Chapter 269 – Poisoned

Not long after she consumed everything, Huan Meng Yue felt a dull ache coming from her stomach before she started farting continuously. Her stomach began to rumble as she felt like vomiting; a wave of dizziness also assaulted her as her vision blurred and her limbs felt numb…

These were signs of being poisoned!

Huan Meng Yue was greatly startled, “Someone, anyone, quickly summon a doctor for this princess…”

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After she spoke, she began to vomit and the stench of filth filled the room.

When the serving girls came to investigate, they quickly pinched their noses and went away to call for a doctor.

The stench within the room quickly reached an unbearable level. Huan Meng Yue’s face also turned black; while her limbs turned stiff, she was also consistently farting…

Next, she felt an anomaly coming from her wrist. When Huan Meng Yue released her spirit treasure, she noticed that the original two stars had dropped to only one!

This meant that not only did she not rank up, her cultivation had fallen to become a one star spirit master instead!

Huan Meng Yue’s heart turn cold as she was sure that this problem must be related to the Grey Spirit Worms.

After nearly an hour, the doctor arrived; Huan Meng Yue who was in the room was already in a state of exhaustion and dehydration from the constant vomiting.

The doctor was unable to bear the stench that filled the room, so he requested for her to be moved outside the building before he was willing to check her pulse, “This is a sign of food poisoning. May I ask, what did you just eat young lady?”

“Grey Spirit Worm,” Huan Meng Yue weakly replied.

“Grey Spirit Worms are edible spirit insects that do not possess poison, anything else?”

“I only ate Grey Spirit Worms today, the problem must be from those Grey Spirit Worms… please check what poison it is and quickly cure me!” Huan Meng Yue loudly shouted as several loud farts were released at the same time, causing the serving girls gathered at the side to retreat a few steps back.

The serving girls of the Ninth Prince Estate were all sharp individuals. When Huan Meng Yue was being adored by the Ninth Prince, they would all bootlick her. Now that rumors were spreading that the Ninth Prince had rejected seeing Huan Meng Yue, they all began to display faint signs of distancing themselves from her.

Causing Huan Meng Yue to feel ashamed and heartbroken.

The doctor covered his face, “I am sorry, this old man’s knowledge is low and could not identify what type of poison this is. Please seek another better person, young lady…”

If Huan Meng Yue’s limbs weren’t stiff, she would surely have given this doctor a beating, but she could only shout, “Fake doctor, quickly scram! Invite some better doctors for me, now!”


Although nearly five days had passed outside, Huan Qing Yan had already lived in the dimension for more than a hundred days.

She would cook some spirit dishes everyday and use her remaining time to focus on cultivation…

The leaf spirit treasure had also raised from one star to three stars, but both her spirit treasures were still seeing each other with disdain. If they were released at the same time, they would without a doubt display a great performance of hitting and chasing!

At three stars, the leaf spirit treasure was only one star lower than the pig spirit treasure, and its speed was also much faster then before. The pig spirit treasure was slowly losing its edge against it, so it eventually stopped chasing it; no matter how the leaf spirit poked and whipped it, it did not flare up and become agitated.

However, whenever a chance occurred, it would viciously counterattack.

This could be said to be its rewards: increasing its ability to stay calm and developing its patience to wait for chances.

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Huan Qing Yan was currently meditating when a notification rang in her head, “Ding! The Ancient Bowl’s Dimension has increased to Rank 3, Medicinal Food Room is now open.”

Huan Qing Yan happily opened her eyes and went to her backyard; she noticed that the spirit apple trees that she had planted had all matured, emitting a healthy glow as they hung on the branches.

Shiny green, bright red, lustrous black, pure white, all sorts of colors were fighting to be the most pronounced as all sorts of fruits and vegetables hung on the plants.

Not only that, the Flower of Scavenging had also grown larger and was blooming!

Hua Qing Yan guessed that the dimension’s increase in rank was not purely due to the maturity of these common grade crops and trees that she had planted; there was a large chance that the reason might be due to the blooming of the Flower of Scavenging.

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