Chapter 330: Mermaid

Long Yi was endlessly surprised in his heart. He didn’t understand how the stomach of this sea monster was bright. He hesitated for a moment, then taking out a huge sword from his space ring, he thought to cut open this intestine to have a look what was outside this intestine.

“I hope this big fellow will not go crazy.” Long Yi muttered.

Long Yi held the huge sword his both hands, then emitting deep blue sword light, he controlled his strength and chopped. This transparent intestine was cut open, but the sea monster didn’t get violent like he had imagined, so Long Yi was happy. But, just when he was about to jump into this hole of the intestine, to his surprise, that opening he had cut opened, closed in an extremely short period of time without leaving even a trace of an injury. Seeing this, Long Yi couldn’t help but marvel at the amazing recovery ability of this sea monster.

Now that he didn’t have any other choice, Long Yi was forced to cut open once again, and since he had already learned the lesson, this time, he immediately rushed into the opening he had created without wasting any time.

Long Yi suddenly felt everything in front of his eyes was dazzling and bright, moreover, the air also became incomparably fresh all of a sudden. Comparing to the stomach of the sea monster, this place simply was worlds apart.

“What is this place? How come the concentration of oxygen is so pure?” Long Yi was utterly shocked. If his guess wasn’t wrong, then he should still be inside the stomach of that sea monster, but the current scene before his eyes however made him unable to believe that he was still inside the stomach.

This place resembled a resplendent palace and various colored radiances were being emitted from everywhere. If it was not for that squirming wall of intestines, Long Yi would have thought that this was a residence of immortal.

Long Yi carefully looked all around with his mouth wide open, and after a while, he finally saw a huge sack-shaped thing hanging in the midair. It was also flashing with splendor resembling a multi-colored gem.

“Tingting, tingting……” When Long Yi was in the state of shock, a clear and melodious sound of musical instrument resounded.

Long Yi jumped up as if he was electrocuted. How come someone was playing a magical instrument in this damnable place? He pricked up his ears and listened, then he heard a sweet-sounding voice coming from that sack-shaped thing hanging in the midair.

“Can it be that there is someone inside?” Long Yi suddenly had a ridiculous thought. Would anyone live in the stomach of an animal?

Long Yi lightly jumped to that huge sack-shaped thing hanging in the midair, then he placed his ear on its surface to listen and made sure that the sound was truly coming from inside.

After that, Long Yi flew a lap around this huge sack-shaped thing but he found that it was completely sealed up, however, he was sure that there must be an exit.

As the saying goes, curiosity can kill a cat, the curiosity of Long Yi was aroused, so regardless of the consequences, he took out a huge sword thinking to cut open a hole on this huge sack-shaped thing so that he could enter.

This thing was very solid so Long Yi had to use every ounce of his strength to just open a fist-sized little hole. After that, the sound of musical instrument suddenly became clearer.

The heart of Long Yi shook as he looked inside from the hole.

“Ah……mermaid.” Long Yi’s entire body trembled and he fell down because he was so shocked that he unexpectedly lost control of his internal force and spirit power all of a sudden.

In midair, Long Yi calmed his mind, then violating the law of physics, he flew up again. After that, from the hole, he looked inside again only to discover that the inside of this sack-shaped thing was magnificent. Inside, there were an exquisite big bed, stone chair, table and so on furniture. But the most important matter was, there was a person inside, no, not a human, was the legendary mermaid. Her back was facing towards Long Yi, and he could see her long golden hair reaching to her waist, moreover, below her waist nevertheless was a golden colored fishtail. This mermaid was sitting on a stone chair and her sparkling and crystal-clear, nearly transparent jade hands were plucking the strings of a beautiful harp. And that clear and melodious music note was naturally flowing out from her fingertips.

“How come I feel as if I am dreaming? There actually is a true mermaid, but how come they live in the stomach of a sea monster?” Long Yi muttered and then he firmly pinched his thigh and he felt pain which indicated that he wasn’t dreaming.

Long Yi was so excited that he was quivering. The humanoid siren he had seen last time might also be a mermaid. Long Yi sized up this mermaid and felt that that extremely beautiful back was very attractive.

