Chapter 18- Mr. Demon and Mrs. Angel

David rolled out of bed as he let the angel stay asleep. The sex was such a waste of energy for him, but it was well worth it in end. Her look of happiness made him realize that his divine shield plans were firmly in place. Though a small consolidation in his life, the demon in him enjoyed that his plan succeeded with minimal losses. He devoured the stew that was left over, then had Luna prepare them a meal for the next arranged hour. She didn’t say anything to him as he ate the meat savagily and hungrily.

“You aren’t going to do anything to break that sweet angels1angelsspecies heart, are you?” (Luna)

David ripped the deer meat right off the leg bone, then chewed and swallowed it.

“If I can help it, no. I truly do love her, as much as a demon could love anything though. D*** you for making me admit that Luna.” (David)


She lowered her head.

“Really, d*** me for letting you know happiness that you could have never known otherwise. D*** you for being an idiot. You must have figured out that everything doesn’t revolve around you. Give up and accept it. You like what happened.” (Luna)

She said, while smirking.

David threw away the bare and empty bone on top of the pile of the other bones he had already stripped clean and sucked the marrow out of. He belched loudly before responding.

“We’ll see. For now…. yes, it was worth it. The question though…. is it going to be worth it in the end?” (David)

David stood, but wasn’t concerned about the blood on him. It was already being absorbed into his body, even through his clothes.

In a few minutes, there would be no trace at all of the meal he just had.


“In fact, she’s an interesting challenge that I wish to never beat. The moment I do, I feel like I won’t have another worthy challenge left to face.” (David)

Luna moved to let David scratch under her chin. She moved her wings joyfully before speaking.

“Now David, you have to be very careful from now on. You’ve succeeded in your immediate plans, so you should rest and recover now. Your mother took up residence on the small island realm that has been floating beside yours, she’s trapped there now with her last few minions. She’s content, I think for now, to just watch your schemes play out. She has a telephone that’s connected to the shop. What little money that’s in her accounts will be accessed by her freely now.” (Luna)

David had an uneasy feeling.

“You didn’t let her have free reign on my accounts, did you?” (David)


Luna shook her head.

“Of course not. The only one who can withdraw from those are you, aside from giving me access to pay your expenses. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the books. You know dragons3dragonsspecies love to manage accounts.” (Luna)

Deep down, he knew that for a fact, but it didn’t come to mind when he wanted it.

“Luna, I want to arrange an emergency fund and something for Lousphy. Five million in gold bars and a diamond necklace, the necklace should have a silver chain with a gem attached to it that matches her eye color. It has to be something crafted with effort, not like the stuff I make. It has to be made from the raw resources of this realm. Think you can handle that?” (David)

Luna nodded.


“Easily. Having shared souls does give me some advantages, and one of them is that I understanding hoarding. I have half a million demon dollars in gold already reserved for pickup whenever you want it. Of course, it’s still counted as your account. However, the necklace would be another matter. I will have to search for the stones, so it’ll probably take me a little time.” (Luna)

David rubbed under Luna’s chin again and thought as much.

“Take your time, it has to be perfect. It’s for Lousphy after all.” (David)

Luna let David rub under her chin for a few more moments before turning around to get her rest. She had been on watch since the wedding started, even during the initial preparations and the reception, which started at dawn.

“I’ll get on that when I have the time.” (Luna)

She left after saying that.


David watched her merge into the darkness as she left. He took a moment to think about his next immediate move before reaching his hand into the mailbox. There were a couple of letters inside, and he was about to open them up, when an angel came through a divine gate. She stared at David’s near naked physique before drawing her steel sword and attacking him. David only raised his hands, then she stopped moving. David ignored her as he checked his mail, which was all junk, so he turned to the new angel.

“You must be an angel initiate to have both the nerve and the lack of thinking to attack a demon covered in steel.” (David)

David lowered his hand and the sword dropped to the ground.

