Chapter 19- Suan, First Day

Suan was thrilled to have the opportunity to train under a six winged angel, so she was pleasantly surprised when she heard the news. She started thinking about how her new teacher was a newlywed, but no wedding had been performed at the altars. She didn’t let that distract her from studying the maps she was told to look over though.


It was an interesting concept to have both divine and demonic influences in certain places. It was plain to see both were put into the maps. It allowed free reign to a large portion of the realm, but the spots were no one was allowed to enter is mostly scattered. Only important places have that classification it seems, or the deep wilds where no one would normally go anyways. Suan rolled up the maps, then put them in her pack before searching for those in need.


She looked through the town first. Despite the demon’s minions nearby, no one really seemed bothered about their current situation. After a few fortune miracles and wicked morality punishments, she noticed that a few of the minions work in the town. A kangaroom, a beastman that looked like a kangaroo, was the owner of the shop that imports and exports most of the stuff for the realm, and he’s the bank manager for the realm as well.


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The city guard was a bunch of hoodlums, or dog beastmen, and so was their captain. At the portal gate, there was a small building being made inside a tree by an oul, a rare version of an owl beastman. A rumored rare and wise seer of the demon’s minions. She looked over the human workers in the fields, then the ones in the mines. Both parties were working hard with good tools and reasonable working conditions.


Things were running rather smoothly. Suan was on her way back to town, when she noticed a wolf beastman chasing a young girl through the trees. She moved immediately to intervene, but was too late to stop the wolf from snatching up the child. Instead of eating the child, it started rubbing it’s cheek against the child’s.

“Dad, stop it. Your fur is itchy.” (Young Girl)

The wolf beastman then stood up.


The wolf stopped, and noticed the angel in front of him.

“Polona, I want you to go home. Run as fast as you can. Don’t look back, go look for your mother.” (Werewolf)

He set his daughter down, but she wouldn’t leave his side.

Suan could only watch.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” (Polona)

The wolf man pushed his daughter behind him with his paw.

“Just go Polona.” (Werewolf)

Suan noticed that the girl started running away after that.

“Thank you for waiting, Angel. I didn’t want to have my daughter see us fight.” (Werewolf)

Suan was puzzled, but understood that this was a situation she was warned to avoid.

“All I saw before I came here was a wolf attacking a child. If I had known otherwise, I wouldn’t have come over here at all.” (Suan)


The werewolf cautiously moved to a combat stance.

“I doubt that’s the reason. Are you not here to punish me for wandering from neutral lands?” (Werewolf)

Suan took out her map after hearing that. She saw that the area they were was indeed a black area. She then put away the map and shook her head.

“I’m just a trainee. I was told not to meddle with the demon’s minions.” (Suan)

The werewolf thought about that, before relaxing his stance once again.

“I see, so I’ll be punished later. At least my daughter won’t see it.” (Werewolf)

Suan became sorriful.

“I must report this to my teacher.” (Suan)

Suan then wondered something.

“Something is puzzling me though. How can you have a human daughter?” (Suan)


The werewolf looked oddly at the angel, but still answered.

“I already had a wife and child when I contracted lycanism three years ago. By the time I heard about the demon here, I was a full-on werewolf. We took the chance and moved here after that. I’m a messenger for the foreman that’s in charge of building the mansion for the master demon, and for the shop in town. There are five other messengers like me, but today, I wasn’t needed, so I decided to spend my time off with my daughter. That’s how we wandered over here.” (Werewolf)


Suan nodded in understanding.

“An innocent mistake I’m sure. My teacher will likely show you mercy.” (Suan)

“I doubt it’ll have anything to do with your teacher, Angel. I’m not a follower anymore due to my condition, no church will have me now. I was about to be hunted in my homeland when me and my wife left. However, I’ve been around here long enough to know that the demon’s word is law. His words were to not enter the lands reserved for the divine, but where we’re standing is.” (Werewolf)

Suan was saddened by his story, but she knew nothing about the rules of the land.

“As I said before, I have to tell my teacher about this encounter. I don’t have to tell her all of the details though. Now, let’s part before someone discovers us.” (Suan)


Lousphy waited patiently for Suan to return. Being in charge of a student meant her other duties came second to making sure that said student doesn’t cause any trouble. As Lousphy predicted, she performed duties around town before expanding her reach. It was standard for angel initiates, and it’s how all angels1angelsspecies are taught when their being raised. By the time Lousphy could devote all her attention to her student, she was just about to leave for the mines. That’s when Lousphy watched and listened to Suan work.


