Chapter 268 – Execute The Whole Family

When Huan Qing Yan left, Ji Mo Ya called, “Mo Si.”

Mo Si appeared within the building like a ghost, “Young Master.”

“How’s the investigation on the mysterious person’s identity?”

“The most probable one would be the one from the Su Family of Hanging Cloud Empire, Su Shi.”

The number of people who had attained the cultivation of a late stage True Spirit Master within the Hanging Cloud Empire weren’t much; moreover, the number of people who could use their authority to open the spell formation placed by the Hanging Cloud Empire and bring in a Greater Demon was even lesser. After a systematic investigation, those who could fulfill these criteria was greatly narrowed.

“When the chance arrives, we will remove the whole Su Family at its roots,” Ji Mo Ya calmly instructed.

Any human cultivators who become traitors and colluded with the demons, anyone that he encounters, would only experience his merciless actions.

“The Su Family is very strong. Su Shi is a late stage True Spirit Master, while within the family; there are also many early stage True Spirit Masters…” Mo Si gave his report.

“Su Shi has already received the backlash of breaking a Blood Oath. His cultivation should have dropped by a hundred years and should only be a mid-stage True Spirit Master now, nothing to be worried about.”

Mo Si’s heart was alarmed; the Young Master was rarely so extreme, to execute a whole family just for a person’s crimes.

Although the Su Family was not huge, they weren’t small also, it’s still a family that managed to produce a late stage True Spirit Master and could be considered a powerful in this region, yet the Young Master was willing to pay a large price to wipe up the whole Su Family!

Was it for the little fat chick, to remove any potential trouble that’s left?

He gave his blood to this little fat chick the last time already, and this time, for her sake, he wants to remove the whole Su Family from existence…

Young Master, it seems like you were really treating this little fat chick differently from others, Mo Si did not know if it was a good thing or bad thing. Despite his chatty nature, he was absolutely silent this time.

“Yes, this subordinate will make the arrangements.”


The Hanging Cloud Empire was in a state of celebratory atmosphere over the past few days.

This was due to the news of the Greater Demon case being solved; when word of it got out, many people began to feel happy despite not knowing the finer details; the tensed emotions they had became relaxed, while the streets were bustling with activity as it was filled with more people.

Huan Meng Yue had been visiting the Imperial Medical Building over the past few days but each time, she was unable to meet Bai Chen Feng.

Later on, she could not even enter the royal palace.

Huan Meng Yue did not know why this happened.

After she followed Bai Chen Feng, she used all sorts of methods, including going to bed with him, to make him happy and displayed her loyalty to him, even to the point of using her spirit treasure to manipulate… She was confident that she had a firm grasp over Bai Chen Feng.

It was impossible that he would treat her so coldly and not even meet her once. So she guessed that it was due to his heavy injuries that caused him to have no mood to meet her.

After being given the cold shoulder for a few days, she began to actively cultivate and train herself instead.

Using the time that Bai Chen Feng was not around, the time she use to make him happy could be saved for herself; the spirit dishes that she made could also be used for her own consumption while the remaining time could be used to improve her cultivation.

It would be best if she could improve her rank before Bai Chen Feng returns after recovering, causing him to see her in a fresh light again.

The Grey Spirit Worms that Bai Chen Feng bought for her previously was still not used. Therefore, Huan Meng Yue used the Butterfly Culinary Technique to cook a dish of fried spirit worms.

Just a whiff and the spirit energy filled her nostrils, it was the fragrance of good Grey Spirit Worms.

Huan Meng Yue took a bite and felt the thick spirit energy coursing through her body.

The only minor imperfection was the slightly bitter aftertaste, this was something that was different from what was mentioned within the recipe book.

However, this was also the first time she ate Great Spirit Worms to assist her cultivation and she did not know if this was the expected taste, since the taste might have been affected by the method in which the Grey Spirit Worms were bred.

She continued to eat a second one. After getting used to the taste, it was actually nothing serious; most importantly, the spirit energy was enough and there was a chance to boost her agility attribute.

Therefore, she continued to munch on the plate of Grey Spirit Worms, clearing the plate of twelve worms.

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