“Why are you here?” (David)


She kept quiet. She was previously told by her teacher that he would be with her at dawn. When that didn’t happen, she followed her trail here. Now, she was at the mercy of this demon, as her teacher must have been. Her armor was locked in place, but she could still move, not that it would help her now. She watched as the demon entered the cave, then shortly after, the sun’s rays appeared behind her. A six winged figure casted a shadow over her. She tried moving the armor, but quickly gave up before using her divine portal to get the captive away. Lousphy wasn’t amused though.

“Initiate, what are you doing here?” (Lousphy)

She ignored her lack of clothing as she took a knee.

“Teacher, I was worried. When I noticed you didn’t come back to rest, I became worried and figured that the demon here held you captive. I came to free you.” (Angel Initiate)

Lousphy looked at her new trainee, she was annoyed, but not mad. It was an honest mistake, though a punishable one.

“Return to the church when your dressed. I’ll be with you shortly.” (Lousphy)


Lousphy looked at the initiate, disappointed and angry. The armor will be returned shortly after David releases it, so Lousphy looked down at the kneeling angel in her room in the church.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry.” (Angel Initiate)

Lousphy raised her voice.

“Madam, I’m married!” (Lousphy)

She kept her head down.

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“Yes, Ma’am.” (Angel Initiate)

Lousphy relaxed her stance, but kept firm. Three minutes. She jumped the gun three minutes before dawn.

“You were told I will be back by dawn, were you not?” (Lousphy)

The other angel kept her head down.

“Yes.” (Angel Initiate)

Lousphy sat on the bed and felt like it was hard and unwanting, unlike David’s.

“You weren’t waiting at the church at dawn. When I returned from my wedding night, you weren’t there.” (Lousphy)


The angel that was kneeling didn’t move as she said.

“Correct.” (Angel initiate)

Lousphy relaxed slightly, exhausted from last night.

“If you haven’t been told that there’s a truce between the demon that rules this domain and the divine, you just have been informed.. You’re very fortunate that he didn’t decide to kill you after your surprise attack.” (Lousphy)

The two winged angel then looked up at Lousphy.

“You were there?” (Angel initiate)

Lousphy signaled the other one to stand while she sat down.

“It was the moment you attacked him. You were unmoving until dawn, which is when you became my trainee. As you’ve been briefed. Until that moment, you weren’t under my protection. Now you are, so you must learn quickly.” (Lousphy)


Lousphy pointed to the only drawer in the desk beside her subordinate.

“There are maps in there with simple instructions and defined boundaries. Learn them by heart,  they are going to be your area of prayer, and mine as well. When I’m away, and that’ll be often, you’re going to take my place. This is very important initiate. Above all, don’t go into the areas covered in black without consent.” (Lousphy)

The initiate put the maps on the table, then started studying them. Lousphy put a hand on her shoulder and looked over it.

“As punishment for leaving your place without permission, you will handle all the prayers today. If you seek guidance, you may come to me for it. However, among the charges, there are the forces of the demon. Even in the shop where all the trade is done, you must be sure not to interfere with them. If you do, they have the rights to complain. If they of them actually complain, the demon will know, so I will know also. You’ll be disciplined if such a thing occurs.” (Lousphy)

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The younger angel didn’t even flinch. Lousphy noticed that her work was cut out for her. She had the ambition to please the strong young angels as Lousphy did, especially when their still in training.

“Now, before I leave you to your duties, tell me your name.” (Lousphy)

“Suan.” (Suan)

Lousphy stood up after hearing it.

“Suan, you have your own duties and instructions. I expect good things from you. Remember, this realm is balanced between our influence and the demon’s. It’ll be wise for you to be wary.” (Lousphy)

Lousphy then noticed Suan leave, so she pushed on the bed, but realized that she missed the comfort she had a short while ago. She decided she should perform a cleansing ritual on herself, so she left to do that.

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