started when we first arrived to the island.

“This place is splendid.”

With a daunting pose, I gazed at the ocean unfolding before my eyes. The sunlight reflecting against the water added to the sparkling of the sea while the pleasant fragment of the salty water reached my nose. I couldn’t enjoy this sensation enough last time because of that giant octopus. It is really a splendid view.

“Are you pleased by this place, master?”
“Yeah, it’s just like you said. This is a nice place.”

I answered Meru on my phone with a satisfied voice. The place where we are at currently was recommended by Meru. The surrounding sceneries were gorgeous and the few rocks that were placed here and there created some shadowy areas that seemed perfect for hiding from the sunlight.

“I’m glad, Desu.”

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Meru made a relieved expression after hearing my answer. She was wearing a swimsuit too. Apparently, she can wear anything she wants as long as she has its data.

“Your swimsuit is so lovely, Desu, master!”
“You think? I just casually choose a normal one to wear.”

The swimwear that I was wearing was a normal navy blue swimwear. I wasn’t expecting anyone to praise it as it didn’t have anything that deserves praise.

“Master looks fabulous no matter what you’re wearing, Desu!”
“You’re probably the only one who could say something like that about me.”

It looks like my favorable image to Meru will stay the same regardless of what I’m wearing. A bitter smile reached my face as I looked at Meru on my phone screen.

“Nevertheless, they’re pretty late.”

It has been a few minutes since I was waiting for the girls to change and come back. They were supposed to be changing behind one of the giant rocks in the place.
As for their swimsuits, I was storing them all this time using my time-space magic skill. The infinite storages can be quite handy in this kind of situation, although I feel a bit dejected whenever I imagine Karen pulling me around the city to work as her luggage inventory. Earlier, I heard her saying “seems convenient for shopping”.

“A girl needs time to change, Desu.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes, it is, Desu!”

Being told that with a strong tone, I dropped the conversation at that since it didn’t make much sense for me. A few seconds later, I heard a voice coming from behind.

“We’re back!”

I turned back to find Karen, Saya and Lina wearing their swimsuits.

“Took you long enough.”
“I know, we had an unexpected hardship.”
“Yeah, especially with Saya-dono.”

Lina shifted her gaze to Saya who was standing behind her back and trying to hide the swimsuit she was wearing with an embarrassed face.

“Saya-dono, stop hiding behind me already.”
“Wait. I’m still mentally unprepared…”

Urged by Lina, Saya gripped Lina’s shoulders with both her hands as she whispered. I wonder why she suggested for us to we go to the beach if she knew that she will feel this shamed wearing her swimsuit. While I was talking to myself, this time, Karen moved to encourage her to leave Lina’s back.

“Resolve yourself, Saya-chan. You can’t swim that way, you know.”
“I know. But I just can’t do this…I thought I can somehow manage it at first…”

With a weak attitude, Saya curled up behind Lina. Both Karen and Lina tried their best to make her stand alone, however, Saya didn’t show a sign of leaving Lina’s back.

Very well. This might be a bit too forcible, but it can’t be helped.

Realizing that the Lina and Karen couldn’t make any progress, I thought of a certain a plan.

“Saya, the choice is yours. Either you willingly leave Lina’s back or I will forcibly teleport you from there.”
“What’s up with these choices!?”

Saya overreacted to the two options I gave her. But still, the sunset was close, so I had to do something about it now or it will become too late. When Saya started to fluster, Karen who heard the plan cooperated with me.

“Saya-chan, if you don’t hurry up, this person will won’t teleport your swimsuit along.”
“Karen-chan, not you too!”

Saya’s nervousness increased when she saw Karen teaming up with me. As expected from my little sister, she knows what should be done. I feel that the way she asked to hurry up was somewhat rude, but that’s fine now. What’s important is for Saya to stop hiding behind Lina.

“Now, Saya. hurry up.”
“Saya-chan, come on!”
“Eh? Ah, wait, Eeeeh!”

As Karen and I slowly drew near her, Saya was gradually getting cornered. I heard her muttering “these siblings…” with a trembling voice, but I couldn’t care less of what she was thinking of us at that point. She was getting cornered slowly but surely.

