Chapter 20- Angel Training: Demon Interaction

Luna exited the cave as the two angels1angelsspecies landed in front of her. She placed a letter into the mailbox, then turned around to face the angels.

“Hello again, Lousphy. This must be the one that made David go into a fit earlier.” (Luna)

Luna sniffed around the new angel a couple of times while she recoiled defensively.

“Don’t worry young angel. I know that I can’t threaten you with your teacher present or without David’s permission. I’m just making sure your scent, and the scent on that stupid armor left out are the same. David has started to busy himself on a new project, so he won’t let me come out and see it. I was going to look over the progress of the mansion while he’s busy.” (Luna)

Luna raised her head slightly.

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“Stupid divine truth aura. Making me talk too much. It’s so much stronger with two of you here. Is there something important that brings you here, or are you here to annoy me?” (Luna)


Lousphy gave a quick response.

“I brought my trainee here to get some first hand knowledge of the demon that rules this realm.” (Lousphy)

Luna raised herself up on her hind legs aggressively.

“Absolutely not! David deals with you only Lousphy. You know this. You understand him and he accepts you. To involve yet another divine will only complicate things even more.” (Luna)

Luna balanced for another moment before settling down again.

“Besides, she’ll just get the wrong impression of demons2demonsspecies by watching David. His very nature is different than other demons. She will get an even worse education from David than not knowing at all. In any case, I was wondering if we can go out back on the ledge again and girl talk.” (Luna)

Suan became confused and Lousphy noticed her student’s feelings.

“Oh, things operate differently here. The treaty between the demon and the divine was set with leniency so conversations can happen between the divine and those under the demon’s reign. I know about it because I helped craft this treaty.” (Lousphy)


Luna moved under Lousphy hand and she started rubbing her head.

“Your touch is so soothing. Pains I didn’t even know started to fade away.” (Luna)

Luna then backed away.

“Well, trainee angel, what would you like to know?” (Luna)

They both looked at Suan, then she took another step back.

“Well, what can you teach me then?” (Suan)

Luna laid down and licked under her wing before looking back at the angels.

“I need to bathe shortly, so I will answer just a few questions. Demons in general are greedy, selfish beings, not unlike dragons3dragonsspecies like myself in fact. Though I’m a mortal being that can love and know the happiness it brings, demons don’t normally understand those emotional traits. Dragons can be good or evil by your standards. A demon, except for one, is evil by your standards. Being associated with a demon myself, I can say that I would rather stay with my alliance than join the divine.” (Luna)


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Luna then licked under her wing again, and she came back with a scale in her mouth. She dropped it on the ground before speaking again.

“Shedding? That’s a little surprising. Well, in general, there are different classes of demons. From the leach demons that have to have a host to survive, to the mega-satans. Each come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. They have their own specific traits as well. However, there are a few who evolve outside of the normal. David, the ruler of this realm, for example, is a vampire demon who must eat or absorb life energy to continue to live. His strength is defined by the quantity he eats and what he eats. By humanoid standards, he’s quite handsome, has balance strength, speed, and high intelligence. He’s an above average class that has no major advantages or disadvantages to speak of. However, that’s not to say he doesn’t have them all. There are some demon who don’t know their own, or aren’t willing to tell anyone their weaknesses.” (Luna)


Luna picked up the scale off the ground and looked at it, interested.

“Yes, the discoloration and flaking suggests shedding soon.” (Luna)

She then ate the scale.

“Waste not, save later. Now, I notice that my shedding itches, but I can’t ignore it no matter how much I try.  Lousphy, next time, meet the pupil ahead of time and don’t bring them here for an education on demons. I don’t care if I teach her more truthfully than I wish too, and David would be quite annoyed with the privacy intrusions. Not to mention my own. Her armour is in a wagon en route to the church.” (Luna)

Luna stood up and readied herself to be airborne.

“Lousphy, may I have a word with you?” (Luna)

Luna took off, and Lousphy followed her to the peak above the cave, then Luna angrily turned towards her.

“You damn stupid angel. To think hours…. Mere hours, and you start this. It’s one thing to push on the balance a little, but to bluntly show up at David’s door. D*** it Lousphy, use your head a little.” (Luna)


Luna looked at Lousphy’s unchanged expression, but knew that she was a bit surprised by her harshness. After a moment, Luna relaxed and exhaled deeply.

“I won’t let you take advantage of David like that ever again. He loves you, and I care for him. Perhaps, as much or even more than you.” (Luna)

Lousphy looked down little, silently understanding the dragon’s anger.

“It isn’t easy, you know.” (Lousphy)

Luna immediately snapped back with her own response..

“It never is with demons. What made you think that it would be?”(Luna)

Lousphy kept quiet for a moment.

“Love.” (Lousphy)


Luna lowered her head to the angel’s response.

“Love is as complicated as it is simple. At least that’s what David told me before the wedding. I envy you, Lousphy. To love without prejudice. To love broad and far without consequences. I can’t help but to envy it. Please Lousphy, I’m asking you for David’s sake, don’t bring another angel to our home unless absolutely necessary. David doesn’t understand that he can’t drop everything to satisfy his lust for pleasing you.” (Luna)

Luna was about to leave again, when Lousphy raised her hand.

“What do you mean lust for pleasing me?” (Lousphy)

Luna thought about leaving anyways, but she settled down her wings instead.

“A demon does things to bring them pleasure immediately. Sometimes, this craving is overcome with common sense. Perhaps, not as an instinct for survival, but love for you Lousphy. Love makes you stupid. Especially, a demon who has no idea how to control his own heart.” (Luna)


Lousphy rubbed the ring and Luna noticed this motion.

“You know of the one I really speak of.” (Luna)

Then, she left without wanting to notice if Lousphy tried to stop her again. After contemplating the lesson that she gave her student and her own, Lousphy left the peak to go back to the church. Suan was already asleep in the new cot added to the room. After sending her report prayer and her own personal confessional, she sat down on her bed, which was cold and unwanting.


She couldn’t help but long for the comfortable bed that she slept in the night before. David’s red arm with a single white finger on his hand was resting over her as she woke up. Tried as she was, she wasn’t able to recall anything of note from their wedding night other than that. As she drifted into her much needed sleep, she couldn’t get the image out of her head.

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