When she noticed her talking to a minion, Lousphy listened carefully when Suan started to ease the scared child’s mind by assuring her that nothing bad will happen to her father. As soon as Suan and the Werewolf parted ways, Lousphy went back to her room in the church. Lousphy didn’t have to wait long before her student returned after the encounter. She let her student tell her report before making her decision.

“Are you sure that’s all you have to report Suan?” (Lousphy)


Suan stayed quiet and didn’t keep eye contact.

“Very well…. I’ll tell the demon of your encounter with his Werewolf minion and that he was in restricted territory.” (Lousphy)

Suan opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

“Furthermore, as punishment for trying to deceive me, you’ll continue your blessings until I think you’ve learned your lesson. It’s one thing to lie with good reason, but it’s another thing to hold information back believing you’re protecting another. Now, come with me.” (Lousphy)

Lousphy opened the gateway and flew out while the other angel followed closely behind her. They settled on the ground behind the church where the father of the church was watering some vegetables. When he noticed them, he smiled at the two angels.

“Bless my soul. Two of you have graced me today.” (Father)

Lousphy couldn’t help but smile.

“Yes, Father. This is a student that I’m educating, and she’s also my aid.” (Lousphy)


The subtle hint didn’t pass by the father.

“Of course. No doubt, this blessing will spread wide across the land.” (father)

Lousphy nodded.

“Every land. Now, to more important matters…. Have the donations arrived yet?” (Lousphy)

The Father lowered his head.

“Well, yes, but there’s a problem.” (Father)

Lousphy waited for the preacher to continue.

“Our little wagon is too small to handle the amount. We can’t send it all in one trip.”

Lousphy thought over the matter quickly.

“Then, send me what you normally would, then store the rest for a future shipment. This generosity from the demon might only be a one time thing. Use small sums for charity donations to the poor.” (Lousphy)

Lousphy noticed the look on the priest’s face.

“What is it now?” (Lousphy)


The priest scratched his head in thought.

“We all work, so there’s no poor to speak of. Every able bodied and old enough mortal soul in town has a job and some pay to go with it. In fact, I even receive a fair amount more than my previous four churches. I know my position here is temporary, but the temptation of greed is there, and it’s not just here either. Commerce is heavy in the entire realm. The demon’s minions regularly buy wine, ale, and other things in the tavern regularly. They even socialize a little with others that are mortal and divine following souls. I know of a case in particular where someone lived with their family before his unholy curse claimed him. It’s as if there was no change in him at all when he’s with them.” (Father)


Lousphy figured that the werewolf would come up in this kind of conversation.

“As a matter of fact, I’ve seen the one you speak of. An interesting thing to be sure. So, is no one disheartened by the presence of the unholy beings?” (Lousphy)

The priest shook his head.

“There are some of course, but they’re lonely souls that complain about everything. So far, it’s only a few, and they’re normally quieted down by the other townsfolk before the minion guards show up. In fact, as more come here, we find less and less room for them all. It seems word has spread of a little and decent spirited demon. Vile to be sure, but not cruel.” (Father)

Lousphy felt her hand hurt slightly to hear that kind of news. Hearing that David is talked about like that made her think of him as such, but David would be troubled if she talked about him like that. She decided to deal with it later.

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“Very well. Is there anything you wish to speak about with me before we depart?” (Lousphy)


The priest got on his knees and crossed his chest before bowing his head.

“Blessed be father and your watchers that have blessed me this day. I confess that temptation is great and impure thoughts of indulgence have entered my mind, but not my body. Forgive me of these trespasses on you and of those of lesser wills of the land. I know not of your plans or will my Lord, but my vision is clear, this demon doesn’t have an evil spark in his being. I ask not the impossible, but only wish to see these days continue to be as bright as they have been, and the nights as gentle in our blessed town. I’m a servant to your will, and I praise the days that I’m needed.” (Father)


Lousphy took note of the prayer closely while she waited for divine words to come to her, and to prepare herself if they didn’t. After not receiving divine words from higher above, she spoke on her own.

“Temptation is always there. No mortal can ever not think about impure thoughts. So, you shall live with these thoughts as punishment. You shall remember them, but not indulge in them. You must remember them until these thoughts no longer come into your mind. The demon is a being that even the divine can’t control, but he could be guided. Blessed be the day.” (Lousphy)

As soon as Lousphy finished speaking, the priest repeated her last words, then he stood up once again, and the two angels were gone.

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