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“If I count down from 10 and you’re still there, I will have to teleport you. 10…… 9…… 8……”
“Eh? No, wait! Don’t do that!!”

She pleaded me to stop my abrupt countdown, but I made sure she notices that I wasn’t intending to stop. The closer I counted to 0, Saya’s impatience amplified further as she nervously groaned.

“3…… 2…… 1……”
“I get it! Okay, I will get out! I will leave on my own!!”

Finally, her strong resistance against getting forcibly teleported made her give up. Everything went according to the plan. Karen and I looked at each other’s face while we both smirked.

“O-Okay… Here I am.”

Following her proclaim, Saya took a deep breath while her nervous expression was still showing up on her face, then she slowly left Lina’s back.

“H-How is it?”

I inadvertently let out a voice of admiration to Saya who enquired for my impression on her swimsuit with an insecure attitude.

“Ooh, it looks so great on you!”

Hearing my positive impression, she finally went back to her usual self. Of course, I didn’t lie when I said that the swimsuit looked great on her. It was an orange bikini with a cute design on it. I felt that it was kind of daring for her to wear it, but that didn’t change the fact that she looked sexy on it. The thing is that there was something else on her that made me almost lose my words.

So she’s the type who looks less developed while wearing clothes…

“Yato-kun… you’re staring too much…”
“Ah, my bad.”

Noticing my gaze, Saya bashfully covered her chest with both of her hands. I hurriedly shifted my eyes to somewhere else.

Oops, I guess I stared there for too long.

Even Karen and Lina have noticed the same thing as I did and moved back their glances to their own chests while seeming slightly gloomier than usual.

“Breasts, huh…”
“Quite unfair…”

The both of them seemed to be hurt in someway. I guess that’s normal for girls in their age. Well, it’s not like they’re small or anything. It was just that Saya was fairly above average. I wouldn’t mind that much difference if I were in their place. As I was pondering about the true cause behind differences, Meru who was quiet all this time addressed me a sudden and sharp question.

“Master, so you like them big?”

That single phrase had the terrific consequence of halting time for all of us who were in that place.

“What are you asking all of a sudden?”
“I noticed that you were staring at Saya-sama’s breasts for a while, so I thought that you might be the type of person referred to as ‘huge breast lover’ on the internet.”
“Meru, stop learning weird things on the internet.”

I didn’t want to hear that word coming from a little girl’s mouth, honestly. But still, I had to answer her question for I think that a person should act honestly in these kinds of situations. The only problem was the awkward feeling which I will probably get when I will answer her in front of everyone. The three girls were all waiting for my answer while still freezing in their places. Contemplating the most suitable answer for a little while, I eventually opened my mouth.

“I don’t have a particular preference. If I were to give a better answer, I’d say that I’d like the breasts of the person I love.”
“Then why did you stare at Saya-sama’s chest, Desu?”
“Any man would do the same if he was in my place. There wasn’t any hidden meaning in my gaze.”

Finally convinced by my answer, Meru drew back and apologized.

“Is that so? I apologize for doubting you, Desu.”
“Careful of what you ask next time.”

I did my best to come up with the optimum answer and luckily it went well. I didn’t say a single lie by the way. Loving a person means to love everything in them; including their breasts. That’s completely normal. And I don’t really have an inclination when it comes to that topic. What made me stare at Saya too much was the shock of finding out that her chest was bigger than what I was assuming. Receiving my totally objective answer, the three girls silently looked at their chest. Let’s stop thinking about it now. It will only cause me to go through more awkward experiences.

“Well then, shall we go for a swim?”
“… I guess you’re right.”
“Let’s go!”

Let’s all stop thinking about it. When the three of them came to that same conclusion, they all cheered up and rushed to the sea. It’s not a matter of life and death, after all.



“Do you usually pick new words from the internet, Meru?”
“That’s right, Desu. The internet has a lot of words and information; it is very helpful.”
“Hmm, what did you learn from it recently?”
“Recently, I thought of studying the human body, so I used the R-18 books from——”
“Meru! I forbid you from reading those R-18 books from now on.”

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