“It’s a pity, if she had a pair of legs like normal humans instead of fishtail, then how wonderful that would be.” Long Yi couldn’t help but had some unsuitable for children thoughts looking at that golden fishtail below her waist. He wondered whether he would be able to do ‘that’ with her or not since she didn’t have legs.

Long Yi looked all around again and estimated that this might only be a bedroom and there should be other rooms inside this sack-shaped thing, so she might not be the only mermaid here.

Long Yi began to exert himself to cut a hole again and in order to not attract the attention of this mermaid, he specially set up a Sound Insulation Barrier. Finally, the fist-sized hole changed into a hole that was nearly 0.5 meters in diameter. Long Yi retracted his huge sword, and with several bone crackling sounds, he instantly shrunk into a size that was nearly as half as he was before. He silently jumped down from this hole and arrived behind this mermaid without anybody knowing.

At this moment, the jade hands of this mermaid that was plucking the harp suddenly stopped, then she softly sighed and slowly got up. She used the bottom tailfin of her fishtail to support her entire body.

The mermaid turned around and suddenly encountered a pair of pitch-black eyes. She screamed and retreated, accidentally knocking down her harp.

Fortunately, Long Yi was already prepared to some extent. He had already laid down a Sound Insulation Barrier around this room. This moment, Long Yi was able to see the front side of this mermaid and his pupils suddenly widened as an exceptionally beautiful goddess appeared before his eyes. Honestly speaking, the woman that could make him think that she was exceptionally beautiful was already rare in this world, but this mermaid made him think she was extremely, exceptionally beautiful.

This kind of beauty could no longer be described with words, any praising flowery languages would only undermine her looks, perhaps using ‘a beauty that brings calamity to the empire and the people’ could barely use to describe her beauty. Those silks and satins-like golden hairs, those sea-like deep blue eyes, and that fine and exquisite facial features, every one of them was God’s masterpiece.

“Who are you?” The mermaid unexpectedly spat out the common language of Blue Wave Continent, merely her pronunciation was somewhat strange.

Long Yi who was in trance seeing this mermaid woke up, then he carefully sized her up. And with his gaze resting on her golden fishtail, he thought, could it be that this fishtail is fake and she basically is a human?

Perhaps, she sensed that Long Yi wouldn’t hurt her, this mermaid slowly calmed down. She also sized Long Yi up with a curious gaze and her eyes rested on the legs of Long Yi.

“Are you a human living on the ground?” The mermaid asked timidly.

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“Yes, I am a human, but are you really a mermaid?” Long Yi said and suddenly squatted down, then stretching his big hand towards this mermaid’s golden fishtail, he touched it. He felt ice-cold and smooth, confirming it wasn’t a fake.

The mermaid was startled by the surprise attack of Long Yi and she retreated backward with her beautiful face turning bright red. She actually knew how to be bashful just like human women.

“It’s a true tail, little mermaid, what is your name?” Long Yi asked with interest.

“I…I am Mermaid Clan’s Liuli, how did you get in?” Liuli retreated and maintaining a certain safe distance, she asked in a timid manner. It seems she seldom comes into contact with a stranger.

“I was eaten by this sea monster, then cutting open its intestine, I arrived here, by the way, how come you are living in the stomach of a sea monster?” Long Yi asked with surging interest. With regarding the unfathomable deep sea, he possessed the greatest interest.

Liuli giggled and answered: “This is a MengQina sea monster. A residence can be built inside it, moreover, its skin is very hard, so living inside it, we do not need to fear being attacked, furthermore, we can let it carry us to sight-see everywhere.

Long Yi nearly fainted as he said: “You are saying you made this residence inside this sea monster?”

“Yes, there are many species of sea monster inside the ocean who can be used for living, and MengQina is the first-rate among all of them.” Liuli said with a smile and her waist involuntarily swayed lightly which was very enchanting.

“You said you are Mermaid Clan, then does that means there are other races inside the sea?” Long Yi asked.

Liuli was startled and her expression instantly changed becoming incomparably lonely.

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“Little mermaid, what happened?” Seeing Liuli’s current appearance, a tenderness appeared in his heart. After that, he simply walked forward and held her little hand and asked.

When Long Yi held her little hand, she immediately retracted her little hand as if Long Yi’s hand was scalding hot.

“No…nothing, actually, I have never seen other races. But according to Aunt Bifei, altogether there are dozens of big and small races in the sea, moreover, at the center of this sea, there is a beautiful undersea city.” Liuli answered and her sea blue pupils somewhat misted.

“We were banished to never return from that city, and from my grandmother’s generation, we have been wandering around the sea. Many times, we were almost eaten up by some terrifying sea monsters. Only a dozen or so years ago, we arrived this relatively safe sea area.” Liuli continued with a very sad expression.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, he had never thought that there unexpectedly were so many intelligent races inside the sea. This world was truly big and there was no lack of strange things too.

“You all could also go ashore, but did you ever go to the world of human?” Long Yi asked.

“I have secretly went twice before, but Aunt Bifei prohibited us to approach the human race. She said that they were very dangerous.” Liuli said.

“Hehe, I am also a human, now, aren’t you in a very dangerous circumstance?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

Liuli looked at Long Yi and lowering her head, she said: “I know you are a good person, you will not harm me.”

“You are so smart but other than me, did you ever come into contact with other humans?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

Liuli thought for a bit and said: “I actually haven’t, I remember that when I sneaked out to play seven or eight years ago, I was almost eaten up by a sea monster, although I was able to escape but I suffered serious injury. And when I was in a coma, I was washed up by the sea waves to the beach. At that time, a little girl of human race used her clothing to help me bandage my wounds, fortunately, it was night at that time, so I wasn’t seen by any other humans. Later, Aunt Bifei found me, but she feared that this little girl would leak our existence, so she used a kind of secret technique to erase a part of her memory about us, but in order to repay her favor of saving my life, Aunt Bifei gave her an Ocean Barrier Pearl as a present which would automatically release a barrier to protect her as long as she is in a danger.”

Eh……does this world truly has such coincidence? Long Yi muttered in his heart. According to the description of Liuli, that little girl seemed to be Nalan Rumeng. This also explains why a light blue barrier would appear whenever she was in danger. As it turned out, it was due to the Ocean Barrier Pearl.

“Princess, you should come out for the dinner.” At that time, along with the knock on the door, a crisp voice came from outside.

Liuli looked towards Long Yi as if she was asking him what to do.

“Other than you, how many people are here?” Long Yi asked.

“Only my maid Xiaomi and Aunt Bifei, all others have already died.” Liuli sadly said.

Long Yi nodded his head and said with a smile: “Well, I want to know more about them too, how about you take me over, scraping food for one more person shouldn’t be too difficult.”

“Fine, but at that time, if Aunt Bifei became unhappy, you can’t get angry, okay?” Liuli said.

Long Yi readily promised and when Liuli opened the door, he saw a mermaid with light blue hair and pupils standing outside. Looking at her, her age seemed to be similar to Liuli.

“Ah, hu…human.” The maid Xiaomi screamed and she immediately stood in front of Luili to protect her.

“Don’t be afraid, Xiaomi, he is a friend I just met, he is not a bad person.” Liuli patted the trembling body of Xiaomi and consoled.

Xiaomi looked at the black pupils of Long Yi and saw a warm smile that would make people feel at ease. After that, she who didn’t have any life experience immediately began trusting Long Yi.

Long Yi followed after two little mermaids while looking all around. At this time, he suddenly thought of a problem, they always said mermaid mermaid but were there any men in that Mermaid Clan? According to Liuli, weren’t all three remaining people of this place women? Then, how do they breed? Could it be that they breed among women? Thinking this, Long Yi couldn’t help shivering.

After crossing a corridor, Long Yi suddenly paused, as a powerful spirit power enveloped him and innumerable spirit needles stabbed towards his soul.

Long Yi coldly snorted and insanely circulating his own spirit power, he completely devoured the spirit needles. Clearly, someone had attacked him with a spirit magic. Since the attacker wasn’t two little mermaids beside him, it should be the mermaid who was called Aunt Bifei by Liuli.

“Want to withdraw? How can it be so easy?” A powerful spirit power of Long Yi took a shape of spirit ribbon which firmly tied the remainder spirit power that wanted to withdraw, and with the sudden blast of spirit power, a muffled groaning sound came from not far away.

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